Self Improvement and A More Fullfilling Career

I’ve always been a top performer at work, but since learning and applying the Option Process, I’ve taken my career to whole new levels. In particular, I’ve worked through my fears of making mistakes, looking stupid, addressing conflict and getting laid off. This has enabled me to get in touch with what I really want from work, which is to make as big a difference as I can while having fun and providing for my family. I now make decisions quickly, raise the issues that need to get raised (in a helpful and not angry way), get input from others rather than try to produce the “perfect” finished solution myself, and am open about my mistakes so everyone can learn from them.. As a result I’m contributing more to the bottom line than ever before, and my manager and colleagues have noticed. At my recent performance review, my manager told me to pick whatever career path I want and he and the senior management team would support it. Thank you Option Institute for giving me the tools to release the best version of me I can be!

Jon Hillegeist, Workforce Development & Organizational Effectiveness, Connecticut

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