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“I really can’t even describe my amazement! This is the third time I have taken Empower Yourself, and each time I wonder if it will lose something. No way! I just shoot in to the sky with new discoveries every time. I will take Empowering Yourself every year to make my life the most spectacular experience possible.”

Brian Ellis, Publicist, Massachusetts

“Empower Yourself is the best program I’ve taken at the Option Institute because I have learned to believe again that I can get what I want. I had believed that because I did not get what I wanted in the past that wanting much of everything would be painful. Now I know that believing I can get what I want is my way to empower myself again.”

Jeff Chantier, Plumbing, Heating And Cooking, NH

“Through learning and practicing empowerment and radical authenticity in Empower Yourself, my confidence regarding what I want, and the passion in which I will pursue those wants has increased dramatically. I will never again be embarrassed or excuse myself for living life to the fullest, exactly how I want!”

Judith Mattioli, Homemaker, Massachusetts

“To have honest, authentic, loving feedback has helped me more in five days than anything I have ever done before. For people that want to be more empowered in their life I will guarantee through Empower Yourself they will get there.”

Dianne Donahue, Owner Horse Drawn Carriage Company, Canada

“I really can’t even describe my amazement! This is the third time I have taken Empower Yourself, and each time I wonder if it will lose something. No way! I just shoot in to the sky with new discoveries every time. I will take Empowering Yourself every year to make my life the most spectacular experience possible”

Brian Ellis, Publicist, Massachusetts

“Empower Yourself is the best program I’ve taken at the Option Institute because I have learned to believe again that I can get what I want. I had believed that because I did not get what I wanted in the past that wanting much of everything would be painful. Now I know that believing I can get what I want is my way to empower myself again.”

Jeff Chantier, Plumbing, Heating And Cooking, New Hampshire

“Through learning and practicing empowerment and radical authenticity in Empower Yourself, my confidence regarding what I want, and the passion in which I will pursue those wants has increased dramatically. I will never again be embarrassed or excuse myself for living life to the fullest, exactly how I want!”

Judith Mattioli, Homemaker, Massachusetts

“To have honest, authentic, loving feedback has helped me more in five days than anything I have ever done before. For people that want to be more empowered in their life I will guarantee through Empower Yourself they will get there.”

Dianne Donahue, Owner Horse Drawn Carriage Company, Canada

“Reading about Stimulus, Belief, Response from Power Dialogues and other Option books helped, but by doing Empower Yourself, the third this year-I get it!! Wow and I’m truly grateful to find the “pow” of self empowerment for me. A life change from within that is so magnificent.”

Helen Cherry, Artist, A.T. Teacher And Mom, United Kingdom

“I came to Empower Yourself in midst of my divorce – really working hard to push back fear, anger and grief, clinging to a belief that me and my children would make it! In coming to a realization on what I want and shifting to empowering beliefs – I leave for home, full of strength, love, clarity – ready to show my children that changes are blessings and opportunities in disguise”

Bente Spissoy, Project Manager, Norway

“I realized that there were areas in my life where I was coming from a place of disempowerment – where I was not identifying what I wanted, and was not believing I could get it. I was still saying “maybe” instead of “yes”! I learned to ask for what I want and to go for it!”

Elaine Shaw, Nurse Care Manager, Maryland

“In the Empower Yourself course I came to deep understanding and determination to seek with vigor all of the possibilities that lie within, to stop telling myself NO and to shout with intense passion YES! YES! YES!”

Winden Valenzuela-Tyson, Student / Mother, Pennsylvania

“Learning to use the mentor attitude has increased my effectiveness in my profession. By dropping my judgments of others, being totally present with them and knowing they are doing the best they can, I have been able to allow them to be their own teacher. My clients have become more open and loving as I have modeled these qualities”

Patricia “Trish” Harding, Behavior Analyst, FL

“I thought I was empowered until I took this class. I saw how much I take care of others to make myself more comfortable; wait for my turn and hide myself; get frustrated and then detach from life. Empowered people get what they want and live the lives of their dreams because they know what they want, confidently and passionately pursue it, freely share themselves in all that life brings. Empower Yourself brought all that to me and I am now living an empowered life!”

Kathy Kiepura, Medical Doctor, Georgia

“The best think that I have ever done for me in my life. A life changing experience for me. I am so thankful to The Option Institute, and feel so blessed to be here”

Daniel Kilbanoff, Real Estate Developer, Alabama

“This has been the most awesome week of my life. It has given me an opportunity “to walk my talk.” It has been an opportunity to look at my life and my beliefs with total love and acceptance from others and most important by myself. Thank you, thank you all!”

Nancy Rohr, Teacher, Ohio

“After 42 years of living with regrets, Empowering Yourself has helped me to see and own that the only path out – the path to a no regrets, high-flame, passionate, spectacular, deeply meaningful life – begins at a place deep inside. I have the map and compass, the clarity to see them and the courage to use them. Let the adventure begin!”

Chris Kisling, Business Development Manager, LA

“In Empower Yourself I learned, after a lifelong search, how to release, actually cease crushing self-criticism and judgments. I realize now that I can create whatever life I want – Not just a good life, a fantastic life.”

Mary Lee Bednarek, , Actor, PA

“I feel empowered! The information I received this week was the most valuable information I’ve received yet in life. I learned that there is “nothing” wrong with me. I’m perfect the way I am. Full authenticity allows me to be as big as I can be. It allows me to give all of myself to those around me. No fears, no regrets.”

Julia Erkus, Unemployed, California

“This extraordinary program really helped me understand how important your beliefs are to your quality of life and how much you are truly responsible for your own happiness and well-being. What an awesome group of both teachers and co-participants!”

