Greatest Hits

The Best of All Our Classes

Amid a third of a century of breakthrough classes at the Option Institute, some stand out as the best of the best. What if we brought them all together in one week?

As someone who has been to our campus and learned here, laughed here, had breakthroughs here, been loved and embraced for who you are here, made new discoveries here, made lifelong friends here, and created cherished memories here… we invite you – yes, you! – back for a very special week.

And, if you’ve never been here before, we welcome you with open arms! Why not luxuriate in our greatest hits from across our many programs?

Greatest Hits Group Program
Greatest Hits Group Program

Whether you would like to sample some of our finest work or you would like a powerful refresher of our best tools, this magical week will bring you:

  • The Best – Experience the very best from 50+ programs – and hundreds of classes – that we’ve created and honed over the past decades. Every class has drawn raves and transformed lives by the thousands.
  • Many Programs, One Week – Enjoy our most popular classes from courses such as:
    • Inner Strength Boot Camp
    • Optimal Self-Trust
    • Fearless
    • PowerDialogues℠
    • Radical Authenticity
    • NEVERsettle
    • Couples Course
    • Empower Yourself
    • Personal Peace
    • Wide Awake

Program Reviews

Greatest Hits really lived up to its title. I really felt like I was privileged to have had the best bits of all the programs in one week. Having been here before I can really say that this exceeded my expectations. I really felt that I was loved and supported and this helped me to really stretch my boundaries and jump (rather than merely step) out of my comfort zone and yet then found that I was truly comfortable and happy.

Susan Haverty

Neuro Developmental Therapist, United Kingdom

Greatest Hits is a great way to sample the Option Institute at its best. A fabulous way to check in with yourself about your beliefs in a zillion areas. Greatest Hits is an invitation to go deeper and not ignore what I see, to be authentic about who I am and what I do.

Louis Rosenbaum

Business Owner, California

This was the 7th program I’ve taken here and I am leaving as such a different person than I came. Greatest Hits gave me an opportunity to review the classes I’ve taken and receive a sampling of the programs I have not yet experienced. I now have a better understanding of the areas I would like to further develop.

Janet Blair

Web Designer, Michigan

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June 14 - 19, 2020
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