Optimal Self-Trust helps Phil Overcome Anxiety

For more than 10 years prior to coming to the Option Institute, I lived with tremendous anxiety, self-doubt, and fear of change. I became involved with numerous methods of self-exploration and personal growth; I explored yoga, meditation, spiritual practices and psychotherapy, just to name a few. Each was helpful in its own way, yet I remained worried, irritable, depressed, and I lacked confidence. I constantly felt that I was missing out on the best of what life had to offer and that I was holding back the best of what I had to offer others. I had the fantasy that when I died, my epitaph would read, ‘He had great potential.’ Despite every method I tried, I couldn’t find the key to help me break out of my self-imposed prison.

Initially, I came to The Option Institute because of my autistic son. I was reluctant, skeptical and judgmental about what I saw in the brochure. I was in so much pain, however, and I really wanted a breakthrough. I read Happiness Is A Choice and other books by Barry Neil Kaufman and listened to all of the CD’s. I was fascinated and stimulated by his approach, but I kept my distance by engaging only on an intellectual level, my usual cautious approach.

My breakthrough came six months later during the Optimal Self-Trust program. The depth and power of the group process was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The environment of unconditional love and acceptance was extremely palpable. Placing my reservations aside, I opened myself fully and participated from my heart in addition to my head. I began to access a place of inner knowing that I had cut myself off from early in my life. This led directly to the realization that I wanted to leave my job at a large HMO/clinic, and start my own practice. I put the tools of becoming a ‘Force of NatureTM’ into practice, and soon easily and painlessly created something for myself I never thought possible. My happiness and joy increased dramatically because I finally followed my wants and believed in myself.

This spring I gave myself the gift of a week with my wife at the CouplesCourse. I have become more loving, more playful and more truly myself in the largest sense. Since then I have taken other programs, including the amazing CouplesCourse recently, and I am steadily moving in the direction of my dreams, knowing that I can change my course or my experience at any time. I went from hopeless to empowered, and from paralyzed to energized! Thank you Option Institute!

Phil Lomas, Psychiatrist, Wisconsin

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