George Wells, Retired Executive, Washington

“This week has been the most amazing experience of people I have ever had. I have seen people change their attitude and their life and obtain a dramatic improvement in their own sense of comfort.”

Roy Harrison, Software Engineer, UK

“My experience at The Option Institute has changed my life and will also change the lives of others around me. This has been what I’ve needed! I am empowered, and I know now that I’m great and I’m the only one that matters in that belief.”

Cheri Grubbs, Administrative Assistant, FL

“This program was amazing. I learned how powerful wanting and clarity of wanting are and how essential they are to achieving the goals in your lives that allow us to be truly happy. I have lived in my world with muddled, confused wants and I believe now that my life will be so much richer and more fulfilling as I dig in and discover my true desires…and of course go for them all!”

Julia K. McCaughey, Real Estate Salesperson, New York

“I am going through the most adverse time in my life and I know that the tools I am taking with me will give me the knowledge and strength to handle and enjoy the next chapter of my life. The concept of releasing judgments and embracing choices regardless of outcomes lifts a tremendous burden from my life.”

Kevin Frost, IT Consulting, California

“I am in awe of the commitment and conviction with which the co-founders and their fellow teachers communicate The Option Institute’s methodology for helping one discover a better way to live an empowered and effective life.”

John Hamilton, Lawyer,, Massachusetts

“I loved Empower Yourself! It spoke to me like nothing else I’ve ever explored. Having been on a quest for answers for over 20 years, I’ve made several huge breakthroughs! Empower Yourself showed me how I am making choices every moment about my happiness/unhappiness and that I can make a decision to shift my beliefs in one quick instant. Taking ownership of my feelings and beliefs has been life altering. I am now equipped with some very simple yet powerful tools to make choices in my life that truly serve me as the person I want to be. I finally ‘got it’ that I am loved and have always been loved, even though I chose to see it through a view of fear and doubt. I know I can go back home and empower myself to be a better mom and a much happier person. The choice is mine and I choose happiness. I am filled with gratitude and wonder!”

Maiya Finch, Office Manager, California

“Being in this environment at The Option Institute, in the presence of people who LIVE what they teach is a privilege and blessing. I came to Empower Yourself with the intention to break through anything that holds me back. The model of the teachers is one of the most valuable lessons. The courage of every person in the room to be present and to keep taking steps toward their own empowerment has been enormously inspiring. I am now leaping into my daily environment true to myself, more self-loving, more free, more fearless, more empowered than I ever believed was possible. This program is life-changing and life-expanding. It’s BIG! That this place is on the planet now is the greatest gift – I am so grateful.”

Deborah Mulls, Advertising, Florida

“In Empower Yourself, I found the concepts relating to our beliefs and their controlling effects on our happiness and behavior to be very powerful. I was able to see where I had bought into the victim role in some areas of my life and I am grateful for that. I was particularly awed by the evidence that even autism, schizophrenia, dyslexia, and manic depression could be traced to behaviors and, hence, changed without medication. This was a powerful experience that gave me tools to help me in my work and the rest of my life.”

Lee Hawkins, Retired M.D, Michigan

“The Option Institute teaches the science of beliefs. I’ve observed in the world how people kill each other in the name of their beliefs. The courage that it takes for people to be willing to look deeply, honestly, and continuously at the beliefs that run our lives is the most courageous work I know of. Empowering Yourself has been a tremendous opportunity for me to ‘get it’ to my core how my beliefs create either my happiness or unhappiness. This week has challenged me and shaken me to my core. I want to be happy in my life and to love deeply – this has been a powerful opening to achieve what I want. I am very grateful.”

Dan Goldberg, Holistic Health Clinic Owner, New York

“Empowering Yourself was my second time at The Option Institute. I didn’t know what to expect in this program but I got plenty: a greater acceptance of myself and the confidence that I have the power to drive my life.”

Cristina Mesias, Sociologist, Argentina

“Empowering Yourself has been an invitation to build my own estate with love, appreciation, and wisdom. I have looked at, learned from, and transformed beliefs that I didn’t know I had or didn’t know how unhappy I had been because I held onto them. True self-empowerment comes from self-acceptance and self-love. The constant and consistent encouragement from teachers, staff, mentors, and participants to BE and value ourselves has helped me to discover and experience new and joyful happiness and love in my life. “

Sidney Falthzik, Career Management Professional, Massachusetts

“When I first read Happiness Is A Choice, I thought it wasn’t applicable to my life. I didn’t believe I could choose to be happy and experience changes as a result of that choice immediately. I was wrongand I am thrilled that I was! From Empower Yourself, I am now aware that I imagine, choose, and believe anything I want. I choose to be happy! I can’t think of a more empowered life than the one in which I am in charge of all my emotions, actions, and beliefs. Thank you Option Institute!”

India Taylor, Educator, Canada

“I am actually buzzing with energy and filled with appreciation. I am looking at the world with new eyes, coming from a clearer, calmer center that feels expanded with joy. What fun! Empower Yourself continually led me to explore beliefs and behaviors, and offered startlingly new points of view. It has been easy to step up to try on and adopt beliefs that are making everyday decisions feel satisfying, fresh, and empowering. This program ROCKS.”

Susan Spiegel Solovay, Marketing Creative Director, New York

“Wow! Empower Yourself is like a tune-up for your mind – the opportunity to examine every aspect of how you live your life and why. I used to think, ‘I’m happy enough. I don’t need a course like this.’ Wrong! If you’re still breathing, no matter how happy you think you are, you can still transform your life in ways you have never even dared to dream were possible. Do this program!”

