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NEVERsettle Singles

NeverSettle Singles

How to Get the Relationship You Really Want

Are you single? Are you in a dating crisis? Are you ready to build the kind of relationship you really want?

We’re taught a host of beliefs and ideas about love and dating. We read about ‘the rules’ to snare someone. We talk about ‘playing the game.’ We’re told to wait 3 days to call, pretend we’re less interested than we are, and put our best foot forward. And we grow to see having a significant other as a reflection on our value and attractiveness.

The problem with these ideas is that they actually cripple our ability to find the right person and create a truly satisfying relationship. Rather than learning a set of acting and manipulation skills, we offer some-thing radically different: a way to create the relation-ship that you really want by being who you really are – and not settling for anything less.

Instead of complaining about the dating game, this is your chance, in a unique workshop setting with other single people, to change the rules.

Learn to:

  • Move On: Stop wasting time on people who aren’t for you.
  • See the Flip Side: See exactly how you are perceived by other singles and why.
  • Understand Your Attraction Profile: Unearth the real messages you are putting out to potential partners.
  • Flirt with Honesty: Eliminate game-playing by showing interest with realness and guts.
  • Break Your Patterns: Uncover and discard the limiting beliefs you hold which either keep you single or trap you in unsatisfying relationships.
  • Ask the 5 NeverSettle Singles Date Questions: A simple set of 5 key questions you can use to immedi-ately get to know someone on a first date.
  • Utilize the NeverSettle Singles System™: A 9-step roadmap to constructing a relationship based upon what really matters to you.


I have to say that NEVERsettle Singles genuinely exceeded my expectations throughout the entire program. The tools were presented in a logical and easy to understand way, and the exercises not only perfectly complemented the curriculum, but they were a blast as well.

– Brian Ellis, Realtor, California

I came into The NEVERsettle Singles Program thinking I’d learn what I wanted in a partner. I gained ten times that. I can now ask for what I want, in any type of relationship and not be attached to the outcome. I’ve learned it’s easier to ask than not ask. I will have better relationships with my friends, family, in business and love relationships.

– Debbie Hall, Professional Organizer, Canada

The NEVERsettle Singles Program allowed me to identify beliefs about myself that were keeping me from being in a happy and healthy relationship. I learned to trust what I think and to be real and not adjust myself for the benefit of fitting in or being liked.

– Cindy Thompson, Professor, Illinois

The NEVERsettle Singles Program provided useful tools for clarifying what you want in a partner, identifying and breaking unwanted relationship patterns and knowing when it is time to quit and getting out gracefully

– Julie Dougherty, California

This was a great experience for me to explore issues I have about relationships; the class environment was a warm and caring environment and I was able to share my feelings and not feel I was being judged, a good and well needed experience.

– Bruce A. Hayden, Property Maintenance, Connecticut

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