Self Esteem and Self Acceptance

I felt called to serve in the church because I wanted to help people love God, themselves and their neighbors. But although I had the best of intentions, I had great difficulty being the pastor I wanted to be. You see, I had not learned to truly love and accept myself, and, as a result I was intolerant with my own shortcomings and anxious, defensive and depressed when my parishioners criticized my efforts.

Then I attended a five-day seminar at the 0ption Institute. During this program I learned concrete methods of accepting myself and being happy with myself, no matter what others thought. I took my new learnings back to my church and found that I was able to be comfortable with myself and to listen openly and with love to others. For the first time I was actually ministering to people in the way I’d always wanted and in the way I believe God intended. Since that Option program, I’ve enjoyed a renewed sense of call. My ministry has never been the same. In all my years of trying to encourage a loving and non-judgmental life-style in myself and those I serve, The Option Institute finally enabled me to actually experience it, live it, love it and grow from it! What a blessing.

Elizabeth G, Minister, Connecticut

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