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Bears Kaufman
Raun K. Kaufman
Clyde Haberman
Beverly Haberman
Stan Cohen

Bears Kaufman

“Absolutely the best. Walks the talk – Bears is truly remarkable. Very giving, very generous, always present. Wonderfully articulate, entertaining, poignant, can translate his material into any scenario.”

David Shephard, MA

“Bears, as always, was awesome. I appreciated the mixing of interacting with the traditional stories and gems of wisdom and unconditional love.”

Barbara Goldsmith Homemaker/Son-Rise Mom Connecticut

“10! Bears is incredible. He and Samahria gave the world a great gift in Son-Rise, and he teaches with the same passion, love and acceptance that transformed Raun from a low functioning autistic person to a vibrant loving human being.”

Ken Pedotto, Executive, SC

“Incredible! The immediacy, focus, spontaneity and sensitivity to the slightest nuance kept me fully and energetically engaged every minute. I love Bears’ complete commitment to his path, his total concentration on the person he’s working with, his attention to detail, and the way he always maintains the thread of what he is sharing. He is intense, brilliant, incredibly stimulating, warm and funny.”

Timothy Denton Web Content Manager New York

“As always, one of the best mentors in my life. Bears is a person I really admire and take many gifts away from every time I come to The Option Institute. His love for life and for everyone is so beautiful and inspirational. He walks his talk and practices every day.”

Sue Hart CEO Mail Order/Market Company Oregon

“One of the coolest people east of the Mississippi (west of it too!). He seems to give everyone exactly the opportunities that they can use to grow. He’s a wonderful example of self-trust!”

Melody Aghdale Student Kansas

“Oh, what a sweet man! I have learned more from Bears this week than ever before. His loving me, challenging me and teaching me helped me to reach parts inside myself I wasn’t sure how to reach. The love he gave to me and everyone here has helped me to reach that loving part of me and set it free. Thank you! Our Option Process® Dialogue time together was sweet and fun! A treasure I will keep forever.”

Jenifer Westphal Son-Rise Program® Mom Pennsylvania

“Bears is an extraordinary teacher. He so clearly embodies the work and his teaching style is so passionate and loving. His love of the work shines through and his deep belief in its value is inspiring. I feel blessed to be a student of myself under his guidance.”

Tiahna Skye Counselor/Teacher California

“Bears is a master at what he does. He is sensitive, caring and so aware of what an individual is going through or feeling. I am so grateful for his love and compassion. He really, truly lives what he teaches.”

Lenny Haas Actor Pennsylvania

“Bears brings a love that is bold, courageous, strong, durable and at the same time gentle as an evening breeze. He is in a word Brilliant!”

Olivia Isreal Grief Counselor California

“Helpful, kind, insightful, nurturing, entertaining, well-spoken, loving, encouraging and on and on. The room lights up when Bears walks in because of the anticipation of what you are about to learn and experience. One night he came around to all the tables while we were having dinner and just chatted with us about anything. I’ve heard many others say how much that meant to them. He is wonderful to help so many people and to give so much of himself.”

Kathy Taylor Massage Therapist Pennsylvania

“What an inspiration! I feel blessed to have Bears as a mentor and teacher. He has a unique gift to blend seriousness with humor. I left every class feeling elated, like I could conquer the world, so he is a good motivator. All his teachings, whether I choose to use them or not, are a completely new way of looking at the world. That has forced me to think about all the opportunities I do have. He has a gift and I thank him for that.”

Jennifer Carter Administrative Support California

“How do you evaluate Bears? What I find most wonderful about him is that he is most truly dedicated to his beliefs and never stumbles in any manner. He is real! Excellent, fabulous, amazing, totally Option!”

Christine Mullinax Sales/Marketing Director South Carolina

“Energizes, subtle, loving, guiding, funny. Although I arrived with some resistance to the image of Bears, I am most grateful to him for facilitating the most amazing week of my life.”

