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Dear Friend,NICHOLAS_BE_9

One child… One story

“Dearest Donor,

Before finding The Son-Rise Program®, I was in a dark place, not knowing what to do, think or believe about myself or my Autistic son. We had tried so many therapies in the attempt to help my sweet three year old Nicholas.

As I began to use strategies from the Autism Treatment Center of America™ website, Nicholas began to show progress. His beautiful eyes began to shine again.
I desperately wanted more. I finally had the courage to call and the wonderful people helped me find a way. Through a miraculous scholarship, I was on my way to Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Today is Friday, the last day of my fantastic week here. I leave today a changed person. You have helped me see through my new, loving Son-Rise eyes! You have given me what so many had taken away, the gift of hope.

Nicholas now… after The Son-Rise Program.NICHOLAS_B_8

With love and sincerity,
Patty Betancourt, Connecticut”

…and here is a follow-up note from Patty:

“So much has happened since I left my Son-Rise Program! My wonderful Nicholas is potty trained!! Before my Son-Rise Program, I never thought it would happen. He is so much happier and the playroom is a God-send. It has been an amazing experience to watch him blossom!”

One child… One story

One family. One opportunity to help. Ah, but there are hundreds of you receiving this letter. Hundreds of opportunities to support and to impact the lives of hundreds of people asking for our help, just like Patty asking for help for Nicholas.

For almost 30 years, even in the face of various national and global economic challenges and upheavals, we have persisted in serving people in the United States and throughout the world. Today, however, we have a greater challenge than ever before. More people are asking for more help to attend our programs. More people are not able to register and pay for programs because of financial need.

We never want to turn anyone away.

Dear Friend, this is where you come in. You can help us so that we never have to turn anyone away. In order for us to continue to help as many people as possible we need your help.

This year, now, please upport The Option Institute so that we can keep helping others.
This year, now, help us continue having an impact on one child at a time, one family at a time, one person at a time.

You can make a difference in someone’s life.
To help one child is to help the whole world.

We want to be here for every child. We want to be here for you now and in the future. We want to be here for your children. We want to be here, as one donor has said, for the next 100 years.

This year, now is the time. Please donate now. Make a secure tax-deductible donation on our web sites at or, or you can email, or you can call Catherine at 413-229-2100 x127.
With all my love and appreciation,clyde head copy 4



Clyde Haberman
Director of Development and Senior Teacher

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