Living by Being Loving Parents

We had hopes that our five days at the Option Institute would offer us a new direction for ourselves and our daughter, diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As psychologists who work with children (including ‘special’ children) and families, we had availed ourselves of all the accepted and not so accepted forms of intervention, but felt that there had to be a way to get more for our daughter and ourselves. The outcome of this week far exceeded our wildest hopes and dreams.

We watched our daughter grow and learn in ways that are supposed to be “impossible,” and we were given the tools to continue this process once we return home. We weren’t taught a technique … but a way of living. It was not a parenting approach … but a pathway to a happier, more loving, more enjoyable life. There is no agenda or set of beliefs being sold here. What is lovingly offered is expert assistance helping us clarify our wants and beliefs. The method we learn is simple yet profound; it is a truth that will have a lifelong impact on us and our children, and the generations to follow.

We will continue to enthusiastically recommend The Option Institute to our friends, colleagues and clients. To those who work in education and the mental health field and decide to come to The Option Institute, one suggestion: Leave your prior training and assumptions at home!! To all: Come, learn, live and enjoy!!

With Love and Appreciation,

Vicki Moss & Bob R., Psychologists, Rhode Island

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