Lisa Smith Administrative Assistant Texas

“Bears you are the most extraordinary, amazing, loving person; you are such an example of clarity and trust. You have taught me, inspired me and loved me and helped me in more ways that I can ever express. I am so grateful to you, this week with you has been such a gift. Thank you!”

Kris Yvonne Schmidt Pegno Mother New York

“What can I say! Bears makes Optimal Self-Trust come together and so useful for anyone willing to look inside and explore themselves. For me it takes a while to open up and see myself. Bears is able to help me get there quickly. The layers of the onion are peeling back. Great! The volume is up! Nice!”

Dave Wallace Quality Assurance Manager Massachusetts

“Fantastic! Dynamic! Loving! Most importantly Bears truly loves what he is teaching and ‘walks his talk’. He has a tremendous ability to ‘know’ what the group and its individuals are seeking (or need to know) at every moment. He brings about amazing changes in people in only one week and sometimes in seconds.”

Pat Cavitt Retired Manager Of Retirement Homes Arizona

“Awesome! Bears, you directed the classes with consummate skills and good humor. I love the way you put out ‘provocative statements’ as a way to sum up learnings for us. I am still in awe of the way you remember what everybody said and how you wove a thread of enlightenment through the sessions, through the days and through the week. It seems to me that you could teach a class with no preparation ever, and yet you are prepared because you are present and loving.”

Chris Knight Child Facilitator England

“Bears is an excellent teacher! His spontaneity and willingness to go wherever the class needed to go was awesome, and he does it so well.”

Barbara Goldsmith Homemaker/Son-Rise Mom Connecticut

“10+++++! Bears is the most effective teacher of this work that I have experienced. The first thing I discovered about Bears was his undeniable integrity and respect for each of us. He gently, lovingly and perceptively led us through our pain, our joy, and our confusion. He affirmed us and created a safer place with his explanation of the microphone as giving us some extra love. Bears does not use the participants to make himself and the process look good as so many other workshop leaders I have encountered (ego-driven?). He gently allowed us to teach ourselves and each other with our willingness to follow his lead and go deeper. His teaching was clear. He repeated difficult concepts. I love finding him at The Option Institute.”

Sandi Caplan Counselor Canada

“Awesome! Just awesome! Bears is captivating, dynamic, quick, responsive, incredibly perceptive, and able to deal with anything that comes up. Incredible ability to draw people’s deepest and most well-guarded emotional issues out into the open, and then guide them to a place of better understanding and comfort.”

Fran Boucher Engineer Massachusetts

“Bears is loving, non-judgmental, provocative in his thoughts and ideas, at times provocative in his methods to get us to look at ourselves, yet totally unthreatening in his manner. He exudes that which he believes. He is the ultimate teacher.”

Betsy Nichols Mother/Teacher/School Counselor Connecticut

“Bears, your behavior, clarity, enthusiasm, and joy came across so clearly! That I can choose to do similarly is shown so well by your actions. The ‘thread’ of the dialogue that you weave amongst the group of participants is the most valuable, single, approach. The ideas you have described become real when they are applied to these people (i.e. the participants) at this time and in this place. May you continue to choose to do so for any years to come.”

Martin Krag Physician Vermont

“Bears was great. The Option Institute has really changed my life, and the lives of so many others to whom I have introduced it, since leaving two years ago. My heart is full of love for you and Samahria, and your work.”

Cindy Joseph Graduate Student Michigan

“I have never met anyone like him in 61 years. He is ageless, giving, fair and so full of love and wisdom. He makes me feel that I want to live my life not judging anyone. This is a very large gift and will make the rest of my life so much more meaningful. Don’t change anything Bears! Your style helps me to find the best in me.”

Barbara Langrehr Executive Recruiter Virginia

“Bears is a very dynamic teacher with many years of knowledge which were freely given. I feel he is very insightful and instinctively knows how to take the class in the direction it needs to go. Wonderful!”

Alicia Hanta Occupational Therapist Hawaii

“Bears, you are an exceptional teacher. You create a safe environment to explore ourselves and you bring your full pleasure to each session. The atmosphere is dynamic and you know how to bring out what the group wants to explore. I enjoy your enthusiasm and The True Force of NatureTM that you are.”

