Break Free From the Past

Banishing the Skeletons in Your Closet

Is there something from your past that still haunts you today?

Do you …
… feel that an abusive experience is affecting your current relationship?
… still hear the voices of past criticism?
… have grief or pain from the past that still feels fresh and raw?
… harbor unresolved anger toward your parents, family or loved ones?

This special week is for you. This is the rare program that doesn’t commiserate or try to convince you how damaged you are. Instead, it gives you hopeful and forward looking perspectives that enable you to re-frame your past to free you in the present. In a host of ways, we can help you to unburden yourself and get to a place of peace that you may never have thought you
could reach.

Some examples

  • Talk about the past event and be heard with deep acceptance.
  • Identify what’s making your past experience feel so “sticky” and hard to get over.
  • Break the cycle of ongoing resentment – toward the perpetrator, yourself or the world.
  • Uncover the secret reason why you’re afraid to let go of what happened.
  • Re-examine traumatic events through a new and transformative filter.
  • Finally stop making what happened mean something bad about you.
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Read Reviews

Break Free From the Past was like a sledgehammer pounding away at the chains that bound me to my past until those chains broke free, unwrapping themselves from the strangle hold around my body. I fell lighter and now able to use my formerly entrapped arms to lovingly embrace myself and others with joy!

Lori Degenhardt

Caregiver, New York

Truly a great program for me. The Break Free From the Past program content and class design encouraged and invited introspection that gave me a clear vision of past traumatic events that I clinged to for decades as a badge of self identity based in fear and resentment. With love and support from the teachers, I was among the many that made significant and profound changes.

River A.

Life Coach, New York

Break Free From the Past provides an opportunity to unpack the baggage that I carry from the past and share it in a supportive and loving group. The techniques and tools taught in the Break Free From the Past program allowed me to engage at a profoundly deep level with my reasons for keeping the past alive, which then enabled me to let go of the parts that no longer are useful and move on in peace.

Alison T.

Student, United Kingdom

Break Free From the Past really did free me from turmoil I let in the present interfere in my relationship with my son.  Being controlled led to controlling based upon fear and uneasiness to let go. In fact it’s just about trusting yourself, be loving, guiding and let go. That’s freedom.

Ria V.

Sports and Exercise Physician, The Netherlands

My experience here as a ‘first timer’ was very pronounced, very illuminating and beneficial in so many ways. I leave here excited about the information that has been awakened inside me to be used to move me into the light of ongoing love. The teaching techniques I was exposed to in Break Free From the Past were outstanding and very effective and I look forward to using the new tools to create ongoing happiness and sweetness in my life. I would love to come back one day again for more.

Howard G.

Investment Advisor Representative, California

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