Letting Go of Fear, Building Self Esteem

Four years ago, my relationship with my dad was extremely difficult. His history of alcoholism and abuse was such a powerful influence that I avoided close relationships. I built walls to protect me from being hurt, but the walls only kept me at a distance. I became cold and closed, too shy to allow anyone to truly love me, because, ultimately, I didn’t think I was worth loving. Through doing many dialogues at The Option Institute, I let go of my fears and trusted that I have something to offer. I realized that my dad had acted out of his own fears, and that his behavior didn’t mean I was worthless or deserved abuse. After my most recent program, Wide Awake, I decided to see my dad. The hours we spent were some of the best of my life, because I finally began the loving relationship that I craved for 20 years. I will always remember how good it felt to realize that it is never too late to love someone.

Carolina Kaiser, Son-Rise Program Teacher, Massachusetts

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