Jeff Chartier Plumbing and Heating Engineer New Hampshire

“Bears, you are a master of what you do. Thank you for the experience. I have begun to discover my self-limiting beliefs as a result of your teaching. I now hear myself and question my beliefs on just about anything I do. I have been able to get past the layers of some core beliefs about myself, realize how ineffective they are, and throw them away immediately. The manner in which Bears teaches the class is very enlightening for all. It is all done without judgment – allowing an openness and honesty that is so peaceful. As a result of your teaching, I look forward to exploring a deeper relationship with my husband.”

Kathy Wallace Quality Improvement Coordinator Massachusetts

“Bears is brilliant, warm and loving.”

Mary Martin United Nations Researcher Switzerland

“Magical. With Bears’ clarity, dedication and experience, he has endless ability to teach us love, and facilitate our growth. One could never get enough of him.”

Valerie Oppenheim Dietitian Massachusetts

“Excellent, dynamic, a miracle worker. Bears fully embraces and lives the principles and beliefs that he teaches. He is a great example to me of what I can do.”

Gayle Starr Public Works Supervisor Washington

“Wow. What a guy! What a passionate, feisty, kick-ass person. Bears’ clarity and love are inspiring. Sometimes his honesty feels scary. Is he scary? No. His laser ability to help us so clearly see ourselves is what sometimes feels scary.”

Cynthia Brzak International Civil Servant Switzerland

“Bears is always a delight. I completely trust him with what’s going on in the room and feel encouraged to trust myself with what’s happening. There is a great mix of carefully planned exercises and spontaneity that makes it very fresh. I am always in awe of what can happen in this environment.”

Jane Weber Internet Executive Connecticut

“Bears is so loving, so present, so honest with everyone and everything he experiences that I wonder how he does it. He shows what we can all become.”

Jimbo Cavitt Retired Engineer Arizona

“Bears is brilliant. High energy. A magical presence.”

Scott Fraize California

“The best. He brings the best and deepest treasure out of each of us. Bears is a delightful, energetic speaker that entertains us and guides us through our turmoil. He is the master magician that transforms us. His teaching method gets better each time I’m here. I loved how he was able to use his inner voice to guide him to the one who needed him the most, a true gift.”

Robin Kelly Director of Business Development Maryland

“I feel so privileged to receive Bears’ message. I see him as doing the very thing that the universe intended because he is fully present and giving to us as a class. It is my aspiration to work so purposefully and whole-heartedly. I hope as the Option Institute grows Bears will be able to continue to teach.”

Melissa Simmons Registered nurse Georgia

“The exercises he guided us through make self-trust simple and give me a very useful focus of living my dreams.”

Julie Hilton Business person/Attorney/Mediator Florida

“Outrageous, wonderful, funny, but most of all loving.”

John Nicolettos Consultant Maryland

“Bears is a master teacher. He operates with a great deal of energy and enlivens the classroom with electricity and excitement when he walks into it… yet at times he turns into the most soft and gentle presence when the moment calls for it. He shows wonderful humor, respect and compassion. I am very inspired after having worked with him.”

Julie Lancaster Musician/Business writer Colorado

“Truly a master teacher. He was able to zone in on my issues in a loving and gentle way. I love his use of humor – it makes the class more fun and for me, easier to integrate.”

Harriet Winograd Artist Connecticut

“A master teacher. Bears taught me to think and to believe in who I am. The tools he taught will serve me for the rest of my life.”

Karen Roach Oregon

“Totally amazing. Bears has tenderness but also a sharp wit. Laughter is a healing force! He uses his gift of ‘working the room’ to everyone who chooses to participate fully. He is an awesome presence.”

Martha Hall Freelance writer Indiana

“Awesome, wise, quick, kind, gentle, powerful.”

Lisa Pasquesi Farm manager llinois

“What can be said about someone who reveals the ‘great secret’ of happiness to all? I have and will always have unending gratitude to him! That said, he is simply the most effective, powerful, playful, loving supportive teacher I’ve ever met.”