Jonathan Weedon, Child Facilitator Trainee, Scotland

“For years I have been working on self-growth and I thought self-empowerment. Although I have attained many modalities to make it seem as though I was empowered, I rarely felt as though I owned my empowerment; I just borrowed it. The Option Process®, which I learned in Empowering Yourself, is where it ends and begins for me. I will dialogue my beliefs to consciousness until each one serves me in my choice of being happy.”

Tania Sethi, Holistic Esthetician, New York

“The Option Process® philosophy came alive for me in Empowering Yourself! I got everything I wanted in total abundance. It was a synergistic wonder of opportunities offered to me by the staff and my own increasing ability to be present, genuine, and really make use of the material. I have looked at myself deeply and honestly and have experienced such value in showing up so fully. Specifically, the things that have been most useful this week are moving myself toward discomfort rather than away from it and putting arms and legs on realizations that had previously been paraplegic. I really ‘got’ that change and growth can only happen for me if I get specific and personal. Once again, thank you from the depths of my being!!!!”

Tiahna Skye, Counselor, California

“Empowering Yourself was fantastic! I learned so much in 1 week about myself, my beliefs, and how simple it is to change beliefs through exploration. I had just accepted or taken on beliefs over the years, ones that have been holding me back. I am delighted with The Option Process® Dialogue and the opportunity to question – I was never very curious and now will begin to question everything. I am also feeling empowered and know what I want!”

Andrea Mincsak, Reiki Master, New York

“The primary reason I took Empower Yourself was to improve my spousal relationship. I am highly impressed that, in 5 days, The Option Institute helped me see that at the core, it was not what I did to make my spouse happy or unhappy, it was my unwillingness to take responsibility for my thought patterns, actions, beliefs, everything. I am determined, from this day onwards, to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and I have full faith that the tools and concrete steps will be there for me.”

Balram Sethi, Tapestry Maker, Maryland

“For me, the singular feature of Empower Yourself came in the deep understanding that, through self-love and acceptance, all things are possible. The kingdom of God truly is within ourselves. The understanding of this belief has created a shift in my thinking and feeling that undoubtedly will produce profound changes in my life. Thank you!”

Joseph Mulvihilln, Chiropractic Physician, Pennsylvania

“Empowering Yourself is my third weeklong program at The Option Institute and I am always impressed. I leave with tools and insights to be able to make major changes in my life. The ability to ask questions and challenge beliefs has become a remarkable instrument for me. I have learned that I have the power and that I always had it. I am grateful for this awareness.”

Louis Rosenbaum, Business Owner, California

“I came to Empower Yourself looking for an answer as to why I was feeling so unhappy. Everyone told me I ‘should’ feel this way because I had just spent a year dealing with lung cancer (though I never smoked). My daughter spent many years with diagnosed depression, my son and his family were at a crossroads and my husband and I were seeing everything from opposite views. Through this program I learned that I cannot change the world or any of the people I so dearly love, but I can change me! And I did! With the impact of the teachers and the 52 people in my class, I emerged with a brand new set of beliefs. The biggest change for me is that I’ve learned there are no ‘shoulds’ and the only one who truly knows what’s best for me – is me! Now that’s empowering!”

Davida Kaner, Realtor/Teacher, New York

“This has been the most impactful week of my life. I leave Empower Yourself with an inner power and strength that I have released within me after letting go of key self-defeating judgments. I am more fully and authentically the me I was born to be. In moving toward my fears I have unlocked incredible inner resources that I have up to this point kept trapped and hidden within me. “

Robert Wiley, Counselor, Michigan

“I loved Empower Yourself. It rocks! I was challenged to be the best of who I am and given the tools to stay that way. The staff as ever are generous, persistent and a model of empowerment. I leave here standing tall, feeling courageous, excited to interact with life and create what I want.”

Sean Williams, Therapist/Teacher, UK

“I came to Empower Yourself seeking inner peace and quiet from my negative self-talk, feelings of guilt, the need to fix others, anger and resentment over the past, fearful thoughts. And while I consider myself a ‘work of art in progress’, I now have inner peace and the tools to keep it going! It is a miracle and a wonderful gift!!”

Amy Berenson, Publicist, Massachusetts

“I am thrilled to have been able to take part in Empowering Yourself! Taking a program here is clearly the best thing anyone can do if they want to emerge from the tunnel of believing they are a victim. If you want to experience the best love possible, then this is the place to come to learn how to give it to yourself and all you come into contact with. Because of what is demonstrated here, you/I need never feel lost in the wilderness again!”

Colin Dunbar, Sculptor/Artist, Massachusetts

“Empowering Yourself has taken me on a journey where I have learned to take The Option Process® so much deeper. This week I have managed to love my fellow program participants at a level I hadn’t been capable of before. My feelings of self-worth, joy, love and acceptance are incredible. I have filled my cup this week and I know that I now have the tools to re-fill that cup whenever I want”

Dave Ouston, Musician, England

“I am aware of feeling lighter, of having uncovered and released baggage. Through Empower Yourself, I have experienced a wide range of emotions: discomfort, fear and joy and many belly laughs. I have found the courage to reveal myself in front of others and have looked at some of the beliefs that I have let hold me in fear. I have learned not only from listening to myself, but to others. I have experienced love. I have been given tools to continue the journey of releasing more baggage and allowing myself to feel happiness. Thank you.”

Ellen Eng, RN/Massage Therapist, Nevada

“I loved Empower Yourself! This program challenged the way I think, the way I feel and what I believe. I experienced moments of fear and moments of overwhelming love. I am leaving as a more empowered mother – a more empowered ‘me.’ What a gift to me, to my husband and most especially to my two little boys.”

