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Effective leaders influence and direct the performance of their staff or group toward the achievement of goals. Leaders inspire, support, instruct and guide their teams through challenges and uncertainty while remaining calm, strong and focused. At the Option Institute we teach leadership mastery — the ability to lead not only with technical prowess, but also with a deep sense of calm, empowerment, fearlessness and strength.

Leadership Training: The Demand for Leadership Skills

Clearly, there is no shortage of leadership training, both within the U.S. and globally. For example, a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the SHRM Global Forum, released in June of 2002, found that 57% of respondents stated that their organizations utilized external leadership development training programs provided by universities, executive education or professional organizations. Approximately half (51%) employ an internal leadership development training program in-house. Why, then, does leadership seem to be a sticking point for so many organizations and individuals? Why do so many of us, despite having a plethora of opportunities to learn leadership skills, seem to struggle with certain aspects of leading groups or teams?

Learning Leadership: How the Option Institute Can Help

We believe that the answers to these questions lie in how we are taught to lead. So often, when we are taught leadership skills, we are simply taught what to do. Thus, we can take 50 leadership courses, and we might still find ourselves struggling with issues such as:

Feeling tight or uncomfortable when leading groups
Floundering when members of a group appear to be “rebelling” against our leadership
Developing true group member accountability, rather than talk of accountability
Creating sincere connections between group members which reach beyond the class
Guiding or managing groups with unwavering strength and focus
Bonding with various groups without needing to be liked by the group members
Having a sense of passion that is visible to the group
Feeling comfortable and relaxed enough to use humor as a teaching tool

The Mindset of an Effective Leader

What does the Option Institute do differently in our leadership programs? We don’t simply teach you what to do. We teach you how to think. (And then we teach you what to do.) What does that mean? Every act of leadership we take is fueled by our beliefs. Our perspective about ourselves and those we are leading dictates how we lead. In other words, what we think determines what we do as leaders.

Therefore, in order to enable our participants to become effective leaders, we teach beliefs and ways of thinking that fuel effective leadership behaviors. Moreover, we can help you to uncover and discard any perspectives you may have which limit your effectiveness as a leader. This piece is more important than you may suspect.

Many of those we work with express enormous surprise when they uncover the myriad beliefs and self-judgments they hold which interfere with their ability to lead. Our teachers have many years of experience utilizing our unique form of leadership with audiences from around the world. We can teach you, step by step, each of the important components of effective leadership – whether you lead small teams or large groups. We can give you a thorough grounding – with opportunities for practical application – in the attitudinal and technical skills necessary to lead powerfully while still being true to your own personality and style.

Managers, CEOs, seminar facilitators, teachers, coaches and personal development program leaders have all come to our programs to improve and enhance their leadership style and skill. This is your chance to achieve leadership mastery – to lead not only with technical prowess, but also with a deep sense of comfort and strength.

Recommended Leadership Programs for Personal and Professional Development


Empower Yourself! gives you practical, hands-on training to develop a sense of power essential for effective leadership. The tools you’ll gain will enable you to create and sustain feelings of self-confidence, clarity, self-trust and vitality. No idle theorizing about empowerment — instead, in a feisty, fun format, we’ll challenge and encourage you to bring your own power alive through decisive action, with plenty of opportunities for practice. Participants make such tangible improvements that companies often subsidize employee attendance.



Effective leadership requires standing strong and remaining calm through unpredictable moments, challenges, and at times, chaotic schedules. Would you like to become a master at being able to maintain an inner quiet and strength in the face of challenging and seemingly incomprehensible events? Not by hiding from them or ignoring them, but by facing them unflinchingly and with ease. In Personal Peace you will develop a foundational system of interlocking beliefs that enable you to stand easy in the face of whatever the world throws at you.



As a manager, would you like to help your employees work with greater ease and clarity? Are you seeking new ways to optimize individual performance in a manner that is perfectly tuned to the individual’s strengths and capacity? In Mentor Certification, you’ll gain mastery of The Option Process® Dialogue, a proven, acclaimed technique that offers an unparalleled capacity to help individuals uncover and clarify beliefs that cause undesired emotions and limit personal performance.   READ MORE

You’ll experience the exhilaration of helping others become clear, confident and empowered in ways that exceed even their own expectations. You’ll acquire extraordinary skills and techniques that help employees and colleagues break through limitations, fears and doubts. Best of all, you’ll establish a new frame of reference by which you view yourself and the world around you – the capabilities used to support colleagues and employees will become invaluable in dealing with your own challenges and dilemmas.


Personal Stories

I first began attending Option Institute programs three years ago, and they have had a profound impact on my life. The greatest change is that I now make decisions from a place of comfort and inner ease. The programs prepared me to live my life intentionally with a new clarity of purpose. I had a great chance to practice what I learned when I went through a divorce. My intention was to have the most positive relationship that could be attained with my ex-wife. I felt that the lifetime commitment I had made to love and honor her did not change because we were no longer married. Throughout the process we have been able to talk warmly to each other, and we are still very good friends. As a result, my children never felt insecure. They understood that I was going to continue to be a presence in their lives, and remarkably, the experience became an opportunity for all of us to grow.

My professional life has also benefited. As an emergency room physician and regional EMS director, I am in a leadership position. Whenever I can, I share some of the techniques I was given at the Institute with my colleagues. For example, I have found that letting go of judgments and attempting to be really authentic with the staff and patients has had a wonderful effect on what is often a challenging work environment. Also, I am more compassionate with my patients, especially those who are considered ‘difficult,’ and we get a lot of them in the emergency room! Because of the programs I’ve attended, I know I can choose to be calm and respectful no matter what is happening around me. So really, The Option Institute has helped me not only to be a better doctor, it’s showed me how to be a more loving human being.

Geoff M., M.D.

Emergency Room Physician/Regional EMS Director, Iowa

No wonder the teaching at The Option Institute is the best I’ve ever seen. Group Leadership Training was so clear about how to teach with love and acceptance.

Every point was broken down into manageable specifics. But probably even more importantly, we focused on attitudes and beliefs that serve to help us be comfortable and confident no matter what happens with any group. I’ve shifted from fear and believing that leading groups is hard, to ‘I’m great-I have a lot to learn and I’m great! I can do this.

Lauren A.

Public Relations Manager, Massachusetts

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