Programs for Son-Rise Parents and Volunteers

Son-Rise Program Parents who have completed The Son-Rise Program® sequence have found the following programs particularly useful.

Optimal Self-Trust

Do you ever second-guess yourself when trying to be creative in the playroom? Have you ever doubted yourself when leading a team meeting? When making a controversial decision (with your program, with your child’s diet, with your job), do you have the confidence to see it through when those around you don’t agree or criticize? In Optimal Self-Trust you’ll learn to make choices with absolute confidence. You know. We’ll teach you how to know what you know.


In the PowerDialogues workshop, you’ll acquire an amazing set of tools that you can use to help your child reach the next level of communication or help you volunteers overcome limiting beliefs and discomforts. for example, have you ever provided feedback to volunteers who seem not to respond or change? Most likely, the issue isn’t technical, but attitudinal. In PowerDialogues, you’ll learn how to help your volunteers move beyond attitudinal issues (fears, discomforts, frustrations and doubts) that limit their work with your child. You’ll gain a proficiency in our core counseling method so that you can help others in the same manner that we have helped you. With just a few simple questions, you’ll help others (and yourself!) gain ease, clarity and comfort.


Most parents experience fear, even with typical children. For Son-Rise Program moms and dads, Fear can be a bigger challenge, impacting your Son-Rise Program, your relationship, and other areas of your life. In Fearless, you’ll overturn the myths that make fear seem uncontrollable. You’ll see how all of your fears are actually rational, not irrational. As you discover the rationale behind your fears, you’ll learn how to disarm them and banish them, permanently.

Empower Yourself

You know that running a successful Son-Rise Program requires you to be a powerhouse — willing to see the possibilities when others doubt, willing to take decisive action for you child even without the support of those around you, willing to ask volunteers to stand and deliver, and willing to remain focused and strong in the face of opposition. In Empower Yourself, you’ll gain practical, hands-on training to develop the skills, the focus and the stamina to pursue everything you want with strength energy and power.

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