Self Doubt, Inner Strength

I have been reborn! You helped me release myself from the burden of taking care of the entire world. What a relief!

Just today I have found a way to take a training course that will be the beginning of my new career and business as a Legal Nurse Consultant. I was using the lack of money as an excuse to delay doing this, but I just realized that I have the money; my belief was that I could not use this money because I had earmarked it for my nephew to inherit when I die. But I do not have to do that- I can use it for myself, now, while I am alive! I am under no obligation to set it aside for someone else! What a revelation!

In addition, I am smart enough to make this work for me. My partner is totally supportive and he said he already knew I could do this venture; he was just waiting for me to discover all these strengths about myself!

Before the Inner Strength Program I had been floundering in a sea of self-doubt and obligation to others. Now I am free to be happy and to do what I know I can do. Thank you, Bears, for literally saving my life.

P.S. I am flying to Orlando, FL, the end of October to attend the seminar and become certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant. I am on my way to having my own business and a new career!

Elaine Shaw, Nurse Case Manager, Maryland

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