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Dear Bears,

Such a priceless gift you have given me. My week in Inward Bound was so rich with beautiful experiences. Each day a well filled my soul with the wonder of life. I am deeply grateful.

I have the great privilege of using these new awarenesses in the splendor of the Alaskan wilderness. Often, as is the case today, I am alone. My family bought a lodge in a remote part of the state three years ago. We do have road access during the summer, but none in the winter. We have not yet spent a winter here.

My husband and son take our guests on horseback through the wilderness. We are on public land and our nearest neighbors are five miles east or eighteen miles west. We look at three glaciers and a magnificent mountain range. Am I blessed or what!

Even with all this grandeur I feel that your program provided me with new ways to fully access the gift of this experience. You and your family are a magnificent example of what can happen when we say “yes” to life. I am deeply humbled to have had the opportunity to experience your enriching programs!


Karol Libbey

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