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“Extraordinary Man has been an amazing week and program for me. I call it inner strength for men. It is so important to see a group of men talk in an open, honest way that normally in our society does not happen. Being a man in the modern world is hard and has so many pressures that to be in this group and listen to men share how they feel and lay it out there about sex, marriage, being a wimp or strong, who am I, how should I be? It has been an incredible learning experience for me. I’m leaving here ready to be an Extraordinary Man. Thanks to everyone at The Option Institute for this fantastic gift. Cheers.”

Mark Smith, Singer, Ireland

“Coming together with 22 men from around the world and sharing our experiences with no judgment from them was liberating. The love that I felt was different than I have ever felt in my 51 years on this planet. The questions and answers that were put up made for great exploration of what being a man is.”

Ray Rodriguez, Entrepreneur, Florida

“I can’t imagine a better opportunity to learn from and with other men. The environment is at once both safe and challenging. There is no fuzziness, no hiding, no waffling that goes unnoticed or unresponded to. Each participant can help you in ways far more powerful than your best friend back home usually does. “

Martin Krag, Surgeon and Professor, Vermont

“Exploring many aspects of what it is for me to be a man while in the safe hands of loving, supportive facilitators and in the company of men. Enabling me to define for myself how I want to show up in my world as an Extraordinary Man.”

Mark Walke, Therapist, United Kingdom

“Extraordinary Man helps build the bridges and open up the perception of being ordinary and becoming and recognizing our extraordinaryness. A caring, supportive, exciting male environment to explore, discuss and learn more about being a man – a happy, loving man in the world, our relationships and within our own being.”

Sid Falthzik, Collaborative Mentor, Massachusetts

“The Option Institute is like opening up your grandfather’s tool box and discovering an exceptional cache of age-old devices enabling one to construct the home of your dreams, a life almost unimaginably magical.”

Ted Regan, Social Entrepreneur, Maine

“Extraordinary Man gave me an arena to examine my way of moving through the world as a man and the beliefs behind those choices. I got to look at the me I have created thus far and see what I like and what I want to add or change. All this in the presence of and supported by an extraordinary group of men who will become a circle of friends for me who share common values and a common desire for continuous improvement and growth.”

Mark Kaufman, Son-Rise Dad, New York

“Extraordinary Man is a beautiful program to explore, question, examine, define and re-evaluate what it means to be a man. I could not recommend more highly any other way to energize and bring the power and passion of masculinity forward into the world than this program.”

Dodge White, Entrepreneur, Washington

“Extraordinary Man was the most comfortable, amazing, learning experience of my life. I learned that it’s OK to love myself. And I don’t need the judgments of others to justify my own self worth.”

Kent Combs, Chef, Washington

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