Move Past Your Fears

Program: 4 Days

Fear can be an ever present, incapacitating emotion that prevents you from completing the simplest tasks. Or it can be a rare occurrence out of nowhere, catching you at just the wrong time. Or it can be a background anxiety just below the surface that you can’t put your finger on. Big or small, fear can impact every facet of your life from your career, to your health,
to your relationship. 

In Fearless, you’ll acquire tools and techniques that will not only let you stand courageous in the face of fear, but instead, will let you completely eliminate fear. You’ve heard about irrational fear – you’ll learn how all fears are actually rational and therefore understandable. By understanding the rationale behind your fears, you can identify the beliefs that fuel them. Change these beliefs, and you banish the fears and phobias they produce.


When you are Fearless, you will know how to:

• Thrive on Change: Enjoy every minute on life’s roller coaster

• Overcome anxiety: Find the rationale behind the seemingly irrational

• Step up to life: Make the “hard” decisions that have been holding you back

• Become an everyday hero: Think clearly, even in crisis


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Fearless has been priceless for me.  I dove deeply into my fears of death, separation, what others think of me, and failure. I’ve formed new replacement beliefs, e.g. to underpin, and let go of old fears. This helps me in all aspects of my life, work, Son-Rise Program®, and relationships.

Emily Joliffe

Teacher/Son-Rise Program Mum, United Kingdom

When I came to the Fearless program, my self-worth was at an all-time low. I was able to rediscover how much I love myself. Fearless also let me see how I believe fear was controlling my life and how I was really in control of my fears. Although I may get scared again in my life, Fearless has given me the tools to dissect and get to the bottom of my fears. With that knowledge I can leave here believing I am truly fearless.

Sean Buxton

Financial Advisor, California

Awesome. My experience here was truly awesome. I gained awareness here that I will take with me for the rest of my life. It is clear to me that the way I look at the world and feel about the world comes from my own inner outlook, and I can change that outlook to give myself another quality of experiences.

Gail Sheckley

Teacher/Writer, Oregon

I was living in a world of fear created by my beliefs. My fears were that I was not good enough; I wouldn’t get what I want; I would never really be happy. Wow – Fearless defined fear in a clear way and helped me to become aware of my avoidance as a way to deal with all fears. Now I know I am okay, and my fears, as they come up, can be dealt with by going to my belief about the fear, and creating a new fearless belief. Thanks for a life-changing week.

John Burke

Attorney, Minnesota

Prior to coming to the Option Institute I had one huge fear that I couldn’t seem to shake: fear of others’ judgments. Fearless showed how we use fear to motivate and protect ourselves, and decide what we don’t want. But all at a price. We can still motivate and care for ourselves and know what we want without fear. Fearless showed me how much clearer and more comfortable I can be.

Melissa Forg

Business Owner, Illinois

So very, very useful! You laid out tools for us each day, explained them, showed us how amazingly effective they were, and invited us to pick them up. The learnings built up to an impressive toolkit of different ways to choose fearlessness. Fantastic. I know I am taking a new me home; so much more powerful and effective in my world – and happy!

Jules Knight

University Administrator, United Kingdom

I came here with three significant, overpowering fears that occupied my mind and were controlling my behavior.  Throughout the course of the week I was able to fully share those fears out loud with the group, look at the reasons why I was buying into those fears so much, and then really start to think about a life where I do not allow those beliefs to control me.  The difference is radical – and I am really looking forward to going home and living a life without those fears, and being all that I can be.

Robin Owens

Geologist, Canada

I felt desperate when I arrived at the Option Institute, totally immersed in fears that I wasn’t good enough and that people would always reject me. I was exhausted from trying to keep going in the face of constant fear. During this week, I saw underneath the wall of fear to a warm, loving, bubbly, quietly humorous me that people were attracted to! I learned to relax within myself, to enjoy myself and others, and remarkably to feel excited and happy about facing people and events that terrified me when I arrived. I can’t thank the Institute enough for the joys of this week – the love, the laughter, the learning. I’m so happy to be going back to my life. Hugs to all of you.

Judith English

Programmer, Canada

I came to Fearless thinking ‘How the hell is this going to help me with my fears,’ but came anyway. It has been the best week of my life; for the first time I understand me and love others around me in the world. I really had to look at myself which is not something I have ever done because I judged myself and others in my life. I have found my own power and self-trust, and see the world as a friendly place. I am happy to live and be grateful for all in my life. Everything that happens is for my benefit and the world is my teacher.

Nasreen Hussain

Property Developer, United Kingdom