Stress Management

We live in a fast-paced world that often feels inflexible and unforgiving. Stress abounds for countless reasons. Whether we are struggling to make ends meet during a difficult economic climate, feeling overwhelmed by our relationships with our kids or spouse, or trying to achieve greatness in our careers, there is often a cloud of stress that looms all around. Regardless of the numerous stress techniques and toys sold in the major markets, stress remains difficult to escape. Not anymore! At the Option Institute we offer stress relief that is completely unique. We will help you to uncover and possibly remove the root cause of your stress.

How Does Stress Affect Our Lives?

The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75% – 95% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. In fact, the Congressional Prevention Coalition on Stress Prevention (7/98) cited an estimate that 90% of disease is caused or complicated by stress.

A great many of us experience stress in the workplace. The year 2000 Annual “Attitudes in the American Workplace VI” Gallup poll found that 80% of workers feel stress on the job. Nearly half of those people said they needed help in learning how to manage stress.

What’s more, stress has a number of noted health effects. The Journal of the American Heart Association (5/21/2002) reported that mental stress caused the inner layer of the blood vessels to constrict, which may increase the risk of sudden cardiac death. The American Medical Women’s Association Complete Health book links high levels of stress with weakened immune systems, colds, coughs, asthma, urinary tract problems, arthritis, and digestive tract problems.

The physical and emotional consequences of stress drive many to seek ways to deal with stress. And although many different stress management techniques are offered, most focus on either changing the world around you (i.e. avoiding certain people or situations) or trying to calm the symptoms (i.e. deep breathing, meditation). These are the most common ways for coping with stress.

How the Option Institute Can Help You to Manage Stress

We help you to uncover and possibly remove the root cause of your stress. We have found that stress is not a product of circumstance, it is the result of particular sets of beliefs and ways of thinking. In fact, two noted sources (the American Institute of Stress and Stress Directions, Inc.) define stress as a response to a perceived demand, pressure, or lack of control.

This is precisely the area upon which our stress management techniques focus. We help you to change the way you perceive people and events in your life. So rather than simply giving you management techniques, we show you how to move beyond your stress by uncovering and then discarding the beliefs, perceptions, and modes of thinking that got you there in the first place. Then you are no longer at the mercy of external events, and instead, you can become the architect of your own internal experience.

Programs for Managing Stress


From losing your job, to a friend diagnosed with cancer, to the collapse of the housing market, to earthquakes in Asia, to a bombing in Barcelona – the world can seem chaotic… overwhelming… unfair. Imagine being able to maintain an inner quiet and strength in the face of challenging and seemingly incomprehensible events. Not by hiding from them or ignoring them, but by facing them unflinchingly and with ease. In Personal Peace (Formerly “Calm Amid Chaos”) you will develop a foundational system of interlocking beliefs that enable you to stand easy in the face of whatever the world throws at you.



Stress results from many daily scenarios at home, work and around town. We are never quite prepared for the heavy lifting that comes with the everyday tribulations of money, relationships, health and the general uncertainties of life. Inner Strength Boot Camp is an intensive two-week fitness program for your mind and soul that will help you to develop Herculean capacity for whatever comes your way.



What makes a woman exceptional? Popular culture tells us that it’s how you look, what you wear, the career you have, the family you’ve raised or what others think of you. And yet, no new wardrobe, big promotion, radical makeover or praise can really make you feel exceptional. The moments when you have felt most exceptional, have been when you have energy, passion and purpose. Once our loving, non-judgmental teachers assist you in illuminating limiting beliefs and replacing them with enhancing ones, you will no longer feel disempowered, marginalized or unattractive.


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