White, Full Time Mother, Virginia

“Empowering Yourself was my 4th Option Institute program and I was amazed and thrilled to see that I was able to go deeper into my understanding of the beliefs I had learned in my previous 3 programs and make an even more powerful experience for myself. I feel more confident, happy and strong in my convictions. The Option Process® has allowed me to realize that incredible strength is inside me and I have the power to lead a satisfying and rich life.”

Lenny Haas, Actor, Pennsylvania

“Empowering Yourself is awesome! The principles and learnings that I taught myself this week help me to be aware of self-defeating beliefs that lead me in a different direction in my life from the direction I really want. I learned I can choose to change and adapt beliefs that help me to get to desired goals instead. Until now, I never fully realized or dreamed that all I need to empower myself is within me! That simple realization is incredibly empowering!!!”

Paulette Bogert, Son-Rise Program® Mom, Pennsylvania

“Before Empower Yourself, fear of the uncertainty of my future played a big role in my decision making. This program has taught me a completely new attitude based upon the belief that my own strength can make a difference. My life is now an awesome paradise on earth.”

Paul Van Gogh, Communication Consultant, Netherlands

“I came to Empower Yourself wanting to be empowered to take care of myself in a nurturing, loving way. I have come away with a sense of wonder and accomplishment in all that I am and can be. I feel very centered in my knowledge that all I have is today and that this moment and every moment is fabulously delicious by my choosing. I feel energized and so excited about life. I feel free!”

Nancy Haas, Homemaker/Realtor, Pennsylvania

“Take the first step towards change and just do it! Empowering Yourself was a wonderful week where I was able to look at my life objectively and extract the segments that didn’t serve me and fill in the holes that had created inefficiency. I am powerful. I can implement true change immediately.”

Pauline Henson, Pianist/Massage Therapist, Canada

“The Empower Yourself program was incredibly awesome! There is freedom in (re)making beliefs. I now choose to see myself as an awesome, worthy person. Thank you.”

Maria Ronzitti, Fitness Professional, North Carolina

“Empowering Yourself has given me the insight and simple tools to be present in the day – in the moment. I have gained the ability to see my choices and to take action for the next moment. I can now see my beliefs, discard or reform them, and make my choices.”

Jim Greenwood, Chief Technology Officer, California

“The most important thing I learned in Empower Yourself is to always be aware of what I’m thinking and feeling inside. It is important to ask myself ‘why’. The combination of the grounds, the beautiful people and the inspiring teachers really promotes learning and self-discovery. “

Kim Frederick, Flight Attendant, Pennsylvania

“I found Empower Yourself to be very enlightening. I have had a number of personal revelations that will enable me to better fulfill my already full life. “

Don White, Business Strategy and Development Specialist, Virginia

“I came here a fearful child, knowing there was a key to the mystery of finding my true self. I arrived and even changed my name to ‘Fearless’ in the hopes of becoming what I most wanted. As the days came and went I was asked to leave my old character behind and all the role playing that came with the part. As I did so, I did not know what new character I would become. Then I realized I wouldn’t have to find a ‘character’ to role play … I could really be my true self! I am eternally grateful for leaving here a fearless grown-up.”

Alejandra Arquindegui, Wife, mother, entrepreneur, Texas

“When I told my friends and family I was taking a course called Empower Yourself I had everyone telling me I did not need to take it – I was already powerful. For me Empower Yourself was a chance to clarify my life dreams, to allow myself to trust that big dreams were obtainable just by the virtue of my belief and then with that realization came the opportunity to actualize my dreams. This unyielding confidence that what I choose for me is exactly what is ‘right’ for me is a great gift!”

Tammy Patchell-Evans, Canada

“What a week! I learned I didn’t have to feel bad if I wasn’t ‘voted for’. It was a relief. In fact, many new ways of being and thinking feel like a ‘relief’. Not judging myself and others is so much less work – and so empowering. Life is so much easier and enjoyable when you have your own personal power over your reactions to the world.”

Maureen Doerr, Owner, Ad. Agency, Massachusetts

“Every once in a while we come across a friend that feels like ‘home’, that helps you to remember the very roots of your soul. Helps you to see all the colors of the rainbow. Allows you to recognize that all of these colors are yours for the taking; that they started with you and end with you, that if you follow that rainbow you will indeed find your pot of gold. The Option Institute is that friend.”

Erin Detuba, Son-Rise Worker, Canada

“I came here at a crossroad in my life, unemployed and wanting a new career path. I felt very unsure inside, I had some idea of what I wanted but no courage to go after it. I learned to solidify my wants and really go after them and believe I could succeed. I found an inner strength that surpassed anything I could have dreamed of. I learned to be happy no matter what was going on around me, and most importantly I’ve learned to express the tremendous love I have inside me that I had a hard time expressing before. I feel tremendously changed.”

Lori A. Degenhardt, New York

“If anyone needs to find themselves and their happiness, there is no better place in the world to come. It is truly a miracle. “

Matthew E. Paradise, Student, Michigan

“I gave myself the name ‘Eagle’. The thought of being free of all my fears was my goal. The Option Institute gave me the space to spread my wind and discover who I am.”

Alfonso Arguindegui, Marketer, Texas

“This Empower Yourself program has opened my eyes, my thinking and my heart. Life is much more of an adventure and much funnier than I imagined. I’m beginning to trust – I’m so excited.”

Polly Hunter, Special Needs Assistant, England

“The Empower Yourself program gave me the opportunity to get rid of beliefs that have limited by personal growth and development. The teachers and my classmates contributed to this growth in a loving, high energy week.”

Kevin Cuthbert, Consultant, Illinois

“I’ve learned here that self-empowerment comes from within, that it’s something I decide and give myself. No one else can fill me up but I can by being passionate, daring, believing in my dreams and myself, and acting with conviction.”