Phil Lomas Psychiatrist Wisconsin

“Dynamic, incredibly creative and insightful and loving. Bears is a wonderful testimonial to truly living the Option Process.”

Britt Carepentre New York

“Wonderful, sincere, loving, committed, patient, and genuine. An amazing teacher and person. He left a footprint on my soul.”

Marea Pasquesi Student Illinois

“Awesome. Bears knows how to work a room. His love is like a magnet for our fears.”

Pamela Johnston Investment advisor Canada

“A master teacher motivates us to motivate ourselves to be completely engaged. Presses all the right buttons with the right mix of in-your-face and love.”

Tricia Rennicke Massachusetts

“So amazing. Models the risk taking he espouses. Thank you! What a gift he and the Option Institute are.”

Michael Rubell Mgmt. Consultant New Jersey

“Bears is vivacious, challenging, clear, brilliant teacher. I love learning with him.”

Gilles Arbour Canada

“Each time I come here my appreciation of Bears grows even bigger. I really enjoyed the exuberant ‘edgy’ morning sessions as well as the more mellow quieter afternoons. Bears facility with one-minute Option Process dialogues is just astounding, a gift to us all that we could learn to do that for ourselves.”

Marty Morgan Lindsay Potter Massachusetts

“Thank you, thank you! I saw everything he did as useful, impactful, and loving. He is so fun and happy and I love him.”

David Roseberlg Special needs child facilitator California

“This was my first experience with Bears. I find him energetic, sharp and a delightful teacher. I enjoyed his passion for his work and teaching. I thought he pulled together the material, exercises, and class commentary to illustrate learnings constantly. The pace was fast and furious and I loved it!”

Lisa Zimmerman Business owner New York

“Bears has a deep commitment to the Option Process, and to life. He lives it, teaches it, and loves it. He is a master at working with people and their stuff; always loving, insightful. Thanks, Bears, for what you teach.”

Mim Burkholder Former nurse/Current development assistant Connecticut

“I love Bears! And am so grateful for the dynamic living and teaching of the Option Process. As our issues surface he has fun and delight at bringing us in touch with new opportunities that allow us to take leaps we didn’t know were possible. The fast logic, the awareness of the room, the humor, and the love he creates in each moment are a gift. For me this program was a great balance of challenge and love.”

Nancy Dakin Environmental planner California

“Bears is always present. He helped to create a provocative, challenging atmosphere with love and enthusiasm and a sense of safety. He is a wonderful story teller.”

Carol Koury Mom, student Massachusetts

“What an amazing treat! He did a marvelous job of guiding this presentation from our energy. When we were fired up in the morning he was hot. When we were mellow in the afternoon he floated high, far, swiftly, gently on outstretched wings leading us to heights we never imagined – what joy! This class was never ‘in-your-face’ always loving, and Bears was always clearly learning. The sense of all of us reaching stretching and growing is one I will carry with me always.”

Mark Lindsay Boat builder Massachusetts

“Brilliant, funny, insightful. Bears is the best.”

Sue Davis Physician Massachusetts

“Bears is a model to me of what is possible with the Option Process. I really get that Bears does want what’s best for me and I totally appreciate that in a teacher – very dynamic, unpredictable, authentic, ingenious, creative, loving, trusting.”

Oceana Rames Naturopathic physician Massachusetts

“Excellent, dynamic, energetic, attentive, responsive, responsible, loving. A wonderful teacher.”

Mac Ennis Health physicist New Mexico

“Bears is so daring, wise, articulate, clear, concise, always walking the edge, insightful, warm, and caring.”

Maria K. Wolf Editorial assistant Pennsylvania

“He is simply the most gifted, charismatic, dynamic teacher I have ever encountered.”

Eleanor Shattuck Massachusetts

“Bears was in excellent form the whole week. It’s inspiring and fun to watch his style, creativity, insightfulness, and love throughout the week.”

