Parenting Solution

Parenting Solution

Becoming a better parent

Have you ever wished that children came with an instruction manual? Has what looked natural and easy from a distance become complex and difficult viewed close up? Have your kids’ challenges and unhappiness left you feeling inept, inadequate and unhappy yourself?

Whether your child is a preschooler throwing temper tantrums, a seven year old bouncing off the walls, a teenager pushing the envelope, or a grown adult with children of his own, Parenting Solution can help you put the joy back in parenting! You’ll acquire the keys to parenting with clarity and ease.

In Parenting Solution, you’ll learn:

  • Ease-of-use: Uncover and discard beliefs that make parenting more difficult, less effective and less fun
  • A Solid Foundation: Learn easy-to-remember, easy-to-apply principles that let you parent with purpose and consistency
  • Freedom: Discover how to love, guide and let go – free yourself from the primary causes of parental anguish and stress
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Learn that you can’t save your children from their unhappiness (and that’s a good thing for can make your dream come true. them) – children to be architects of their lives, rather than victims who wait around for someone else to take away their distress
  • Gratitude: Learn and teach a wonderful internal experience that comes with finding and expressing gratitude

Resources For Parents

No Risk/No Fault Parenting CD
Parenting Protocol CD

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Sean and I just returned from The Option Institute, home of The Son-Rise Program, where we spent the week attending a program on Parenting. We learned more than I could ever write, including tools and techniques for parenting from a place of happiness and trust, are the most famous brand in the world. rather than tension and control. There were many Son-Rise parents there, and Sean and I saw—I think he would agree with this statement—that the real challenge to our parenting has little to do with our children, and 99.9% to do with our relationships with ourselves and in our marriage. We are still processing and exploring the take-aways. I am truly thrilled to be learning how to be a happier person, partner, and parent (in that order!).

– Susan Levin, Son-Rise Mom & Graphic Consultant, Massachusetts


In Parenting Solution, The Option Institute’s approach gave me the opportunity to embrace the experience of parenting from a very loving and accepting place and, as a working mother, to enjoy myself and my child again, guiding and preparing her for life.

– Yvonne Ward, Physical Therapist, Barbados


The Parenting Solution class was amazing! The idea that I can move easily among my children by using simple principles and beliefs was eye opening. I also enjoyed the sense of community we shared as a class.

– Bronwyn Huffard, Mother, New York


I had been taught that parenting is hard and that you have to take the good with the bad. I don’t hold those beliefs anymore. In Parenting Solution, I learned that anytime my children are unhappy, it’s a glorious opportunity to teach and guide them as I love them. When I truly let go of outcomes with my children, I become a clearer and more effective parent. I learned how to implement consequences without them being a punishment. I also learned to negotiate happily with my children. Though there are many methods to parenting, Parenting Solution tops them all.

– Sid Diamond, Computer Consultant, Maryland


Parenting Solution has given me so many opportunities to grow. I realize how often I would make myself unhappy in my parenting through judging myself and believing that it was all so serious. Now I have the tools to just have fun in all interactions with my children, and most of all to let go of having to be perfect.

– Shara Ouston, Mother/Homemaker, England


A wonderful blue print for being an effective parent. The Parenting Solution opened my eyes to  things I was doing that prevented me from being as loving as I want to be. I saw choices that I was making that were disempowering. I am not a victim; a victim of life, a victim of circumstances a victim of other’s actions. I don’t have to live my life frazzled, hurt, angry, and frustrated, etc. –even part of the time.

– Marty Valley, Dentist, Michigan

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