Finding Love and Trust

Dear Bears,

Just a short note to say thank you for steering the wonderful cruise, Inward Bound. I had a lovely journey, meeting fellow travelers in an ambience of trust and acceptance. I was able to let go of so much of my baggage and I have returned to my beautiful simple life with a new passion and pledge to embrace myself and my loved ones with the same openness that I enjoyed during my stay with you. Although I can never actually re-live the precious moments in meditation, or in the forest, or on the mountain top, in my everyday experience, I can summon into the present the emotional silhouette which allowed me to see differently, to feel with compassion for others and to build new dreams for myself. Nothing has changed in my life, but I continue to grow daily because I was able to sample a different path with you and all those inspiring fellow Inward Bounders. Thank you for helping me create an ever-increasing flow of love and laughter in my life. Please thank all members of your team, each of whom sculpt in their own special way, anchors for our humble quests.

With love,

Zenobia Sharma

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