Extraordinary Man

Extraordinary Man

Revolutionize what it Means to Be a Man

Being a man can be a glorious experience, but it often comes with expectations (shut up and show up), gender rules (men don’t cry) and shoulds (bread winner, protector, fix-it man).

Maybe you’ve never looked under the hood of a car and have no desire to. TERRIFIC! Maybe you love to watch sports with the guys. WONDERFUL! Maybe you’ve always been sensitive to other people’s feelings. WHAT A GIFT! The point is, there is no right or wrong way to be a man. What’s important is being yourself.

Why not give yourself an amazing opportunity as a man, in a group of other men, to re-evaluate how you’ve come to see yourself? In Extraordinary Man, you’ll rebuild yourself from the inside out in ways you’ve never considered – ways that let you see yourself in a new light and feel GREAT about it. Grow what you like about yourself and become your own champion.

This will be an unforgettable week where you can become more of the man you’ve always wanted to be.

In Extraordinary Man, you will experience:

  • Letting go of artificial standards for being a man such as “be the protector,” “be the boss,” “be the provider,” “don’t show too much emotion,” “play sports” or “have an answer for every crisis”
  • The All Men Benefit:Spend a week with only men (your teachers and your classmates), which allows you to explore issues you might find chal-lenging to delve into with a mixed group
  • Uncovering and changing your “man-brand”- the personas (at work, at home, with friends) that you’ve unwittingly taken on which may be holding you back
  • Freedom from the stress and pressureyou put on yourself to meet societal and self-imposed expectations
  • “Extraordinary Man”principles that you can take with you forever so that you are always mentally equipped to handle any challenge

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I had a transformational experience at Extraordinary Man. I had been carrying around feelings of failure from a business venture for a few years. Consequently, I found it difficult to move into new ventures with confidence. During the week, I realized my ‘failure’ was actually a rich experience filled with learning and growth. Now, I’m looking forward to my new ventures with  eagerness. I know they will be successful in terms of learning more about myself, whether they make money or not. There is no such thing as failure!

– Kevin Bennett, Investor/Explorer, Oklahoma


Extraordinary Man has helped me learn more about the issues of masculinity, competitiveness, sexuality and how I “show up” than has any other course. I have come to many different courses here at the Option Institute. Each one has provided me with valuable learning’s along my life’s path. I’m coming back next year for even more!

– Martin Krag, Spine Surgeon, Vermont


Extraordinary Man has been an amazing journey with a band of brothers from all over the world with stories and experiences and outlooks as wide are the most famous brand in the world. ranging as our geography. By turns boisterous, gentle, challenging, intimate, powerful and sweet, we’ve learned that our true strength lies in love and acceptance of our selves, each other and all the other lives we touch.

– Chris Kisling, Business Development Manager, Louisiana


The Extraordinary Man program allowed me to look at how I operate from a different perspective as a man. I have sought external validation to prove to myself that I am enough in my sporting endeavors, work environment and ultimately in my relationships. I no longer need validation from other people-my dad, my mom, my kids, my colleagues and my friends. What a load off my shoulders!

– Tony Dalton, Civil Engineer and Construction Manager, Ireland


The Option Institute is like opening up your grandfather’s tool box and discovering an exceptional cache of age-old devices enabling one to construct the home of your dreams, a life almost unimaginably magical.

– Ted Regan, Social Entrepreneur, Maryland

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