Exceptional Woman

You will stand up and shout, “Here I am, world. Bring it on!”

You…Without Apology!

What makes a woman exceptional? Popular culture tells us that it’s how you look, what you wear, the career you have, the family you’ve raised or what others think of you. And yet, no new wardrobe, big promotion, radical makeover or praise can really make you feel exceptional. Only you can do that.

No more trying to be what others think you should be – or fitting into others’ “should” boxes. Instead, you can gain profound self-knowledge of who you really are – and learn to embrace that. Isn’t that what you really want for yourself, … to know how to make your own life meaningful, rewarding, loving and joy-filled … no matter what others think or do. Experience the power possible in a circle of women gathered in a safe and nurturing environment: the Exceptional Woman program.


What makes Exceptional Woman 
an exceptional experience?

  • Samahria Lyte Kaufman:Option Institute Co-founder and inspiration to women worldwide – and your primary teacher
  • All Women: When you share a week with only women (your teachers and your classmates), the experience is incredibly special,
    surprising and intimate
  • Deep Self-Acceptance: Learn to genuinely love all of your physical self – including the parts you judge the most
  • Personal Power: No longer feel victimized, even when people judge you, go against you or events don’t go the way you want
  • Outgrow Your Past: Move beyond difficult or traumatic past experiences that have held you back or haunted you
  • Be Enough: Release the “I’m not enough” beliefs that hold you back, such as “I’m not smart enough,” “I’m not pretty enough” and
    “I’m not capable enough”
  • Put Yourself First: Gain life-long “female satisfaction” tools so that you can feel at ease with prioritizing yourself

Read Reviews

I had spent years struggling with self judgment, judgment of my body, yearning for a ‘mother’ to heal me. After this outstanding program, I have, for the first time ever, been able to feel my perfection, look in the mirror and see beauty, healed myself by taking in the comfort of being held, and have felt my own strength and power to direct my growth.

Amy Aronoff

Cardiology Practice Administrator, Maryland

Exceptional Woman taught me for the first time in my life what being a woman is really all about. Not only am I now proud to be a woman, but I have the ability to express what is exceptional about being a woman with the tools to really show who I am and to love me as an exceptional woman!

Roxanne Litherland

Administrative Assistant, South Africa

I soared to new heights. I learned more about myself and grew more in four days than I have in four years of therapy. I am especially appreciative to have learned that I am loveable exactly as I am and that I will be OK no matter what life brings.

Stacy Berrin

Neuropsychologist, New York

In one week, I’m a totally different person. I can love everyone in my life now! And most important love myself. I even stopped smoking because I’m taking care of myself now. You will meet the most wonderful person here at the Option Institute — yourself!!!

Sylvia Gijsen

Office Manager, Netherlands

I came to Exceptional Woman grieving the loss of my son who is grown and off to college. I am leaving this week excited to develop and enjoy a new relationship with him and with myself. I am comfortable embracing change and looking forward to this next chapter of my life. I have tools to take with me that I will use  for the rest of my life to create the most amazing life possible.

Tiahna Skye

Manager NHI, California

Coming to Exceptional Woman was the best holiday for my soul. Instead of a quick fix, I came away with so much healing and re-discovered who I am and to love myself. What a great gift this course was for me.

Irini Katsogiannis

Homemaker, Australia

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