Deborah Evans, Option Process® Mentor and Group Facilitator, Washington

“I’ve learned to identify my responses and am no longer afraid to explore my beliefs and discard them if I choose to. It’s fun to practice what I’ve learned as my buttons get pushed. I particularly enjoyed the wonderful diversity of the class participants. How powerful I feel loving them all!”

Sara Menzel, Manager – Insurance Sales, Michigan

“This week has been an adventure of self discovery (better than the discovery channel!) I’ve learned to really love myself and find out why I received the gift of a tumor. I learned that I can take care of myself, especially my health. I am responsible for me, my happiness, my actions, my choices of feelings and behaviors. I learned how to receive unconditional love by also having it within.”

Julie Di Carlo, Mothering and Domestic Engineer, Missouri

“This is a wonderful and magical place. There is so much love and warmth in every person. “

Alynn Atherton-Gorges, Product Manager, Massachusetts

“The Empower Yourself program is a very energetic and insightful course in showing ourselves the way to becoming more excited, involved, and enlightened about our journey through life.”

E. J. Yoerger, Oceanographer, Louisiana

“The gift of The Option Institute’s Empower Yourself program will be with me forevermore. It is some of the deepest and most effective spiritual and emotional work I have found.”

Susan L. Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, Essence Magazine, New York

“All of my formal education including a law degree never prepared me for the life experience skills learned at The Option Institute. If you want to find out how to get what you want and be happy when you get it or when you don’t; then come here with only the desire to learn. “

Chris Maisel, Attorney, Texas

“This Empower Yourself program is beyond in every way. It is not easily put into words. It can be tearful, joyful, expanding and loving. If it were taught in school would there be a better world tolerance?”

Antonia Massie, Wife/Mother, Virginia

“I have taken a journey this week exploring my beliefs and attitudes. I opened my eyes to new possibilities in myself and attitudes toward the world. I learned to love and embrace myself and others more deeply than I ever have.”

Valerie Gilbert, Actress, New York

“The Empower Yourself program enabled me in a caring, sharing environment to work on a variety of personal growth issues that have nagged at me for much of my life – career direction, self-confidence, relationships, and judgmental attitudes. Most importantly, this five-day experience helped me make positive personal changes and begin to take giant strides forward immediately. The workshop/exercise framework of the program, interspersed with Bears’ and other mentors wisdom worked extremely well. The simplicity of The Option Institute’s happiness premise, the active program of looking at disempowering beliefs, and the teaching us to learn to look at whether belief systems are making us happy or unhappy seems so easy. Obviously, the proof is in the pudding: ask me in two months how my life is going. If I’m still going full tilt, the program was worth twice the price of admission.”

Larry Singmaster, Resigned Investment Advisor, Massachusetts

“The Empower Yourself program has been life transforming for me. I feel a new vigor and enthusiasm for life and I’m excited and optimistic about going for my wants. I just can’t wait to introduced my empowered self to the world.”

Tony Dalton, Contracts Manager/Director of Construction Company, Ireland

“Empowering Yourself offered exciting tools for living a fully empowered life. Plus the opportunity to test, refine and put those tools to use in the areas of love relationships, work, and health. I gained clarity, deeper understanding of myself, and more effective ways to use my skills, talents and desires to get what I want for myself.”

Emily Sims, Massachusetts

“Before I came to this Empower Yourself, I had a vision that I tried to fulfill. Often my doubts, discomforts, and disbeliefs in myself were a stumbling block in the process of fulfilling my dreams. During the Empowering Yourself program I changed my beliefs about myself. I feel that I am not the person who walked in the door on Monday morning! I am an unflappably empowered person.”

Efrat David, Child Facilitator/Special Education Teacher, Massachusetts

“Amazing! I have truly found a new path for myself. During my week at the Option Institute I have a new sense of complete love, happiness, and total acceptance of others and myself. What an incredible experience.”

Jenn Kindvall, Home Based Son-Rise Director, Texas

“I have the power to make choices in my life that will serve me. Anger is a slow death and since I want to live happy, I will abandon anger. I am the most powerful creature alive.”

Linda Steir, Lobbyist, New Hampshire

“It was unexpected and unusual. It was a great week; a thrilling experience. I wish more people knew about it; a way to open up and communicate with different people and finding out my own deep thoughts and feelings.”

Kamelia Waskiewicz, Flower Grower, New York

“I came to the Empower Yourself program full of doubt, depression, and hopefulness. After participating in the program, my life has taken a 180 degrees turn for the better mentally and physically. I am stronger, and I no longer see life’s little set backs as problems. Rather I see them as challenges and opportunities to enhance my life.”

Brooke Massie, Virginia

“I came here feeling out-of-control and a bit adrift in my life. I’m leaving knowing I’m in complete control knowing exactly were I want to go and what I want to do. It’s as if I ‘found myself’ again, though I now realize I was never ‘lost’ to begin with.”

Rachel Freedman, Publicist, Georgia

“During this Empower Yourself program I experienced exactly what I came for. It was an opportunity for me to overcome situations, which I felt no control over and my feelings of inadequacy – (not good enough). It has been an opportunity for me to work through these feelings and come out ‘on top’ feeling better than good enough- feeling powerful for myself. “

Darleen Bevans, Office Manager, Maine

“The Empower Yourself program is my first adult program at The Option Institute and the experience has been exceptional. I recommend this to anyone running a Son-Rise program to encourage you to examine even further who you are, your true beliefs, and attitudes so you can be even more a force of nature for your child and program.”

