Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety

Ever since I was a little girl I believed that my accomplishments defined me. I felt there were eyes looking at me to see if I was doing my best. It was a pressure-packed existence with a very hollow core. I didn’t know how faulty my operating system was until I discovered that my sister had been involved with my ex-husband before we divorced. I felt betrayed and very much a victim. I couldn’t work harder to fix this problem or control what people would think. Although I tried, I made myself sick and ‘needed’ antidepressant medication. As I came up the driveway for my first program, I read the sign, ‘A Place for Miracles’, and thought, ‘I could certainly use one.’ It is not an exaggeration to say that the Option Institute saved my life. I am not afraid of myself anymore. I breathe lighter. I am more powerful and calmer at the same time. the Option Institute truly is ‘A Place for Miracles’.

Lois Atherton, Museum Director, Massachusetts

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