The Option Institute has helped thousands of people overcome issues revolving around anger. If you’re struggling with anger-based challenges, please read below to see how we can help you live a life that is anger-free.

How Anger Affects Our Lives

If you are looking for anger management solutions, you’re not alone. An increasing number of us find that dealing with anger is having a larger and larger impact on our lives. This is no surprise, given that anger is a chief currency in our society. In fact, the average child of 15 has seen 15,000 people violently killed on television (Delega and Janda, 1981). We have been taught to see anger as bold and powerful, if not always prudent. Dr. Clayton E. Tucker-Ladd, a clinical psychologist and author of the book “Psychological Self-Help”, notes that, “in many way, the message is, aggression gets results.”

Even though it may seem as though our anger is sometimes “out of control,” we have seen the opposite. Each episode of anger is precipitated by an anger-generating belief, particularly the “anger = power” belief. As widespread as this belief is, in actuality, anger is not a display of power, it is a request for power by someone who feels powerless.

It’s not just our emotional experience that is compromised by our anger. There is an increasing volume of medical research pinpointing all of the ways that anger is detrimental to our physical well-being. For instance, recent research published by psychologists Edward C. Suarez, Ph.D., James G. Lewis, Ph.D., and Cynthia Kuhn, Ph.D., in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (Vol. 16, No. 6) found that men who have a high degree of hostility and anger are more likely to have higher levels of an immune system protein that’s linked to several risk factors for cardiovascular problems. Additionally, understanding that 20% of the general population has levels of ongoing hostility high enough to be dangerous to their own health (originally cited by, 2016), it becomes apparent why more and more individuals are seeking anger management solutions.

Programs for Anger Management

Although people can choose from a number of methods and sources which offer help with anger management, we offer something unique.


At The Option Institute, we offer a variety of programs, each designed to help with different types of challenges, as well as various approaches to increasing happiness and comfort and dealing with anger. However, if you feel that you’re facing challenges you can’t handle or you want to examine and re-construct every aspect of yourself, come to the Inner Strength Boot Camp program.



In Empower Yourself, you will acquire concrete tools for pursuing what you want, especially when formidable obstacles stand in your way. Even more importantly, you will have ample opportunity throughout the week to practice utilizing these tools. Dynamic, challenging, and fun, Empower Yourself is like filling up on rocket fuel for your life. You will leave inspired, powerful and ready to take action and surmount the challenges before you.


Dealing With Anger: Personal Stories

When I arrived here, my mind was a maelstrom of judgments and repressed anger causing me to see-saw from unhappiness to happiness without ever being able to pin down why. I hid myself behind a mask of caring and love and never realized that I was having the total opposite effect on those I come in contact with. I was radically inauthentic. Through the love, acceptance, and most importantly, the challenges that were put before me, I have learnt to accept my judgments and have chosen to ask in a loving way, why I am doing them. Miracles do happen at The Option Institute. Thank you.

Eileen Bone

Mom, United Kingdom

I came to Empowering Yourself in midst of my divorce – really working hard to push back fear, anger and grief, clinging to a belief that me and my children would make it! In coming to a realization on what I want and shifting to empowering beliefs – I leave for home, full of strength, love, clarity – ready to show my children that changes are blessings and opportunities in disguise.

Bente Spissoy

Project Manager, Norway

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