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“I came confused, frightened, with a fuzzy sense of the future and I am leaving confident that The Parenting Solution will help my son become a happy teenager and human being.”

Nadia DParaschi, Civil Engineer, California

“This is The Parenting Solution I have literally been hoping I would find for the past 26 years! Although my children are 26, 18 and 15 years of age, I wanted tools and new ways of thinking about the ways I relate to my children on a daily basis; tools that would work equally well in small situations as well as in a crisis…I have begun to work on myself this week, applying many of the tools to be a more effective, more respectful, more loving and happier parent. I have made small changes and big changes in me, so that I can be the living teaching I want to be for my children.”

Erika Bro,, Life Coach, Hopewell, NJ

“The Kaufman’s work represents a true innovation- for it provides a detailed exploration of the Psychology of Happiness. Clearly and imaginatively presented, empowering in its deepest core, this work can truly transform any pilgrim who wishes to apply its methods. As a psychotherapist and graduate university professor of psychology, I deeply recommend this work.”

Richard A. Heckler, University Professor, Psychotherapist, Sonoma, CA

“The Parenting Solution used ‘parenting’ as the platform to teach me skills that I am using to change my life in unexpected ways. I am confident, happy, and satisfied with myself and from here I will interact with my kids and my husband in a more loving and accepting way.”

Mel McDivitt, Home maker, Greenwich, CT

“Having learned a lot during my time in the playroom with my special child I was still missing some pieces of my puzzle. The Parenting Solution helped me tremendously in putting those pieces in place and left me well prepared to become an even better mom. I know how exactly what I want and have a set of guidelines to follow that will help me get there. I highly recommend this program to any person who has children, or works with them.”

Mari, Son-Rise Mom, Dexter, MI

“I am a loving parent with the best of intentions and yet, now that I have gone through The Parenting Solution, I have the tools and conviction to effectively relate to my children and create the strong bond of love I always wanted.”

Marcus Nazar, Actor, Cary, NC

“As a result of The Parenting Solution I now have the inspiration, guiding principals and tools to raise my child in a positive way so that he can learn and live life the way he wants to and not the way I want him to. I know now how to give him the opportunity to find his own way and I will love him no matter the outcome.”

Rich Lord, Sales, Cardiff, CA

“I wanted to change some of my approaches to parenting but I didn’t have a positive and convincing model how to do it. At the Option Institute I learned an alternative to my old ways, an option that help me substitute my old, not really working “old ways” with the “new” ones. I was offered simple, clear, easy to use material.”

Svetlana Luzgina, Marketing rep, Jersey City, NJ

“A wonderful blue print for being an effective parent. The Parenting Solution opened my eyes to things I was doing that prevented me from being as loving as I want to be. I saw choices that I was making that were disempowering. I am not a victim; a victim of life, a victim of circumstances, a victim of other’s actions. I don’t have to live my life frazzled, hurt, angry, and frustrated, etc. –even part of the time.”

Marty Valley, Dentist, Hoslett, MI

“The Parenting Class was amazing! The idea that I can move easily among my children by using simple principles and beliefs was eye opening. I also enjoyed the sense of community we shared as a class.”

Bronwyn Huffard, Mother, Mount Vernon, NY

“Before I got here, my parenting skills and family life was in chaos. Over the week, I have gained tremendous, life changing insight about myself as a parent. I have also learned the skills that would help me be a better parent and put our family in a better place.”

Maureen McCartin, Mom and Wife, Garden City, NJ

“I am much clearer about myself as a parent, what I want, and how I’m going to get it. I know I have a set of tools to use and a really big and beautiful support group.”

Julie Nazar, Home-maker, Cary, North Carolina

“I had been taught that parenting is hard and that you have to take the good with the bad. I don’t hold those beliefs anymore. In Parenting Solution, I learned that anytime my children are unhappy, it’s a glorious opportunity to teach and guide them as I love them. When I truly let go of outcomes with my children, I become a clearer and more effective parent. I learned how to implement consequences without them being a punishment. I also learned to negotiate happily with my children. Though there are many methods to parenting, Parenting Solution tops them all.”

