Recognizing My Self Worth

Dear Bears,

I have just finished preparing the invoice for a large project in my technical writing business; and, as I entered the figure into my tally of annual billings, I realized that my billings have shot ahead of my projected target for where I said I wanted them to be at this point in the year. This has never before happened in my 16 years of self-employment; in fact, I’ve consistently hovered around 50-60% of my projected target for the past 5 years. I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude and just want to thank you.

During my Optimal Self-Trust Program, you and I had a dialogue session in which you helped me uncover some of my beliefs about the quality of my work and how much I could charge for my services. In the intervening time, I raised my rates, got some new clients and invented some ways to help myself stay on track with billable hours on a daily basis. I’ve been focusing more on the positive aspects of the services I provide instead of worrying so much about my shortcomings. Obviously, all these changes have paid off.

My business wasn’t even the most important aspect of our dialog, but these results are more easily measurable than things like happiness. Again, thanks.


Julie Lancaster

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