Finding Inner Strength and Happiness

Hi Bears,

I am so grateful for the two weeks I spent with you during the Inner Strength program…and wanted to thank you for the many gifts you gave to me….I especially like your hugs and your warm laugh! Since coming home, I’ve experienced a shift with my elderly parents. The relationship has been difficult at best, but I’ve let go of some of my fear and the unfolding has been remarkable.

Since I first read Happiness is a Choice and To Love is to Be Happy With…..18 years ago….I’ve wanted to tell you of my first experience of reading your work. I guess I believed that a million people write to tell you this, so one more story wouldn’t matter. However, today I want to write to you because it is important to me to tell you.

I’ve considered myself a spiritual seeker, I guess mostly because I felt incomplete and that somewhere out there I’d find the answers. I searched in all the places that you named in your books and completely exhausted myself….all the while feeling worse and worse because the answers they gave provided a little relief, but never helped me complete the puzzle of my life. When I read of your experience, I cried and cried. You are the first person that ever named what I felt. That in itself was very healing for me…and I’ve wanted to thank you ever since for being so honest and sharing your life search.

I don’t know why religion and the cultural myth says it has to be so hard and that many of us had to struggle as we did. But, I know that since coming to the Option Institute four years ago, I rejoice in the knowing that the freedom I’ve sought all my life is possible. I have made great strides in dropping the self judgment that has kept me unhappy and I delight in the fact that I can keep on exercising my Inner Strength muscles and continue to choose happiness….and truly know the experience of comfort and peace. It is awesome!!

My deepest thanks to you, Bears…and Samarhia, too, for having the courage to live out your dream….and be such a blessing to our world.

A big hug, with much love and gratitude,

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Judy White

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