Sid Diamond, Computer Consultant, Maryland

“Parenting Solution offers an incredibly rich, exciting program. A variety of ideas and experiential teachings are presented, which promote expanded thinking, creativity, hopefulness, common sense, and an actual vision one can embrace to guide them through the journey of parenting. For those who would like hope for what seem like hopeless situations, or who want to get creative with every day experiences this program is astounding.”

Karen Taylor, Homemaker, Illinois

“Before I attended Parenting Solution I was unsure and unhappy with my parenting and the resulting behavior of my children. Time and effort I put out to try and make my children happy were exhausting and unsuccessful! I leave this course with a full ‘tool box’ to live by and a clear intention of how to live my life as a guide to my children. This course has changed my entire perception of raising children.”

Maiya Finch, Office Manager, California

“Above all else I learned that without a playful, respectful and loving attitude there can be no deep connection with my kids. Without connection there can be no communication. Parenting Solution gave me a deeper insight into how to achieve a better relationship with my kids by getting my own act together first, and gave me deep insights that have completely changed my approach to parenting. If you want to do something for your kids, take this program. It will change you.”

Peter J. Cooper, nvestor, Australia

“Parenting Solution has given me so many opportunities to grow. I realize how often I would make myself unhappy in my parenting through judging myself and believing that it was all so serious. Now I have the tools to just have fun in all interactions with my children, and most of all to let go of having to be perfect.”

Shara Ouston, Mother/Homemaker, England

“My wife started talking to me about The Option Institute the day I met her but I wasn’t interested. After many attempts to deter her from using Parenting Solution as our vacation, I decided it must be very important to her. I am 26 years old and never thought I could take in so much useful information in five days. I will use all the tools and advice I have received from everyone here and I know already I will live a happier, more loving life!”

Dan Snyder, Business Owner, Indiana

“In Parenting Solution, The Option Institute’s approach gave me the opportunity to embrace the experience of parenting from a very loving and accepting place and, as a working mother, to enjoy myself and my child again, guiding and preparing her for life.”

Yvonne Ward, Physical Therapist, Barbados

“Prior to Parenting Solution my parenting was done by trial and error. Now I have a framework, concrete tools, and a whole new approach to take with me. I am looking forward to going home and comfortably addressing (and resolving!) several previously difficult parenting challenges. I’m expecting a much happier household and much more fulfillment as a parent as a result.”

Paul Weichselbaum, Business Consultant, Massachusetts

“Parenting Solution helped me to approach my child with clarity and authenticity. It helped me realize I was sometimes unaware of what I was actually teaching vs. what I wanted to teach, and that truly being honest with my children is more than trying to provide them with inauthentic standards. It has given me an awesome head start on raising kids with a happy, clear head.”

Melissa Snyder, Mom, Indiana

“After Parenting Solution, I will now parent with confidence, ease and joy! I have learned how to be happy with my children as they are, to embrace them and to effectively and lovingly teach and guide them. My focus has changed from getting them to do what I want to building a respectful, loving relationship where we both get what we want. I am better equipped to help my children become responsible and well-adjusted.”

Leah Taylor Roy, Manager, Massachusetts

“It sounds paradoxical but is now very clear to me that the best gift I can give my child involves my being clear that my parenting really is all about me! When I view what I do as should, obligation and have-to it’s easy to become resentful and unloving. When I instead see each action as a gift that I want to give, not only do I enjoy my parenting so much more but so does my child.”

Martin Krag, Physician/Professor, Vermont

“Due to my learning and new perspective from Parenting Solution, I will now parent differently. I don’t think I could have gained this perspective from a book or even from another great mom. The intensity of the experience, listening to the other group members, and the one-on-one dialogues all contributed a great deal to the newfound joy and confidence I now bring to my family.”

Stacy Wasserman, Neuropsychologist, New York

“Fantastic! Parenting Solution is taught with such enthusiasm, love and acceptance. It helped create an awareness that every bit of parenting is a blessing, a gift. This course has also given me some incredible tools to use in all kinds of situations with my children. My biggest learning is that when my parenting comes from love, acceptance and happiness, what I choose to do comes from a clear and most effective place.”

