Empowerment & Assertiveness

Are you getting everything you want out of your personal and/or professional life? Or, like many, have you found yourself settling for less than you wanted or felt you deserved? It is possible to overcome the feelings that are holding you back! Many people have come to the Option Institute to overcome their fears and supercharge their self-confidence in order to feel strong on a day-to-day basis and ultimately, to pursue their greatest goals.

How Does Assertiveness Affect Our Lives?

Personal empowerment means, at its core, going for what you want without reserve or apology.
So many of us have difficulty being genuinely empowered and assertive. Certainly, there are numerous seminars and workshops that aim to help us take a more empowered role in our lives, but oftentimes, the focus of these workshops rests upon changing our behavior.

How the Option Institute Can Help

We have a unique strategy. We have seen that individuals’ behaviors are fueled by their beliefs. So, it is the cause, not the effect, that we focus on helping you with.

An important question: Do you secretly apologize for wanting what you want?

Over and over again, we see participants in our programs take an apologetic stance toward what they want. So many of us apologize for our wants that we may not notice all of the ways in which we do this.

Sometimes, when telling people what we want from them, we dance around the issue, afraid that they will judge us, fight us, or ignore us. We might feel guilty about pursuing the things we want, especially if what we want is at odds with the desires of someone else. The unspoken truth: it is not truly the judgments of others that we fear, it is our own judgments of the things we want – or even our right to want them. Thus, we end up refraining from ever really going for what we want and then wonder why we seem to be living so far from the lives we desire. Some of us don’t even bother pursuing many of the things we want in our careers or relationships. Often, we don’t clearly articulate them even to ourselves.

Building Self-Confidence

We are so petrified of “failure” that we avoid the whole endeavor. But again, this is just another face of our apology. We see “failure” as proof that it wasn’t okay for us to want what we wanted in the first place. If we had self-confidence and we weren’t apologetic about what we wanted, failure to achieve what we pursued would mean nothing about whether it was okay for us to want it.

As long as we judge ourselves as not okay, not worthy, not important, as stupid, incompetent, selfish, we will always be apologizing for what we want, and thus, we will always be holding ourselves back. We can try to “force” ourselves to be more assertive and act more empowered all we want, but we will be fighting the same battle over and over again, and never really reaching our desired destination.

If you have any difficulty whatsoever with your own empowerment and assertiveness, we can absolutely help you.
In our programs, you will learn how to uncover the limiting beliefs and perspectives that you may hold. You can then question and challenge these beliefs, and change them, if you choose. What’s more, we can help you adopt and strengthen new beliefs which support your self-confidence.

Then, there will be no fight to change your behavior. Once you change your thinking, your empowerment can be unleashed.

Programs for Creating Personal Power & Assertiveness


Your inner voice can be a source of amazing strength, wisdom and guidance – but only if you hear it!
Too often, our inner voice is drowned out by anxiety, self-doubt and fear. We arrive at decision-making moments – in our everyday lives, our relationships, our careers – and question our instincts and intuition.  READ MORE

What if I go for that new job and don’t get hired? What will happen if my great new ideas completely fail? What if I leave him and then never find anyone else? Am I making a big mistake? Who am I kidding? What was I thinking?
Wouldn’t it be great to silence such questioning and replace it with the nurturing, confident inner voice that resides in us all? Optimal Self-Trust will crank up the volume of your inner voice letting you hear the wisdom it can offer. By liberating your inner voice and listening to its guidance, you can make better choices and live the life you want to live.



How many times have you set your sites on something huge, something amazing, knowing that this is it, that you’re really going for it . . . only to find yourself back in the same situation? Perhaps it’s the job that you didn’t apply for because you “knew” you wouldn’t get it, or the date that surely would have turned you down, or the lifelong dream to be a musician, a writer or an entrepreneur but you never got around to it.  READ MORE

Too often, our wants are neither expressed nor fulfilled – destined to become longings within us – unless we empower them!
Empower Yourself gives you practical, hands-on training to develop an unshakable sense of personal power. No idle theorizing – instead, in a fun and feisty format, we’ll challenge and encourage you to bring your own power alive through decisive action with plenty of opportunities to practice.



Fear can be an ever present, incapacitating emotion that prevents you from completing the simplest tasks. Or it can be a rare occurrence out of nowhere, catching you at just the wrong time. Or it can be a background anxiety just below the surface that you can’t put your finger on. Big or small, fear can impact every facet of your life from your career, to your health, to your relationship.  READ MORE

In Fearless, you’ll acquire tools and techniques that will not only let you stand courageous in the face of fear, but instead, will let you completely eliminate fear. You’ve heard about irrational fear – you’ll learn how all fears are actually rational and therefore understandable. By understanding the rationale behind your fears, you can identify the beliefs that fuel them. Change these beliefs, and you banish the fears and phobias they produce.


Personal Stories — Creating Personal Power

I have had a lot of fun this week. I have integrated my soft and loving side with my authenticity. I have really enjoyed watching myself and others grow. I have been amazed to watch a roomful of strangers completely open up and share themselves to everyone’s benefit.

Mary C.

Business Owner & Mother, Indiana

I’ve learned here that self-confidence comes from within, that it’s something I decide and give myself. No one else can fill me up, but I can by being passionate, daring, believing in my dreams and myself and acting with conviction.

Deborah E.

Option Process® Mentor/Counselor and Group Facilitator, Washington

This week has been an adventure of self-discovery-better than the Discovery Channel!. I’ve learned to really love myself and find out why I received the gift of a tumor. I learned that I can take care of myself, especially my health. I am responsible for me, my happiness, my actions, my choices of feelings and behaviors. I learned how to receive unconditional love by also having it within.

Julie D.

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