On this page, you’ll find wonderful endorsements for the writings and works of our founders Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman. You’ll also find a small sampling from thousands of endorsements written by clients of The Option Institute.

Writings and Works

The search for peace in the world must start within the human heart and within our own families. Barry Neil Kaufman understands that. By personal example and through his writing and counseling, he gives a compelling vision for the building of inner and outer peace.

President Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

If there were a Nobel Prize for love, I’d want the Kaufmans to be the first to receive one.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, Change Your Thoughts — Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

Barry Neil Kaufman champions making the choice to believe in ourselves, to be hopeful and seize the power of loving ourselves and others.”

Lou Holtz, Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame

Inspiring, groundbreaking and visionary. Barry Neil Kaufman’s work is the science of love, compassion and insight which will transform the world.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D. Author, Quantum Healing

I have long admired the work of Barry Neil Kaufman. He reveals the options and choices we can all make to find the road to happiness. Simple and effective for all.”

Bernie Siegel, M.D. Author, Love, Medicine, and Miracles

Barry Neil Kaufman is a gift to our world and his writings are among our treasures. Now, once more, the human community is blessed, this time by the extraordinary book, NO REGRETS. Thank you, Barry, for showing us again how grace and love can become part of our everyday experience.

Neale Donald Walsch, Author, Conversations With God

Barry Neil Kaufman’s work affirms the unlimited potential of the human spirit and offers hope to those who have been challenged by adversity.”

Coretta Scott King,, Founder, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change

Mr. Kaufman’s moving and eloquent account of his son’s recovery vividly illustrates the power of parental love expressed through imagination, understanding and perseverance . . . a remarkable adventure story.”


The kind of love everyone secretly wants but is afraid to ask for.”

Los Angeles Times

Kaufman’s story of accomplishing the impossible is engrossing and moving. This valuable book, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues, is not only fascinating on its own, but a source of encouragement to others.”

Publishers Weekly

Heartwarming . . . makes an eloquent statement for human understanding and compassion.”

Chicago Sun-Times

God’s grace abounds in the Kaufmans’ work with families and children!”

The Reverend Elizabeth S. Gombach, M. Div. Minister, United Methodist Church

Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues (by Barry Neil Kaufman) is brilliant, heartfelt, poignant. As a physician working with the developmentally disabled, I urge educators and health-care providers to applaud and incorporate the Kaufmans’ methods.”

Patricia Weber, M.D., Fircrest Rehabilitation Center, Seattle

I have been a psychiatrist for thirty years. Never before has any process taught me so much about how to be with others. Barry Neil Kaufman’s work in The Option Process® is clear, precise and packs a punch. At the center of this process are the principles of being present, being loving, accepting others and being nondirective. To have been given these tools and principles is a great gift indeed. I am grateful.”

Ted McCarthy, M.D., Chief of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital, Maine

For over ten years, I have been in the business of helping diverse people work together to solve complex issues. I found one of the most powerful techniques to use in erasing barriers between people: Barry Neil Kaufman’s PowerDialoguesSM. At a time of crisis in my own life, I learned The Option Process® Dialogue.Not only did it help me to transform myself, but I also now teach it in my own work. As a result, the groups that I work with are more productive, more successful than ever before, and serve as role models within their organizations! This process has been critical to their success!”

Michael Rubell, President and Senior Consultant, TeamWorks International, New Jersey

His work is wise and liberating.

Harold S. Kushner, Author, When Bad Things Happen to Good People

The Kaufmans’ dedication is extraordinary.”

Joanne Woodward, Actor/Director

Love that comprehends and respects an inner sanctum of being without violating its uniqueness has always produced miracles – human miracles. The Kaufmans’ work reminds us once again of our under-used power to celebrate and ennoble life.”

Norman Cousins, Author, Anatomy Of An Illness

Fascinating and compelling.

Library Journal

An amazing adventure towards self-empowerment. I salute the work of this healer whose inspiring message of hope and optimism dares us to achieve the seemingly impossible.”

