Celebrating the Fine Art of Aging

Celebrating the Fine Art of Aging

Celebrating the Fine Art of Aging

With Pleasure, Playfulness, and Power

Whether you’re 35 or 105, you may have concerns, issues or fears about your advancing years. This program is for you if…

  • You feel you haven’t accomplished what you could/should have by your age = and now you wonder if it’s too late
  • You worry about the loss of your youthful looks
  • You feel fine now, but are concerned how things will be once you get older
  • You’re frustrated when you feel that you are being treated dismissively or disrespectfully because of your age
  • You have fears about dying, losing your vitality and independence, ending up alone, suffering illness and pain, and other areas of aging

This week will utterly transform your experience of aging. After digging deep and examining your fears, frustrations, and real-time aging experiences, you’ll take home new ways to master the fine art of aging:

  • Wearing Your Age With Delight:Be happy in your own skin – instead of judging how that “skin” is changing
  • De-Aging: An outside-the-box process for changing the seemingly pre-ordained aging trajectory
  • Time Peace: Find peace in what you have – and have not – accomplished, while continuing to climb new mountains.
  • Savoring Life: How to enjoy life without fearing death
  • Their Beliefs, Not Your Reality:Remain relaxed and comfortable when others pigeon-hole you based on your age
  • Critical Engagement:Ways to stay engaged and vital

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