Group Leadership Training

 Would you like to be the kind of person who can grab the reins of leadership at any time… with confidence and skill?

You might want to take more leadership in your personal life – in your family, your rotary club, your music group, your local charity, your group of friends, or your Son-Rise Program®. Or you may want to supercharge your professional leadership, whether you lead an organization or company, supervise a department, or present at work or for a living.

Regardless, Group Leadership Training is designed both for those of you who see yourselves as beginners and for those who consider yourselves more advanced. Present with power, lead with strength, meet unplanned presentation challenges with comfort, and communicate with clarity, enthusiasm, and deep caring. This training course provides you with an unparalleled laboratory where you can practice…and then get concrete, hands-on training from some of the most effective group facilitators on
the planet.

Note: Unlike our other group facilitation training courses, this program has no prerequisites and is open to anyone. But we don’t run it every year, so, if this is something you want, now is your chance!


This fast-paced course will give you the opportunity to learn:

    • High-Powered, Fearless Presentation: Learn the tools that enable you to present any materials dynamically, compellingly, and without fear.
    • Our Signature Technique: Using the members of the group/audience to guide or teach the group itself.
      (Very, very few people know how to do this effectively.)
    • Story-Telling Secrets: The 5 Critical Components.
    • Instant Connection: Creating an immediate warm rapport with your audience/participants.
    • Leadership Jump Starters: 5 ways of getting unstuck while leading a group.
    • The Analogy Code: How to use analogies to make complex subjects understandable and important ideas memorable – and get buy-in from skeptical listeners.
    • Play Attention: How to use humor and playfulness to keep people engaged.
    • Unflappable Group Leadership: Spotting and neutralizing resistance comfortably and effectively, even in the face of discomfort or discontent from those you are addressing.

Read Reviews

Group Leadership Training has been the most effective and most delightful class on presentation and group dynamics that I have ever experienced. I felt challenged, safe and respected. I received feedback that was honest and open. Great teachers, great materials.

Carole Anne Sarah

Child Facilitator, Texas

In Group Leadership Training, it was a pleasure to learn about teaching from teachers who walk their talk. I had the chance to look at the ineffective aspects of my teaching and learned tools that will help me to change them in a very specific way. Professionalizing love in my teaching is the biggest gift I have gotten from the program.

Lior Taube

Special Education Consultant, Israel

For most of my life, I have feared making presentations in public but I found a way in this program to lessen the fear and receive the clarity I wanted. The feedback I received was so helpful and done in a way that I felt empowered.

Carol R.

Psychotherapist, Vermont

If you ever wanted to take your leadership skills to a level of excellence, Group Leadership Training can show you how to do it. I learned more about group leadership…than I have in all my previous years of training and experience.

Ellen Stanley

Educator, Maine

The experience I had at Group Leadership Training was everything I wanted and more. I came to learn specific tools and techniques for teaching and leading groups, and to learn to use these newly acquired tools in a more loving way. My experience was one of being taught with love and acceptance first; tools and techniques followed. This was perfect for me.

Heather D’Amore

Photographer/Therapist, Maryland

The Option Institute’s Group Leadership Training gave me the tools and beliefs to maximize my presenting skills. Prior to this class, I was afraid of making mistakes during a presentation. Now I see that anything that happens in a class is something I can not only handle but include in the presentation as a teaching.

Julie Flaherty

Attorney, Minneapolis, MN

Group Leadership Training was a great introduction to learning the skills required to be an excellent group leader. The material was clear, useful and well organized throughout the week. Opportunities for practicing and for watching others lead were especially helpful. I wish all school teachers and group leaders everywhere had the opportunity to take this course. After 13 years of experience teaching, I still felt like a new learner and gained many wonderful insights into myself while gaining valuable new skills as well.

Lee McLendon

Educational Consultant/Counselor, Vermont

I first came to The Option Institute as a Son-Rise Program mom who had no hope. Today my child is fully recovered and I have taken many adult programs to deepen the use of the Option Principles even more in my life. Over the years, as an educator, I have admired the state of the art teaching techniques that are utilized by the talented and highly trained staff. Now, as I get my Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Change, taking the Group Leadership Training and integrating these incredible techniques into my own work and presentations will surely enable me to lead those I teach and create change in the powerful way I’d envisioned.

Shelley Stravitz

Consultant and Educator, NYC, NY

In my professional life I have already done a lot of presenting to groups both small and large in number. Group Leadership Training has given me more tools and techniques that are of a very high level and will be very helpful. However, the most important thing I have learned which will have the greatest impact on what I do and how I do it is to focus on totally loving every person I’m with and myself, so that I can come from love and comfort within.

Kathleen Panning

Pastor, Leesville, SC

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