Pam Ross, Mom, California

“Parenting Solution provided both an opportunity to examine my beliefs and attitude about being a parent as well as a comprehensive, effective framework to use as a foundation for our parenting. The combination of these very specific, useful tools and the attitudes I now bring to my parenting will enable us to parent not only with greater love and acceptance, but also with clear and specific intention. I can not imagine a greater gift to our family than the five days Paul and I have spent here.”

Marianne Weichselbaum, Mom, Massachusetts

“Before I attended Parenting Solution, I put down my occupation as ‘Home Duties.’ Now my occupation is ‘Mother Extraordinaire.’ This experience has been an awakening of my talents for motherhood. Maybe they were always there? Through the material/classes and sharing with other people I have now realized all the opportunities I can take home and use/share with my three children. We now will grow and evolve together.” “

Tracey Ryan-Cooper, Mother Extraordinaire, Australia

“Parenting Solution offers a beautiful opportunity to create the happy family life we all dream about. Through the use of Seven Core Principals of Effective Parenting, one easily learns how to love and accept their child and get the kind of interaction that fosters growth, responsibility and learning”

Avis Krag, Homemaker, Vermont

“I expected that Parenting Course would teach me methods of training my children to be cooperative – Wow! was I in for a surprise! While we did spend some time on how to get what you want from your child, the bulk of the course dealt with taking apart and thoroughly examining the whole idea of parenting: roles, beliefs, intentions, etc. Once the whole concept of me as a parent was taken down to bare bones, we rebuilt my life as Mom in a wonderful and exciting way”

Paisley Hillegeist, Mom, Connecticut

“Each program at the Option Institute gives me the opportunity to be more thankful for being born. I used to feel like such a victim – I never choose to be on this earth and therefore walk around being angry, spiteful, vindictive. Really unhappy. I no longer feel that way. I feel like I am one of God’s chosen pupils; that he is showing, guiding and loving me along a path that has rocks and ditches and goes through the dark woods, comes out into a sunny meadow, crosses streams, etc., but that it can be an adventure. That along the way there are so many things to learn about myself and what makes me tick. What a gift. Through Parenting Course I will now allow my children to know what person is this on this path and to get to know them as well as they are on theirs. I’ve also discovered that I do want to be a parent.”

Gail Ferver, Mom, Pennsylvania

“Parenting Course is not about techniques to use to get your child to do what you want (although you will learn powerful techniques and strategies). It’s about looking at who you are, why you get angry or fearful or uncomfortable in some other way with your child and how you can change yourself so you can parent from a clear, loving, comfortable place. The tools and knowledge I have learned in this class with my wife are already making all the difference in the world in our relationship with each other and our relationships with our children.”

Jon Hillegeist, Corporate Seminar Designer, Connecticut

“Parenting Course program is a wonderful way to really begin to look at who you are, how you show up in the world and most importantly how that reveals how you show up as a parent in your child’s world. I learned so much about different behaviors that might be displayed and what that means about the beliefs that are held. “

Joanna Schwartzel, Hoof Care Practitioner, Utah

“Parenting Course offered a wonderful opportunity to evaluate our beliefs about parenting and make decisions about keeping or changing those beliefs as an active way to become our own version of the perfect parent.”

Ben Huffard, Physician, Maine

“Parenting protocol has helped me go from enduring aspects of motherhood to enjoying them. By learning acceptance and setting time limits I realized I could give exactly what I want to my kids not only without dread, but with real enthusiasm and joy!”

Amber Earle, Entrepreneur, New York

“After a week on the Parenting Course I gave myself the feeling that I am the best parent for my children. I will choose happiness even when my whole family chooses unhappiness. And I can do it. Love to come home to my family with a new attitude of happiness, lover and acceptance.”

Anne Kari Thronsen, Nurse, Denmark

“It has been a transformative week. I came to Parenting Course to understand further how can I be the best possible version of a mother? I’m leaving here knowing not only that I’ve always been the best version, but that I can do it even more effectively for myself with comfort, energy and joy. And I can teach that to my children.”

Bronwyn Huffard, Mother and Student, Maine

“Unhappiness is a choice. Parenting children unconsciously is what we are taught to do. Love, guide, let go and using happiness as a motivator will change mine and my families lives forever.”

Wesley Earle, Contractor, New York

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