Personal Peace

Deep Comfort in the Face of Challenging Events

Program: 5 days (Formerly “Calm Amid Chaos”)

Are you facing a serious and intense life challenge or crisis? The death of a loved one, the loss of your job, the break-up of your relationship, the loss of your nest egg in the stock market or even a physical attack? Do you feel traumatized, overwhelmed, like it’s all unfair? Or maybe you just want to stand tall in the face of any event or obstacle.

Imagine being able to maintain an inner quiet and strength when confronted with challenging and seemingly incomprehensible events. Not by hiding from them or ignoring them, but by facing them unflinchingly, and with ease. In Personal Peace, you will develop a foundational system of interlocking beliefs that enable you to stand easy in the face of whatever the world throws at you.

This is the program Co-Founder Barry Neil Kaufman describes as “a life game-changer that took me to the next level.”


What you will learn in Personal Peace:

  • Make Everything Make Sense: Shift your point of view so that everything actually makes sense – take in the world through a powerful perspective that lets you find meaning and beauty in seemingly senseless events.
  • Positive Bias: Uncover judgments that create a negative spin on life; replace them with perspectives that let you see light where you previously saw darkness.
  • Like a Rock: Forge a foundational system of beliefs, an intelligent grid, that is unshakable in the face of adversity and challenge.
  • On top of this foundation, you will be able to construct a practical everyday philosophy that will take you where you want to go in your life.

Read Reviews

I came to the Option Institute dragging my past and wanting someone to fix me. Each course that I have taken has helped me get in touch with a piece of myself. After Personal Peace, I am waving my arms in the air and so happy to be alive knowing that my “fix-it kit” is right inside me! I can take this knowledge with me everywhere I go. Deep, deep gratitude to all the spectacular teachers.

Gerty Handelman

Retired, Canada

Personal Peace was definitely life changing! I am excited to know that I can now see “chaos” with different eyes and different beliefs. This program to me, is a valuable guide on how to attain the most happy, adventurous life. I am calm. I am at peace. Thank you for giving me the tools to make that happen.

Jamie R. Lambert

Son-Rise Program Mom, IN

I came to Personal Peace to challenge an old, old pattern of withholding love. This pattern was held up like a flashing neon sign for me to see. Once again, I’ve enjoyed the whole experience so much, including the facilities of the teachers, the wonder and variety of my fellow seekers, and the beautiful Institute environment. In the end, I was surprised at the unexpected challenges that came up. It turned into an extra delicious course, after I’d already enjoyed a whole banquet.

Brian McSweeney

Teacher, CA

Personal Peace was the perfect program at the perfect time. I got exactly what I most longed for; to embrace God again and to trust and hope again. Most exquisite of all, to create a framework that works for how to view the world and everything that happens in my life through a mindset that allows me to trust, hope, and see God in everything.

Jan Marie Gundacker

Son-Rise Program® Advisor, CT

Personal Peace is my favorite program. Having taken it a second time now and having used the Intelligrid to make sense of events in my life already, I now see opportunities I missed previously. How exciting! I feel equipped for life.

Tony Dalton

Engineer & Project Manager, Ireland

The Intelligrid is the perfect shortcut to happiness.  The ideas are simple and effective tools for me to use.  I loved the class!  There is a chorus in the musical Les Miserable – “To love another person is to see the face of God.”  I have changed that for myself – “To love another person is to experience my benevolence.”  Thank you Option Institute!

Roe Dibona

Restaurateur, NY

Personal Peace did just that!  I calmed the chaos in my mind.  It enabled me to see and to remember that “It all works out in the end.”  It helped me give myself permission to love myself, have strength in myself, and own me and my thoughts.

Poppy Manoussakis

Full Time Son-Rise Program Mom, Australia

Personal Peace has given me the tools to transform my own personal chaos into calm, which has now given me a profound sense of peace with my past and excitement and anticipation for my future.

Alison Taylor

Son-Rise Program Mom, United Kingdom

Personal Peace has been the most amazing week of my life.  I learned how to dance and play.  And above all else, I learned how to love myself completely without conditions or rules.  Thank you.

Larry Freed

Coach, MD

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