Radical Authenticity

Communicate With Honesty, Without Hesitation

You would be surprised at how many life challenges stem from (or are exacerbated by) lack of honest communication. Most of us spend our lives hold-ing back what we think, feel and want in order to gain (or retain) the acceptance of others or to avoid confrontation and conflict. The problem is that this leads to:

  • Allowing many issues to remain unresolved until they reach a crisis point
  • A deep feeling of loneliness that comes from not really being known
    by others
  • Ongoing low-grade unhappiness due to the constant disconnect between what we feel on the inside and what we express on the outside
  • Unwanted events that occur because we go with what others want instead of honestly voicing what we want.
Radical Authenticity is a course devoted entirely to becoming deeply comfortable and at ease with honest communication. The classes are bold and challenging. They lead many to radically enhance their own levels of authentic communication with the people in their lives… leaving their relationships, personal happiness and ability to handle interpersonal challenges utterly transformed.

In Radical Authenticity, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Become so at ease with speaking authentically that you head off or resolve conflicts and issues before they reach
    crisis proportions
  • Release the fears you may have around truly honest communication
  • Learn to be powerful and direct without being insensitive or uncaring
  • Accept the parts of yourself that you’ve been afraid to talk about
  • Stop being shy about acknowledging your strengths
  • Encourage authenticity from the people who are important to you

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Extraordinary! At last a program that fully delivers on its promise. This experience so demonstrated the ways in which I ‘hide’ from being fully real and present in the world – and most importantly, how to make concrete steps to change that fact. The take-away: inner and outer alignment and a true sense of self. What a gift!

Bob Blenn

Organizational Training and Development, New York

Radical Authenticity offers a stunningly effective alternative to society’s persuasive culture of lies, deceit, omissions and judgments. It provides tools to help you let go of your own judgments, embrace love and truth, and to let go of your worry about judgments of others.

Mike Wagner

Military Planner, Maryland

I came to really realize how much I’ve been lying and how exhausting it has been. I haven’t been showing up in my own life enough as me.  I’m so excited and relieved to now have the tools and knowledge to live my life how I want to live it.

Jenn Rosenthal

Radio Personality, Ohio

Radical Authenticity has been so extremely amazing.  I realize that when I am absolutely authentic, I give myself and my partner the opportunity to be open and honest on issues, like sex, family, partnership in decision-making, money and emotional intimacy. Before Radical Authenticity, I thought I was taking a risk, and now I know that the risk isn’t in being authentic; it’s in not being authentic.

Kathleen Corelli Byrne

Mental Health Worker, Connecticut

WOW!!! I thought I had it all together before I came here (taken other programs 4-5 years ago). In Radical Authenticity I opened myself up to areas in my life where I was still being inauthentic. A fascinating learning experience!! I now realize that 100% authenticity is the path for my emotional and physical well-being.  I will continue to return to the Option Institute for fun and self-learning. With the concepts I have learned here over the years I have created an absolutely incredible life for myself.  I have immense gratitude for the people who work here and for the Option Process.

Julie Ann Panneton

Accountant, Canada

Radical Authenticity has been a truly exceptional week. I’ve felt that I am growing more authentic by the day! The classes, exercises, and teachings are consistently pushing me to stretch and look at what held me back, why, where, and with whom. I figured out it was focused on where I thought I would be judged. I was also able to see where I shine and where I hide my light.

Emily Jolliffe

Teacher, United Kingdom

I hardly know where to begin. The Radical Authenticity Program has been a game changer for me. I am leaving feeling stronger, happier, and more calm than I have in a long time. The love I’ve felt this week and acceptance are like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The people here really do care about me and my journey to becoming a better version of myself. Thank you all for modeling love in its purest form. All the way from the kitchen staff and cleaning staff right up to the teachers, you all have made a huge difference in my life, and I treasure the experience and the love you have shared with me over the last five days!

Michelle Lindley

Theatre Manager, Canada

I would love to share my life after the Radical Authenticity program I took when I was volunteering at
the Option Institute.

When I attended the course… I was wearing many masks. I felt so imprisoned in how I showed up in the world and I was in a lot of emotional pain from not being congruent with who I was. I attended the program with a goal to become Radically Authentic, specifically in the area of relationships. The course was challenging and I received extra love from Bears and the  group. I dug deep and played hard.

Since I left the Option Institute ……I have been playing in the “sand box of Radical Authenticity” and my life has changed enormously. I have found the key to freedom — freedom in who I am and in self expression. But the greatest joy in my life has been achieving my goal — creating an extraordinary relationship with a man. I showed up in the relationship being totally Authentic…which gave him permission to be totally Authentic. What a wonderful foundation for a legendary love for life. Radical Authenticity is life changing.

Katrina Tse

Retired Police Officer and Lawyer, Australia

My daughter and I came to Radical Authenticity to learn to communicate better with each other. The classes and dialogues revealed underlying issues that neither of us were aware of. After lots of reflection and tears, we forgave each other and agreed to start over. My daughter said ‘It was the best day of my life.’ Together we have a new opportunity to love and be authentic with each other as we move forward!

Mike Eason

Insurance, Texas

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