Gretchen Pfuetze Public relations Massachusetts

“Challenging, feisty, courageous, humorous, kind, gentle. A lot of fun to be with, he made the hour pass by, kept my heart racing with excitement and the nervousness that comes with growing.”

David Lieb Full time dad Arizona

“Excellent! Bears is a vibrant, charismatic teacher who is able to capture and keep the participants attention in every session. I particularly like his style of loving and ‘in your face’ interaction with us. He helped me uncover beliefs that were such a part of my ‘bedrock’ that they were invisible to me.”

Julie Flaherty Business owner Minneapolis

“It is an honor to have been the recipient of Bears’ love and commitment. He is a true visionary and one of his many gifts is the cutting edge teaching.”

Carole Armour Writer California

“Tops! You are so aware, so present. You always seem to hit it just right for participants to bring up from sometimes the depths, their stuff, their issues and we all learn and benefit. I marvel at your skill and ever present love.”

Ethel Radmer Author/Artist California

“Absolutely amazing!! Totally present, aware, a gift to the universe. Bears also has the perfect name.”

Helena Morganstine College Assistance Program Advisor Florida

“Excellent! Bears’ ability to bring out the best in people is surpassed only by his love for them.”

John Kovach Air Traffic Controller Ohio

“Excellent as always. I am sincerely grateful for Bears’ enthusiasm, energy, passion, humor, insight and intellect. The best teacher I have ever experienced.”

Michael Steir Executive Director, Legal Department New Hampshire

“Outstanding! Even though it looks so natural and easy when Bears is doing his thing, I believe that there is a tremendous amount of hard work and effort behind everything he says or does. His memory is phenomenal his love is genuine and well appreciated by me. “

Jean Casale Sales Massachusetts

“A master teacher. His comfort with the process of assisting/mentoring and guiding participants to reach inside themselves for the best created an atmosphere of warmth and ease.”

Deborah Reumann Clinical Social Worker New Mexico

“I appreciate the love and respect that I experience from Bears’ presence. I feel safe and loved. I am so grateful for the support of The Option Institute. I love you!”

Paulette Robillard Mom Canada

“Keep doing it Bears! His power is exponential. Complete energy, strength, courage and love. He does exactly what you need – to each and every one. It was exactly as it needed to be and I am glad that I was here to be a participant.”

Keith Kimmel Author, Graphic Artist Florida

“Loving – wanting the best for all of us – each of us individually. Trusting each of us and encouraging us to do the same for ourselves. Sharp, gentle, respectful. Bears knows how to help us. Thank you for your specifics in the way you are an example of being specific and encouraging me to be specific in my life also. In asking for specifics, you helped me to realize how I’ve lived my life in vagueness. You have been an example of clarity and self-trust through awareness of details. My life comes more sharply into focus as I look at the little pieces that make up the big picture. When I am aware of the specific blessings I receive, my sense of gratitude grows and multiplies. Thank you for helping me see clearly.”

Liz Sturm Accountant Massachusetts

Raun K. Kaufman

“You showed me how to handle a situation I thought was tough with ease, love and respect. I will always remember, that I may use it in my own life.”

Michelle Jogopulos, Real Estate Agent, CA

Clyde Haberman

“I loved Clyde’s teaching – still gentle and laser sharp – I love his wit and clarity and support.”

Judy Baxter, Programmer Analyst, MN

“Loving, caring, insightful, funny – Clyde, you’re the best.”

Dan O’Connor, Massage Therapist

“He comes from such a place of love/not judging – It helped me be more honest with myself.”

Rebecca Heinrich, Motivation/Positive Speaker, ID

“The words comfortable and peaceful come to mind when I think of Clyde – with his teaching style I felt so very safe.”

Nickie Oleri, Accountant, NY

“I love Clyde. He is a great teacher in every sense of the word. He is well balanced in humor and seriousness when delivering to the class.”

Janis Piotrowski Elderly Facilitator Connecticut

“I totally loved Clyde. He is sweet, fun, funny and cute, plus I really liked his stories – they went perfectly with what he was teaching. I felt really at ease around him.”

