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“Taking Group Facilitation Training has not only created a quantum leap towards self acceptance in my presentation skills, I received the additional gift for my life overall. To love first, myself and my audience, has transformed my life. Gratitude for the experience, wherever I am, is truly a dance with God.”

Bridget Hurley, Clinical Pharmacist, Colorado

“Group Facilitation Training crystallized for me, the “how to” of delivering my best self and my gifts to the world. I was able to pinpoint specific attitudes and techniques that will support my ongoing work and personal development.”

Heidi Little, Artist And Instructor, New Hampshire

“If you teach or give presentations Group Facilitation Training is an excellent course to jump into. Because of the integration of attitude and content, to practice what works and what not, to learn new skills and how to use feedback.”

Ria van Rooijen, Sports Physician, Netherlands

“At the Option Institute, I have experienced the most powerful learning situations I have ever participated in (and I’m a professional corporate trainer). In the Group Facilitation Program, I learned the tools I process that create these powerful dynamics, and I learned how to become comfortable in implementing them with my own teams and group situations. I love personal and group transformation and movement, and now I learn how to facilitate that in the most powerful way imaginable.”

Jon Hillegeist, Workforce Development And Organizational Effectiveness, Connecticut

“Wow, Wow, Wow. Group Facilitation Training delivered on its promise to be a summit program. I am so grateful for having been, showed, taught, and learned to create within myself the skills to create an environment where people change their lives. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

Brian Nelson, Family Counselor, Michigan

“So much of the learnings I have taken away with me from programs at the Option Institute came not merely from the subject matter taught but from the powerful experiences I had as a result of this unique teaching method. I was offered a chance to not only understand the principles being taught but to actually live them in real time. Group Facilitation Training gave me detailed insight into how I can employ those same methods to help others find knowledge and grow in themselves, be they my students, my friends, my colleagues or my family.”

Mark Kaufman, Son-Rise Dad, New York

“Group Facilitation Training is an insightful, instructive and highly useful class. I recommend it for anyone wishing to teach, lead or present what they are truly passionate about in the world. I gained skills in making a strong, loving connection with participants, gained valuable feedback in my effectiveness, and many valuable skills. I highly recommend it!”

Taching Rudman-Young, Personal Growth Facilitator Assistant and Movement, California

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