Learning to Cope with Anxiety and Stress

I attended the Grand Summer Sequence program. I’m a college student. I needed to decide on a major for school, and what I learned in the program helped me do that. Before the program I had been hesitant, but during my time at the Institute I was able to say to myself, ‘Pick something you’re excited about and go with it. Whatever you choose is going to be fine.’ The programs really helped me to feel okay about where I’m going in my life. The two biggest learnings I’ve taken away from my summer were being more caring, loving and accepting, and being more grateful for what I have. Those two things automatically make me a more enjoyable person. Essentially, I have a new sense of well-being.

The insights I gained help me in so many ways throughout the day. I used to be very concerned about doing things the ‘right way.’ Now, I focus on enjoying what I’m doing, no matter what it is. I don’t get as stressed out or worried. I work to make things happen, but without thinking there must be something wrong with me if things don’t go a certain way. Wow, what a relief! I’m just an incremental type of guy, steady as she goes. There are many moments during the day when what I was taught at The Option Institute clicks in and becomes useful. It’s like a web of ideas and beliefs inside me, all interconnected. I don’t second-guess myself as much in so many situations, and I judge myself far, far less in my relationships. That’s made my life so much more enjoyable and given me a better state of mind!

Forrest Skriletz, College Student, Virginia

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