Melody Aaghdale Student Kansas

“Clyde is a gifted and loving person. It’s always a pleasure to hear him speak and inspire us all. He is committed to making a difference and it really shows.”

Sue Hart CEO Mail Order/Market Company Oregon

“A great experience – I loved the way Clyde presented the material. He is authentic, loving, sparkling and warm, and he seems to be having an excellent time himself as he pokes and probes and stimulates.”

Timothy Denton Web Content Manager New York

“I instantly know that Clyde loves what he does and the Option Process® is a dynamic part of his life. He has a reassuring and calming effect on me.”

Pat Cavitt Retired Manager Of Retirement Homes Arizona

“Clyde was gentle and respectful.”

Olivia Isreal Grief Counselor California

“Clyde is a very warm and caring person. He is a good teacher and sincerely cares for the people he is working with.”

Kathy Taylor Massage Therapist Pennsylvania

“Clyde is very calm, gentle, kind. Very understanding.”

Jennifer Carter Administrative Support California

“Clyde is gentle, loving, guiding, and funny.”

Lisa Smith Administrative Assistant Texas

“Clyde was terrific….. very loving and gentle as a teacher.”

Kris Yvonne Schmidt Pegno Mother New York

“Clyde is an excellent instructor and presents the material very clearly.”

Dave Wallace Quality Assurance Manager Massachusetts

“Clyde is an effective and sensitive teacher.”

Barbara Goldsmith Homemaker/Son-Rise Mom Connecticut

“I just love Clyde’s gentle strength and approach.”

Margaret Adams Teacher Northern Ireland

“Loving, and patient, Clyde radiates a desire to learn and grow.”

Betsy Nichols Mother/Teacher/School Counselor Connecticut

“Clyde is very knowledgeable, gentle and accepting.”

Alicia Hanta Occupational Therapist Hawaii

“Clyde is brilliant, warm, and loving.”

Mary Martin United Nations Researcher Switzerland

“Knowing, calm, wonderful…….Clyde.”

Gayle Starr Public Works Supervisor Washington

“Clyde is very loving, accepting and helpful. He is accepting of everyone.”

Jimbo Cavitt Retired Engineer Arizona

“A great teacher! Clyde is very helpful and explains well.”

Michelle De Graw Mother Florida

“Clyde is excellent, soft spoken, and caring”

John Nicolettos Consultant Maryland

“He is warm and embodies the Option Process attitudes of love and acceptance”

Julie Lancaster Musician/Business writer Colorado

“A very good teacher. I like Clyde’s gentle style and his ability to bring out the most in the students.”

Karen Roach Oregon

“Clyde is a loving, intelligent teacher and has a wonderful sense of how to include the entire group in the discussions.”

Martha Hall Freelance writer Indiana

“Helpful, Dedicated, and Sincere”

Lisa Pasquesi Farm manager Illinois

“I love Clyde’s warmth, sweetness and supportive gentle style”

Phil Lomas Psychiatrist Wisconsin

“Clyde is warm, insightful, & helpful”

Britt Carpenter New York

“Awesome. Quiet. Gentle & dear.”

Pamela Johnston Investment advisor Canada

“Clyde is clearly in love with what he shares. I want to thank him for giving the best of himself.”

Michael Rubell Mgmt. Consultant New Jersey

“Friendly, open, dedicated, and courageous.”

Gilles Arbour Canada

“I always enjoy Clyde. I find his teaching genuine and inspiring. There is gentleness in his presentation. Clyde embodies the Option Process, and this conveyed in his teaching”

Lisa Zimmerman Business owner New York

“Clyde has a warmth and quiet dynamism that I really appreciate. I feel very comfortable and at ease with him.”

Nancy Dakin Environmental Planner California

“I really like Clyde’s warmth. He is someone I feel that I can approach; he’s welcoming. I also feel that sense that Clyde wants the best for me and brings that to his teaching”

Oceana Rames Naturopathic physician Massachusetts

“Very effective in a quieter, more serene way with great conviction and sincerity.”

