Group Facilitation Training

Group Facilitation Training

Become a Masterful Teacher & Facilitator

Whether you’re working independently, for a small company or for a large enterprise, are you ready to inspire your colleagues, employees and friends to perform at their best? Do you want to present your ideas in a gutsy, compelling and persuasive way to any group you address (clubs, teams, school boards, neighborhood committees, family groups, even friends)? As a coach, is your goal to rally your softball team to excellence in every play?

Make this year the most productive and fruitful year of your life by investing two weeks in our most experiential, feedback-rich program, Group Facilitation Training. Supercharge yourself with the extraordinary principles and techniques used daily by our master teachers at The Option Institute.

From home to work, from sports to theater, from volunteer to professional organizations, make this year the year in which you awaken the fire of ambition, the hidden brilliance and the potential of the people around you. Lead with passion and clarity and without fear. Masterfully guide discussions and group dynamics. Create a team that will rock the world!

In Group Facilitation Training you’ll learn how to:

  • Deliver concepts in a compellingly digestible way
  • Infuse your leadership with humor and playfulness
  • Transform group reactions into opportunities to reinforce your message
  • Create a visible connection of caring and warmth
  • Obliterate the #1 obstacle to stellar facilitation: fear!
  • Generate dynamic discussion and sharing
  • Engage the group itself to be a teaching tool
  • Use storytelling to crystallize and deepen your ideas

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If every teacher, and every manager or business leader on the planet took Group Facilitation Training at The Option Institute this would revolutionize the way human beings learn and do business! The attitude and the techniques taught here are the most effective I have ever seen.

– Lisa Lee-Johnson, Engineer, New Zealand


I loved Group Facilitation Training. It has been two delicious weeks of self-discovery and skill building. I came with a clear sense that the program would help me move on issues in my family and professional life and have got everything I came for. I’m going home with real excitement at the prospect of putting into practice and seeking out more opportunities to practice and model the Option Process

– Dr. Cathy Betoin, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom


So you think you know how to be an effective group leader and facilitator, eh? Try Group Facilitation Training on for size and see what mere heights you can reach. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience from a one-of-a-kind operation. Group Facilitation Training –Option Institute style. Well worth every dollar.

– Larry Freed, Business Coach, Maryland


Being a seasoned educator, I’ve had a lot of training in how to be a teacher. The Group Facilitation Training provided exceptional training and practice in how to be a loving, playful and effective facilitator and presenter anywhere at any time! Thank you!

– Celeste Ross, Educator and Healthcare Practitioner, Pennsylvania


I have learnt many of the facilitating tools that have been such a joy for me to experience over the many programs I have taken at the Institute. I now feel well equipped to start facilitating at a level far higher than most of the planet. The standard you set is so high that I know I’m at a big advantage to see where it’s possible to go in the field of leading and facilitating. Hugely practical information taught in an engaging and effective way

– Mark Walker, Life Coach, United Kingdom


I feel like an onion who peeled away a layer and discovered a different part of me. I feel completely transformed and am comfortably different than where I began. I am so excited to use this in my everyday life! I came feeling scared and unsure and I am leaving feeling reborn.

– Kristin Selby Gonzalez, Director Of Autism Education For Enzymedica, California

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