Fear and Unhappiness

Dearest Bears,

I am so grateful to you and everyone at the Option Institute for the opportunity to be at Fearless last week. I would have turned around to spend another 5 days with everyone in a heartbeat. What glorious scintillating conversation at every turn.

I am changed – more powerful and calmer at the same time. Fearless to me was/ is akin to a spiritual awakening. Yes, this from an agnostic. I am not afraid of myself any more. I can breathe lighter and move more freely. You gave us very specific phrases that more than ever before create a parallactic shift in my thinking. Real concrete ways to create whole new visions powered by positive energy. You have created the fluoride of Option. Fear of unhappiness is the root of so much fuzzy noise. This Saturday morning I created a perfect example for myself of motivating myself with fear of unhappiness…only to get further from my wanting. The glory of it all is that I saw it and laughed…like a baby delighted with a new toy. It was perfect and two weeks ago I would have been looking in all the wrong places for the answer.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Option Process® has saved my life. I always had a fear of regretting my life, not getting right internally. My Option toolbox has the maps and the tools to remember me to joyous passion in all of life’s moments.

With love,

Lois Atherton

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