Dear Bears,

I returned home from the Option Institute just over a week ago and as I journeyed home, saw old friends along the way. Usually after being at the Institute, I like to keep a low profile and let myself digest all that I learned. But this time I plunged right in with many people all along the East Coast whom I hadn’t seen in many years. It was so good. I had fun and I was full of vibrant energy with whatever came up and I felt blessed with so many friends (including you!).

Your program, The Greatest Hits, was just excellent. I am so impressed with all that you and the staff put together – so well thought out, so connected, chock full of smart and fun ideas, and full to the brim with your love. I am very, very grateful to you all. Thank you for the renewed immersion into the beauty of the Option Process®.

Warm Thoughts,

Ethel (Radmer)

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