Gaining Confidence and Self Esteem through Self Trust

I can still barely believe the radical change I feel in myself after only five days in Radical Authenticity! My new self-trust is so liberating and empowering. I used to cripple myself in my interactions with others, putting on a unique facade for every person and every interaction, in an attempt to be who I thought I was expected to be. Using my new powers of self-trust and authenticity I opened up to my platoon sergeant about the way we performed our duties. To my surprise, he was open to my suggestions and together we implemented many positive changes, resulting in a better workplace environment for ourselves and the soldiers we worked with every day. No more will I fear social situations or the judgments of others. Never again will I hold back my feelings for fear of repercussions. I have been so challenged to improve myself that the change in me is literally head-to-toe happiness!

Lenny Zappa, Soldier, U.S. Army

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