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“Advanced Power Dialogues gave me the opportunity to dive as deep as I could into the process of mentoring and surrounding myself with an attitude of love and acceptance for others and for myself. The curriculum of the course was optimal to attain the highest level of learning the Option Process Dialogue, grasping the concepts and tools used in the dialogue and finding joy in myself around the learning process. I feel clearer in myself and truly accepting and loving of others.””

Leeza Steindorf, Mentor, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Peace Educator, Germany

“Although I have been coming here for many years, it never ceases to amaze me how much I discover about how I operate in my life. Each time I come closer and closer to being who I really want to be in my life by truly getting to know myself. My giving myself the gift of the Option Process Dialogue on a cellular level, I will never be uncomfortable in my life again no matter what the stimulus. How wonderful to be going home with a big smile on my face.”

Denise D, Lawyer, Ireland

“To really understand the dynamics and the technique of the dialogues, Advanced Power Dialogues is absolutely amazing! We get to dive into all the technical stuff – and at the same time practice to just be in the attitude! If you love the dialogues – you just have to come to Advanced Power Dialogues!”

Sanne Schroll, Economist and Ph.D Student, Denmark

“Advanced Power Dialogues combines going deeply technical with practicing being totally present. For me it was exciting learning more about the Power Dialogue process, experiencing it with so many others who felt as intensely engaged as I am.”

Clio Osman, Waldorf Teacher, California

“Advanced Power Dialogues was fabulous and I totally enjoyed it. Anyone wishing to use Option Process Dialogue will find it extremely beneficial and full of insight into the dialogue. The program was so useful and taught extremely well.”

Helen Cherry, Alexander Technique Teacher and Artist, United Kingdom

“Advanced Power Dialogues was an in-depth exploration not only of the Option Process Dialogue, but also of the many things which arise in us as potential mentors that keep us from fully being in the attitude of being present, non-judgmental and non-directive. Thus, this course is a very personal and useful inner exploration also. The teaching was especially effective, as you get so much individual attention in the small groups.”

Phil Lomas, Psychiatrist, Wisconsin

“I realized only a week or two before coming to Advanced Power Dialogues that I want to become a mentor for myself! How exciting! I have learned that I can love myself through my exploration of myself and it creates such a great clarity in my exploration. I have always struggled with the “why” questions because of my self judgments. Now when I begin asking myself the “why” – why am I doing, saying, feeling this…I can become really present and identify the stimulus and belief instead of beating myself repeatedly with the response! Hooray. I am growing!”

Toni Wisher, Son-Rise Program Mom and Party Planner, Ohio

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