A Former Employee Lives A Life Of Love And Happiness

Hello from Minnesota!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about the attacks on September 11th. As I drove across the country on the 11th and 12th, listening to the various commentaries, observing travelers’ looks of fear, sadness and shock as they stood glued to TVs in rest stops, I wondered how you and others at the Institute were filtering this information. Receiving your e-mail was a wonderful gift. I felt and continue to feel so grateful for the way I have been able to make sense of it all. What is so amazing in all of this is that I really feel like I have what we teach at such a cellular level. Hearing what happened, I didn’t doubt for a minute that we have a loving and caring God. I have had moments of feeling scared – but quickly changed them by choosing to be present or grateful, or trusting that I will always be all right – no matter what happens. Because of my ability to stay clear and happy, I have been able to really take in and process information, to make myself useful to the Red Cross, and to be loving with people in my community . . . something seemingly small but so meaningful at this time. I have been able to take the information and see it as useful to me in creating my school – addressing the question: How can we raise children to be leaders that could work to prevent incidents such as this? How can we raise a nation of children that seek to understand and work with other nations versus blow them up?

I am so grateful for all I have learned from my 2 years of working at the Institute. My conviction in prioritizing love is so strong – I explain it to others with the same ease and knowing I would give someone directions to my home of 27 years.

I came to the Institute insecure, I left confident. I came believing I was stupid, I left believing I’m intelligent. I came believing I couldn’t have the kind of relationships I wanted, I left believing I can have relationships I dreamed of. I came believing I needed others to back me up in order for my actions and aspirations to hold water, I left knowing that it all comes down to what I believe.

Thank you for teaching me to empower myself, to reach heaven on earth, to carry peace and strength with me always, and to really love people.

With love and an ocean of gratitude,

Sarah Reichert

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