Finding Self Confidence

I have been to the Option Institute 3 times since 1996: My first course was Happiness Is A Choice in September 1996, followed by The Son-Rise Program® Intensive in December 1996, followed by Optimal Self-Trust in April 1999. I spent a lot of time on the piano in the dining hall writing songs including Happiness is a Choice and Trust in Me.

At Optimal Self-Trust you asked me if I would send you a copy of the songs which I am doing now. I have written a whole album with many of the songs inspired by what I have learned from you and the Institute.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I recorded the album in my front room. Without the tools that I learned from the Institute I would not have had the courage or strength to do this. There is not a day goes by without my incredible gratitude for everything that has happened. Both my boys who went on Son-Rise Programs are now happy, confident, joyful members of our family. It truly is a miracle.

I hope you enjoy the CD!

With love and sunshine,

Dave O.

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