Eleanor Shattuck Massachusetts

“Yeah Clyde! His presentation of the material and interaction with us was great, loving, gentle, very competent, and knowledgeable”

Julie Haherty Business owner Minnesota

“Your sure and steady care and commitment are among the gifts you bring. You have your own unique gentle style.”

Kathleen Joyce Consultant Arizona

“Clyde teaches with gentleness and grace.”

Miriam Rozian Network Engineer Michigan

“He is a warm, gentle, wonderful man.”

Sue Arnold Organizational Development Specialist Virginia

“Kind, soft and loving. I enjoyed the exercises Clyde led – and his enthusiasm and commitment to the institute.”

Richard Skriletz Management consultant Virginia

“Kind, loving and caring.”

Michele Getkate Banker St. Marten

“Wonderful teacher! Clearly taught me how I can create an optimal worldview for myself. Thank you so much, Clyde.”

Doug Cottrell Programmer Nevada

“Clyde, you’re really growing wonderfully in the role. I felt your awareness, your presence, your caring, and your thoughtful and gentle nudges.”

Ethel Radmer Author/Artist California

“I am impressed with Clyde’s ability and enjoy his sessions. He is a real inspiration to me.”

Michael Steir Executive Director, Legal Department New Hampshire

“I was impressed and grateful for this man’s obvious dedication to The Option Institute”

Deborah Reumann Clinical social worker New Mexico

Beverly Haberman

“Beverly is radiant – she is an excellent living example of what The Option Process can look like when someone fully embraces it.”

Beth Rogue, Speech/language pathologist, Canada

“This is a great and also a NATIONAL TREASURE!!! I am amazed how I have learnt something of Power Dialogues so quickly and easily. It is a great learning process with Beverly and I can’t wait to study again. Big thank you for all her skills, consideration and talent.”

Helen Cherry, Alexander teacher/Artist, UK

“Beverly lights up the room with her presence. She was able to show me how simple it is to just choose happiness.”

Doug MacDonald, Exhibition Designer, CA

“Beverly is sweet and soft and certainly delivers the Option Process® philosophy with a passion. Her eyes glow – I am inspired when she is teaching.”

Lenny Haas Actor Pennsylvania

“Beverly is so, so beautiful, loving, caring and respectful. She is a wonderful light.”

Shirleen Johnson Performance Coach Canada

“Sweet and loving – Beverly is so direct and clear in her teaching and unwavering in her clarity about what she is teaching.”

Tiahna Skye Counselor/Teacher California

“Beverly did an excellent job explaining the Option® Process Dialogue and answered my questions superbly.”

Dave Wallace Quality Assurance Manager Massachusetts

“Beverly sparkles with an inner light. She is caring and shares all of herself completely.”

Pat Cavitt Retired Manager Of Retirement Homes Arizona

“I was in awe of Beverly last week. I am taking every opportunity this week to connect with her, to set aside my distress pattern around authority figures and allow her warmth and caring to touch me.”

Margaret Adams Teacher Northern Ireland

“Beverly is so amazing! Mesmerizing. Beverly is so passionate, an awesome storyteller, everything she did was attractive. Great facial expressions, body movements. She moved about the room creating a lot of interest and energy. She was very present.”

Cindy Joseph Graduate Student Michigan

“Beverly was lively, clear, totally accepting. I felt most relaxed with Beverly of any of the teachers. She really helped to clarify the Option Process® Dialogue for me to the point that I am excited to try and keep using it to get to the bottom of my shoulds, my judgements, and anything I’d like to change or understand better.”

Sue Norris Librarian Connecticut

“Beverly expresses that everything is perfect just as it is. She is very skillful and playful as she teaches us the Option Process® Dialogue.”

Jimbo Cavitt Retired Engineer Arizona

“is an excellent, knowledgeable, loving, and a natural teacher”

John Nicolettos Consultant Maryland

Stan Cohen

“He was on fire and raised the energy in the room. I want to hear and act as he taught.”

Michelle Jogopulos, Real Estate Agent, CA

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