Beth Roberts, Son-Rise Mom/Sales Rep, Pennsylvania

“Before I came I couldn’t imagine what I would experience here that would be so life changing. That is the true difference of myself pre & post Empower Yourself. Among other things, I learned that every experience is an opportunity to empower myself. Allowing external ideas to fill me was not enough. They didn’t matter if I didn’t filter them through my own experience and take a good look at why they were meaningful for me. The discussion that we had was fabulous as were the ideas presented. I feel connected with people and with myself in a stronger, purer way than I ever have. But the most exciting thing for me is that I see that I know how to make an experience fantastic or miserable if I want to. I have the choice to really make my life sing for myself.”

Personal Trainer, Massachusetts

“Before I came here I was on my own spiritual journey and I was happy with that. Nature was a big part of the inward journey, which I was very glad to be able to continue here. But the biggest connection to enhance my spiritual growth was from The Option Institute Staff members and my fellow students. My ability to love myself and love the people around me was dramatically increased.”

Joel Baldwin, Computer Drafting, Massachusetts

“In Empower Yourself, I learned how to pause in the moment and recognize what reasons I have held for not going for what I have said I want. I was able to see and let go of my reasons for stepping back, away from life’s challenges. When I did that, I realized that my true unabashed wanting (and going for what I want) is a miracle! By letting myself want all the way, with clarity and purpose, my excellent reasons for holding back became non-existent as though they had gone to a completely different universe.”

Corinna Bloom, Community Activist, Vermont

“Before I came to Empower Yourself, I was feeling lonely and scare. I have worked so hard to find a sense of myself and reconnect with God and my feelings for my husband and children. I am leaving here feeling truly empowered.”

Jennifer Westphal, Son-Rise Mom, Pennsylvania

“I came here thinking that The Option Institute was going to teach me so much I was amazed to discover that I was my own best expert I had all the answers inside me. The Option Institute gave me the inner strength to change my beliefs and trust that I can maintain this personal power even when I go home. The safe environment provided was a sanctuary that I will treasure for the rest of my life. “

Denise D, Teacher/Singer/Mother, Ireland

“One of the most joyous celebrations of my ‘self’ is opening up more and more to this miracle we call Life. Accepting love and allowing myself to know I am free to let go of facades and authentically be me. Thanks you one and all.”

Helena Fuller Rogers, Home Maker, Georgia

“Empowering Yourself is a great program that showed me how rich my life is and how I can make it even better.” “

William Rau Sales, Marketing, Oregon

“This week was for me a wonderful continuation of The Living The Dream program. It is very intensive and pointed. The classes were creative and useful. I’m so grateful that I had this experience. I feel like I found so many new ways to transform my life and live it more and more as I want to live it.”

Avi Dabush, Son-Rise Program Worker, Israel

“Empowering Yourself is truly amazing. With each class I take, I peel off another layer and I continue to evolve. The Option Institute helps to aid the process of me choosing me.”

Stephanie O’Connor, Sales, Massachusetts

“The program created a safe and loving atmosphere that allowed me to want the love and support of many people – all at the same time! I wasn’t afraid to know what people thought of me. I wanted to know what people thought of me! That is EMPOWERMENT!”

Pamela Johnston, Investment Advisor, Canada

“I felt empowered to risk being myself and felt so grateful to see when I do that, it inspires others to be themselves as well.”

Debbie Miller, Homemaker, Pennsylvania

“Again, I came to The Option Institute to seek a change and again, I was not disappointed. The loving and nurturing and respect given to me has allowed me to find answers to questions, erase fears and joyously embrace a new way of being. With renewed spirit, I go back to my home and family and love them more. Thank you.”

Greg Harninger, Global Account Manager, Connecticut

“Empowering Yourself is a wondrous program which helped me to know that personal power comes from our own choices – choosing to be who we really are, go for what we specifically want and above all to love and be happy with ourselves and those around us.”

Leah Taylor Roy, Homemaker, Massachusetts

“The program was excellent as I knew it would be from my past experience here. Everyone is so friendly. It is a wonderful place to learn and grow. The observable changes in the participants were amazing. Lots of growth has taken place during this one-week period. It’s amazing how people have come out of their “shells” This has given me more tools that are very easy to use. It has also strengthened and refreshed tools I already had. Thanks for a wonderful experience!”

Donna Beal, Retired Teacher, Maine

“I am going home, fearless and loving myself and those I worked with. Thank you from my heart and soul.”

Michael Le Noury, Home Builder, England

“I learned that I can dare to reach whatever goals I want and limits are only roadblocks that I create. The road is quite clear now. “

Arlene Lipinski, Registered Nurse, California

“The Empower Yourself program gave me the tools and encouragement to act on the discovered realization that I deserve to be happy and in turn have something to offer and share with others.”

Eddy Anderson, Program Coordinator, Connecticut

“I had an outstanding experience learning about our beliefs. That we make them up. We can change them and they either empower or disempower us”

Jack McLaughlin, Sales, Illinois

“The Empower Yourself program is incredibly awesome, awesomely incredible, totally credible.”

Chuck Chizotti, Cook, Massachusetts

“This program has inspired me to know that I have inner love, peace and happiness and I have the choice to share that with myself and others. I can believe in myself and know that anything is possible. “

Mary Claire O’Sullivan, Registered Nurse, England

“The Empower Yourself program is a wonderful experience. It has allowed me to accept, embrace and celebrate myself; to release quilt and shame; to realize that love isn’t something to fear; and to accept that we are or can be bonded together by our sameness and our differences.”

Cameron Lovre, Sales, Oregon

“I experienced the most professional, personally oriented program of self-enrichment of my life. I wanted to learn and the staff showed me the way without telling me – the only way to learn about my innermost feelings.”

