A Better Career Through Personal Growth

I am writing to share some exciting news. For the past 12 years, I have been employed as a manager for a fine jewelry store chain. While attending an Option Institute program about fifteen months ago, I created a new belief-that I can find a way to be successful at anything. Additionally, I learned how to focus on being more present in my job as a manager, as the best way to honor myself and my commitment to my employer.

Three months ago, at a company-wide managers meeting, I received four of the five awards that were passed out. One of these was Manager of the Year, which is viewed as the company’s most prestigious award. As was explained by the Vice President of Operations, this year was the first time in the company’s 83 year history that the selection was not strictly based upon sales performance. It was also based upon ‘remarkable change readily visible and apparent’ to the public and the company alike within my store…a change of attitude that has been ‘so penetrating and profound’ that, as a direct result, sales have risen dramatically. Then, just this week, I was promoted to a larger store with a sizable raise. With other recent raises, I have increased my income by 50% within the past five months! What an affirmation of the changes I made during the program I attended last year. Thank you.

Peter Abel, Store Manager, New York

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