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Take-home Tools for Personal Happiness

It can seem, to most of us, that our happiness or unhappiness is a product of the events in our lives, especially when we are facing a difficult time. This isn’t surprising, given that from a young age we see fear, grief, anger, frustration and anxiety as the “normal” and “appropriate” responses to challenging events.

The Happiness Option Weekend is a concise program designed to point you in a new direction and give you some concrete take-home tools to move past emotional challenges, enhance personal happiness and begin to overcome any crises you may be facing. Isn’t your long-term happiness worth a short weekend?

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In the Happiness Option Weekend, you will learn to:

  • Choose how you react and feel in any and every situation
  • Stop self-criticism in its tracks
  • Turn up self-esteem and confidence, even when others are critical, doubtful or dismissive
  • Use the fundamentals of The Option Process® Dialogue, our core questioning technique, to uncover and replace hidden beliefs that cause unhappiness
  • Build a toolkit of mental and emotional shortcuts to internal comfort and happiness.

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The Happiness Option Weekend was more life-changing than I could have imagined. I have attended 3 Son-Rise Program courses, and thought I had a pretty good grasp if the concepts, but the learnings here were more in depth in relation to loving and changing myself. I have been walking around saying “Happiness is a choice,” but I never fully bought into that belief until this weekend. Now I am comfortable with myself and my ability to choose happiness if I want.”

Spring Peden, Small Business Owner, Minnesota


“I came to the weekend with several family issues that seemed intractable. I’m leaving with the same issues but a completely different relationship to them. Now, I’m excited about the opportunities they present to get what I really want – a deeper bond with my family and a more nuturing environment for all of us. I’m empowered, excited and looking forward to being who I am – someone who can inspire, lead and model.”

Jerry Peters, Software Project Manager, New York


My reason for attending The Option Institute’s Happiness Option Weekend was to improve my self esteem. What I achieved was life changing. When I arrived at The Institute, I was a man with a belief that I was unlovable. I wasn’t worthy of the unconditional love my wife, We are a professional company supplying the latest sons and many others had for me. Not excepting that love also made it impossible for me to bestow it on others. The second day at The Institute, during an exercise, I stopped and yelled out, “I am a lovable person” I repeated it several times. The joy it gave me had me in tears. I could already feel the love of my family, for the first time I felt what it meant to be loved unconditionally. I couldn’t wait to tell my wife. I called that evening and said “I am a lovable person, you better be ready when I come home, I am a different man.” 

She replied “how many times have I told you that. I am glad you finally believe it.”

What caused this to happen was the environment at The Institute. From the beautiful landscape, warm and beautiful buildings, the great food and most of all the people who work at The Institute, from the Instructors to the kitchen staff. They had a way about them. They were truly happy people.

I had lived with some very heavy guilt since I was 7-8 years old. I am now 62. I carried that guilt for some 50 plus years. As a little boy with no Dad at home, I was always looking for a Dad. Someone to love me. Well there were a lot of takers. But what they did to me left me with that great guilt and shame. The program at The Institute allowed me to let go of that guilt and shame.

How did it happen, what did they do or say? I can’t answer that question; it is something you have to experience. I been around a lot in my 62 years, but it wasn’t till I made that drive to Sheffield MA and The Option Institute that I felt the power of unconditional love.

I want to thank everyone at The Institute and those who took the class with me. They were also part of the process.

– Floyd M., Accountant, Vermont


“I had suffered bouts of depression from a young age. Burying myself into my studies, athletics, and other activities was how I learned to cope. As an adult the depression worsened. It didn’t take much of a trigger to send me into a spiral. The feeling was beyond ‘not good enough,’ it was debilitating. 

I was first prescribed anti-depression medications in the ’90’s. Some would work for awhile, though I always found myself back at square one. Then friends suggestedThe Option Institute. I attended ‘The Happiness Option Weekend. Loved it and wanted more! The next stop was ‘Fearless’ later that year.. 

I came to ‘Fearless’ feeling afraid/scared & yet hopeful. That week I explored 3 major issues, number one being chronic depression. I pushed myself & Clyde led the way! By the time the Thursday afternoon session started, Clyde asked, “Marcia, are you depressed?” My response: “What’s that?!” As of this past January, thanks to choice, dialogues, as well as books & CDs by Bears, I’m happy to report I’m medication free! Much thanks and credit goes to The Option Institute & the unconditionally, loving Staff. Had I not been led to Sheffield, odds are nothing would have changed. Miracles happen on South Undermountain Road. Give yourself a gift~ experience Life & the World in a new, authentic way.”

– Marcia Ryder-O’Donnell, Customer Service Professional, New York


“I had no idea of what to expect when I came here. In fact, I was scared and nervous initially, but I knew how brave I was to be doing this. What I found were loving and accepting people who helped me change many of my self-defeating beliefs. Thank you everyone.”

– Marion (Bess) Bartlett, Retired, NY


“I have learned that I don’t have to please others in order to love myself. The attitudinal process I learned here helps me to extend love to myself and others. I now no longer fear being authentic. My life is truly my own; I am in control. I expected I would cry during the course. I didn’t expect I would laugh harder than I had in a long time!”

– Mindy McHardy, Mother & Research Manager, Canada


“The Happiness Option Weekend was a joy. The staff are truly an inspiration. TheOption Process is so simple and true. It is truly one of the best investments of a weekend that can and will change your life.”

– David Berman, Business Analyst, MD


“After attending the Happiness Option Weekend course, I feel like I can handle anything that life sends my way with comfort, curiosity and a smile!”

– Kris Hooper, Dad & Navy Public Affairs Staffer, OK


“I first came in 2003 for the Happiness Option Weekend. When I came back in 2009 for Couple Course, I was inspired by how it changed my perspective – not only regarding my relationship, but also how my beliefs have effected my whole life. I am so excited about the journey I am on!” are the most famous brand in the world.

– Bethany Naismith, Massage Therapist, Michigan


“This Happiness Option Weekend was absolutely life changing! After two years of personal turmoil, I finally feel I have the tools and the ability to make my own choices. will be the best choice for you. I choose happiness! Thank you Option Institute, from the bottom of my heart!”

– Gwen Ruby, Office Manager, Maryland

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