Release from Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Seven years ago, in the midst of leading an extremely active life – a life that included traveling, rigorous dance training, and a full-time commitment to my writing – I developed what the doctors and the media called ‘panic attacks’. The symptoms of these attacks were considered classic, but to me they never seemed classic at all; all of it seemed unique and freakish – not being able to swallow at times, the frequent dizzy spells, a heart that raced so fast I couldn’t breathe. Before I went to The Option Institute, I believed what the experts had told me – that this was a condition I would probably always have and that tranquilizers would be the best treatment. Based on this belief, I stopped traveling and dancing for fear that too much activity would increase my heart rate, and that this would feel like – or bring on – a panic attack.

A psychologist had once told me that it would take time – even years – before the cause of the attacks could be uncovered and released. But, after just one session at The Institute – a session that, in fact, did not have a psychological approach, or more focus on much of my history – I felt more of a ‘release’ than I had felt in years. Through a series of questions that gave me an opportunity to change my beliefs about my fears, and this ‘condition’ – I started to see changes in my physiology. My panic attacks were coming on less and less and, after continuing with dialogue sessions, I was able to stop using medication. The finale, for me, came after I participated in a one-week program at the Institute called Revitalize Your Spirit. That week was filled with exercises, lectures, and dialogues – all of which focused on love, acceptance, and the pursuit of happiness. Since that time, I have not had one panic attack. I am traveling again, taking exercise classes, and am able to write with more focus and ease, all because the Institute has helped me to put my faith in love and find the peace that comes from faith. These are God’s principles, and whether or not you believe in God, these principles are at the heart of freedom. My gratitude to Barry and Samahria Kaufman and The Option Institute Staff is enormous.

Lorraine W., Freelance Writer, Calif

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