Paul Winter, Composer/Musician, Environmentalist and Director of The Paul Winter Consort

A fantastic and deeply moving book. The Kaufmans‘ capacity for loving gives me hope in a heartbreaking time when so many people seem to have turned their backs on children.”

Eda J. LeShan, Columnist/Author/Child Psychotherapist

The Kaufmans‘ work is love in action.”

John S. Weltner, Child Psychiatrist, Co-President, Society for Family Therapy and Research

Client Endorsements of The Option Institute

Below, you’ll find a small sampling from thousands of endorsements written by clients of The Option Institute.

If only I had known years ago that there is a place I could have come to live and practice being the person I always knew I could be. A place with a specific, simple approach to living a fun and joyous life. A place with stunning vistas and brilliant teachers. My life now seems like a sweet journey. I am forever grateful for my expanding capacity to love, accept myself and others and live with passion.”

Jennifer Quinlan, Radio Host, California

The capstone of my learning at The Option Institute is that acceptance of myself, my neighbor, my situation, my past, my present, my future enables me to touch the divinity within myself. This produces a feeling of ecstasy so pervasive that I am now calm, peaceful, confident, fearless, authentic and happy.”

Charles M.P. Lim, Physician, Singapore

Four years ago I spent the summer at The Option Institute as a volunteer. Those two months had a profound and lasting effect on my personal well being. Having just graduated from college, I chose to return to the Grand Summer Sequence Program (formerly Living The Dream), to give myself the greatest gift I could imagine as I venture out into the next phase of my life. I know that I now possess a phenomenal ability to create my own reality at every moment and in any situation. My clarity, sense of purpose and well being are now unflappable. Thank you, Option Institute. Look out world, here I come!

Chiara D’Amore, Graduate Student, North Carolina

For me, coming to The Option Institute was like coming home to a place I had always known existed but never found – somewhere warm, fresh, full of trust, honesty and unconditional love. I felt continually embraced and aware of life – embraced not just physically, but by the very atmosphere itself. I have had many holidays for relaxation, exercise and enjoyment, but this is the first time I have ever given my soul a holiday.”

Clare Bradley, Government Manager, United Kingdom

I feel so blessed to have found The Option Process®. To achieve such miraculous and lifelong changes from such a subtle and gentle process has been a wonderful revelation to me. The love and acceptance I felt taught me that there is an easy and wondrous way to grow comfortably. I now feel such a profound sense of peace, safety and security within.”

Guy Bowden, Director, Kenya

The turning point of my life! I changed from a critical person to someone with an unlimited capacity for loving people. This program has been an exciting, awesome, amazing journey into myself.”

Mary Anne Joseph, Special Education, Malaysia

The Grand Summer Sequence Program has been the best gift I could give myself. I have made friendships which will last forever, while continuing to grow personally. The Option Institute and the Option Process® have been instrumental in my personal and business success. What I learned this summer will improve my life and the lives of those I touch. The teaching staff and support people are truly the greatest team of people I have ever come in contact with. You walk your talk and strive for excellence in every way. You are the greatest.”

David M. Tully, President, SMB Corp., Washington

The best experience of my whole life. The entire environment is so conducive to growth. The tranquility of the grounds, the beauty of the people, the love of the staff all invite you to go inside yourself and come out with peace and happiness. The teachers are totally focused and they gently guide each participant to reach their goal – happiness. This experience is how I always dreamed living should be.”

Elizabeth Weber, Teacher, Guatemala

I am amazed at the wondrous miracles that occur in the serene setting of loving, caring, accepting people applying simple, yet elusive principles that transform lives! As I watch class members from many walks of life free themselves of beliefs that do not serve them and move on to accomplish their goals with true happiness, I too am able to deal with similar issues in a productive way that frees me to be happy no matter what! WOW! I feel truly free of major roadblocks, and I am so grateful to The Option Institute team for their profound teachings!”

Julie Hilton, Business Executive/Attorney/Mediator, Florida

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