Performance Anxiety and Self Trust

First of all, if you love snow, the Option Institute is beautiful with all the snow in the winter.

Mentor Certification was the most intense thing I have ever done, and at the same time, one of the most enjoyable. It is probably the best gift I have ever given myself. I learned a great deal about the dialogue. The first thing I learned was how much I had to learn. The second and most important thing I learned was to trust myself and let go of the results. I know we all talked about doing that after taking the 8-week program, however, for myself, I was able to do that as long as it wasn’t that important. When you spend 1 month dedicated to learning the dialogue and realize that you may not get certified, it can be a major downer if you let it. However, when I stayed consistent with my intention to live in the present and enjoy the journey rather than being concerned with the outcome, I took the pressure off myself and it was a fantastic journey. I actually did not think I would get certified until the very end. I think I made the comment in the third week that if I went home right then it was worth the time and money spent.

We had 6 in the class and I made some new friends. I feel really blessed to have had and taken the opportunity to take both LTD with all of you and Certification and have so many special people in my life.

Mentor Certification is the first program at The Option Institute I have taken that has graded tests and where you are required to reach a certain standard to PASS. Wow, what a change in dynamics. I felt all the performance anxieties at the beginning (I had not taken a test for a grade in over 20 years) and at the same time felt so much love and support from all the teachers and support people. Clyde and Beverly came and did tape reviews with us Sunday evenings. Caiseal, Raun, Sarah and numerous other people did all kinds of special things with us and for us. I keep dreaming of what our education system would be like if the students could feel just 10% of the support and love I felt at The Option Institute.

I also learned that Mentor Certification was not about getting certified. While it is great to be certified, it is about our individual journey. My classmates were all instrumental in my journey and I hope I touched them as well. They are all amazing people and we stuck together all the way.

Dave Tully

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