Facing Life Challenges

Dearest Option Family,

Well, as most of you know…my husband went to the Radical Authenticity program. He returned home last weekend a completely different man. In fact, half way through his program at the Option Institute he informed me that I would be meeting a stranger at the airport. Every evening he would call me to tell me of his day, and every day that went by I was able to witness a man evolving at light speed. Roger chose to dive into the fire head first with all that he had. He saw the profound changes in me after I returned home with a huge smile on my face, and he decided he wanted a big piece of whatever it is that The Option Institute offers. His class was filled with Grand Summer Sequence graduates, which made the ring of fire even higher. Let me fill you in a bit as to why he chose Radical Authenticity. We have been experiencing lots of problems in our marriage, and we have felt that one of the most underlying reasons has been that he lost his soul. Now, I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true. When one looses themselves the masks are HUGE. Over the last 5 years, Roger found ways to escape reality. He became a severe workaholic that literally took the sparkle right out of his eyes and heart. Nine months ago, he lost his job for absolutely no reason. It was a definite sign from Spirit. It was at that same time that I had filed for divorce. He was at an all time low in his life with no where to go but up. After loosing his job, he was home spending time with me and our son. Our son is very infectious with love, and Roger found deep love with him for the first time. His heart was starting to open! Then, Roger discovered that he could smell again….taste food again…etc. During the time when work was his life, he lost all of the power of his senses. He was loosing hair, getting fat on McDonald’s, and never smiled. Now, with this new OPPORTUNITY to rediscover himself he slowly regained his soul. He sought help via therapy that helped a little but not anything profound. Then he went for “Radical Authenticity!”

I must tell you gang, this Option stuff still blows my mind. Roger came home with a bigger sparkle in his eye than I have EVER seen before….he came back with a heart that is MUCH bigger than it has ever been….and he came back with HIMSELF. For me to be able to witness such a drastic change in someone is a gift. I know he has his entire soul back now, and best of all…he knows it too. He is able to express and feel love in a way that he was never able to before. He found out new things about himself and remembered wonderful childhood moments. So, our marriage is something we are exploring once again. Since we are both new people, with a past together, it is very interesting to get to know each other again. Neither of us knows where this will take us, but we both agree that where ever it does is GREAT!!!! Finally, we each know ourselves for the first time. Amazing how the dynamics change between people when they each know themselves vs. living to TRY to make each other happy. Roger said that “Radical Authenticity” really blows apart the walls which, in turn, allows the heart to be exposed. He HIGHLY recommends this program to ANYONE who dares to go into the depths of their being. He is eager to go back for more!

Hope ALL of you are Happy today…I know I am! I truly miss all of you very much. I find that I STILL can’t stop sharing the gifts I learned at the Institute with others. I think I have a whole list of people who are signing up, ordering books, etc. I love how when people learn a little about this stuff they feel good and then they call to be dialogued.

All My Love,

Kathy Greidanus

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