Mary Angle, Secretary & Executive Director, California

“I had a mental, emotional and spiritual adventure. I learned simple concepts to apply, which were shared with me in a heartwarming way. I was constantly challenged but it was all done in a most accepting and loving environment. Although the program was only five days, it promoted an intimacy between the participants that is hard to find elsewhere because it encouraged showing our true selves to each other. I loved it!”

Yai Buranakul, Student, Illinois

“The Empower Yourself program challenges you to face your worst fears; you are lovingly supported while you journey through them; and you are celebrated and welcomed as you emerge into the happiness of being you. “

Gloria Nye, Writer/Dream Therapist, Canada

“I came to Empower Yourself to explore The Option Process®. WOW. What joy have I remembered in myself. How easy it is to be Happy!”

Steve Visokay, Database Analyst Programmer, Virginia

“Empowering Yourself offered ongoing opportunities to challenge my beliefs. My intentions and behaviors were given ample opportunity to be examined. The program provides practical tools to change – tools that I am putting to good use.”

Craig Pickstone, Veterinarian, Australia

“I am surprised by how much I’m taking away from the Empower Yourself program. I came up here seeking one or two answers to issues in my life and I’m leaving with 200 answers that address my entire life. I feel empowered to make up different beliefs when I encounter beliefs that limit my joy. I am truly the creator of my life.”

Charlotte Wolovsky, Therapist, New York

“The best week of my life.”

Debi Milligan, Photographer, Massachusetts

“I laughed. I cried. I learned. I loved, and I was loved. The thoughtfulness, love, and respect by the staff was absolutely unfailing. Thank you to all the visible and less visible staff at the institute for helping to make this happen.”

John Worth, Sales, California

“It feels like coming home to myself each time I’m here.”

Betsy Chadwick, M. Div., M.S.W., Creator, Pennsylvania

“I know that I’m powerful, loving and lovable thanks to your program and the great people at The Option Institute.”

Norbert Muller, Opp Nurse, Iceland

“The course is absolutely brilliant. I was initially hesitant to come, but now I see this as being the greatest learning experience of my life.”

Derek McWilliams, Student, Indiana

“An awakening! This week I found the power inside me.”

Cynthia McKinney, IRS, District of Columbia

“What an incredible week! So many doors opened. So many new horizons to explore. Thank you for giving me a life worth living. “

Renee Newell, Financial Consultant, Florida

“Wonder filled provocative program. I am truly empowered and now that I have some great new tools, I am building my life more clearly in accordance with what I really want.”

Diane Marr, Physical Therapist, Virginia

“During Empower Yourself I was able to participate in exercises that were challenging and rich with opportunities to stretch. The atmosphere of acceptance encouraged a lightness and humor even if the intensity of the subject was strong. Such an amazing environment! Thanks!”

Dorie Cameron Burr Maker, Social Worker, Massachusetts

“This has been the most empowering thing for me in many years, if not in my whole life. I found space here where I could examine and drop many of my old beliefs that were disempowering me. (Authority has power over me, I’m not lovable etc.) And I now make a completely new start and I’m willing to welcome the challenges and changes in my life. I know that I’m powerful, loving and lovable thanks to your program and you great people at Option Institute. It’s very important for me to use the Option Process® and spread the thoughts. I am very grateful for the experience. “

Norbert Mmuller, opp Nurse, Iceland

“This has been a truly wonderful week. I have accomplished more in terms of personal growth this week, than I have in the last five personal growth workshops. I feel that I have been given the tools to be all that I can be for the remainder of my life. “

John Chadwick, R&D Manager, Pennsylvania

“The weeklong empowerment experience allowed me and encouraged me to test many of my long held assumptions. Some of which were floating about untethered to the substance of which I am. Others were deeply embedded in petrified places in my soul. Sometimes with butterfly net and sometimes with pick and shovel, those beliefs were brought under scrutiny where I could choose to own them more fully or lay them aside. Wow!! “

W. Thurston Wilson, Facilities Manager at Cherokee Retreat Center, Georgia

“This Empower Yourself program was for me very very helpful! The intensity of the sessions, the direct confirmations and also the focus of the inner part. For me it was also a useful and valuable program. I came in contact with myself, I became more aware of inner person and force. By dialoguing and meeting believers I realized I am my own architect of belief making. I am really much more powerful now and am touched by experiencing the changes we all made”

Yvonne Teubner, Son Rise Mother, Holland

“I feel I have taken giant steps towards being a happier person. Realizing I am in control of my life and that I have the ability and opportunity to make it what I want. Becoming aware that my happiness comes from within and it’s not dependent on outside factors. I am so grateful for the experience and the love and caring that comes with it.”

Tim Werner, Sales, Oregon

“This program did for me exactly what it said would – it helped me find the tools and beliefs within me to empower myself. It helped me create the space – the loving space – within myself from which my power flows. The foundation of this program is so simple and so profound and given with so much love and enthusiasm that I will always know how to empower myself on a daily basis. “

Lauren Astor, Scriptwriter, New York

“This has been a great program. It has given me a very clear vision of my goals (wants) and also a strong conviction and persistence that will help me to achieve these goals. It has helped me to identify and replace my beliefs that have restricted me from going for my dreams and replaced them with the beliefs that will help me in accomplishing my dreams. “

Cody Khan, Resort Manager, Florida

“As a Son-Rise Mom, I was liking to solidify my Option concepts that I had been so artfully taught by the Son-Rise facilitators. I went so much further than that. I now know why I fell in love with my husband all over again after he completed this course. My husband has a beautiful gift to look forward to when I return – ME!!”

Nancy Spottiswoode, Son-Rise Mom / Musician, California

“I wanted to get to another world and I found another world. I go back to my own country, taking this world with me. I wanted to implement the universe of happiness, love, acceptance and non-judgment in my work environment, in my community and most of all, in my family and in our Son-Rise program. I surely will come back, with my loving wife next time, to get more energy and I will tell all my surroundings about it.”

Magnor Kleiven, Manager/Medical Doctor, Norway

“I came looking to be challenged and to grow in regards to empowerment, I wasn’t disappointed. I feel I grew in ways that will help me be a better: husband, father and worker. I feel I am taking back some tools that will help me strengthen my new beliefs and actions. Incredibly practical!”

David Precechtil, V.P. Ops, Oregon

“Thanks for a wonderful experience; I have found both answers to questions and even more questions for my self. All of which has made me stronger and more aware of who I am and who I am going to be. My beliefs were challenged, giving me an opportunity to recreate myself as much as I would like. I have found a new strength from within. How wonderful!”

Rose Farmer, Writer/Business Owner, Tennessee

“I have chosen to make The Option Institute programs, books and tapes part of my “mental diet.” The Option Process® has helped clarify and pursue those things I really want to pursue.”

Randall Dederick, Game Designer, Connecticut

“The empowerment week revealed to me that changing ones beliefs can change my destiny, changing one belief could make the difference between a life of happiness and one of misery. This week allowed me to see my beliefs change them in an instant and I tap into the life I was meant to live. I’m empowered”

Mark Richardson, Marketing VP, Texas

“I learned so much. The most important thing is that I know I can feel and take action the way I like. Before this week I knew what I want in my head, now I know it in my heart and in my head. It makes me a strong and loving person.”

Myriam Tellegen, Social Worker with Children, Netherlands

“The structure of the course is absolutely brilliant. I was initially hesitant to come, but now I see this as being the greatest learning experience of my entire life. “

Derek McWilliams, Student, Indiana

“Everytime I have come here I have learned so much about myself. Everything about being authentic and present is something that I have always known, but the Option Process® helps me put it in motion and be happy with it.”

Paul Brackman, Student, Texas

“The program enabled me to have a deeper understanding of beliefs that do not serve me. More than that, however, I received the tools to let go of those beliefs. I believe this is a result of the program’s basis in love and respect for people.”

Ellen Fox, Massage Therapist, Illinois

“Programs here are the best! They help you to get a better understanding of yourself and the world that we live in. The programs make us feel empowered and the world is mine.”

Corey Depina, Student, Massachusetts

“What an incredible journey in one week! So many doors opened so many new horizons to explore. Thank you for giving me a life worth living”

Renee Newell, Financial Consultant, FLA

“This program has empowered me to know more deeply who I am and the power to change my beliefs so I can more fully be present with myself, in my life and with others. Limits and fears have fallen away. I can fully embrace and love my life. “

Linda DeMarco, CFO/Entrepreneur, Connecticut

“The Option Institute is a wonderful place of self-discovery. It allowed me to learn tools, meet wonderful people, explore possibilities and look forward to a wondrous world upon returning home”

David Wallace, Engineering Manager, Massachusetts

“The greatest gift you could give yourself or someone you loves”

Deb Miller, Sales, California

“A journey of self-discovery and development of inner strength and confidence”

Marc Zieglar, Special Agent, FBI, Illinois

“What I learned from this program is that change is not necessarily evolutionary, change can be immediately! This program gave me the opportunity to change myself instantly into the person I really want to be: strong and powerful.”

Simonne Vermeulen, Son-Rise Mother, Netherlands

“The teachings at The Option Institute are a gift of empowerment, love and happiness. They are simple, but yet profound. Cannot think of a better place to learn how to make my life meaningful and fulfilling.”

Mari Alvarez-Cary, Director-Human Resources, New Jersey

“After operating my own business forever 20 years, I have discovered that I could bring it to a new level of success. In this week of empowerment, I have discovered that everything I need to do that is available to me. In exploring what I really want I found untapped resources in myself to gain more than I ever dreamed.”

Mark Lindsay, Business Owner / Boat Builder, Massachusetts

“Forget all the assertiveness books and training … this week solidified what has always been so puzzling and beyond my reach somehow no matter how hard I tried. Empowerment is simple, easy and fun – just acting for myself!! Tremendous week! I loved every minute of it.”

Mim Burkholder, Development Administrative Assistant, Massachusetts

” found my week at The Option Institute to be life – changing. At age 20, I now have a loving, accepting, non-judgmental place inside myself from which to operate. I feel empowering for and excited about my life!”

Anne Dorr, Student in University, Illinois

“If you want to really go for what you want this is the program. I watched myself and others change radically in the first hour of the first class! I’m leaving with a tremendous sense of my own personal power to explore what I want and the knowledge that I have the skills to turn my dreams into reality. “

Marty Lindsay, Potter, Massachusetts

“I knew when I read the brochure that this was a chance to change everything that I had been struggling with for years. I knew I was finally going to do move on. The Option Process® has given me the tools I needed to see that I had the power and insight in myself all along to be happy with who I am and where I am in my life now an for a more loving and happy future. Empowering Yourself truly did empower me to change – I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

Karen Healey, Operations Manager, New Hampshire

“I feel as if I have been waiting all my life for this program without knowing it. However much I have embraced The Option Process, I have always struggled with my own neediness and attachment to the outcome, which has fueled my own powerlessness, fearfulness and habit of always setting limits on myself and my possibilities. I am SOOOO grateful to have had this week, to have seen clearly how to change this, and to learn how to fill myself to bursting and beyond with self-love and joy, instead of looking outside for validation. I AM the empowered person. I love myself.”

Anne-Marie Grafton, Organizational Development, United Kingdom

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