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“During Radical Authenticity I’ve learned to really put myself out there in my attempt to create more meaningful relationships in my life. I no longer am a prisoner inside myself due to inauthenticity – I learned it’s the best thing for me to be completely genuine with everyone I come across.”

Erin Sullivan, Banquet Server, South Carolina

“Radical Authenticity was free fall teaching and learning. No boundaries set and every opportunity to choose radical authenticity. The program built and grew in the natural strength of the participants. I am truly ready to go into my new life with confidence in my real self and the tools to use in self-studentship.”

Tissie Roberts, Environmental Writer And Consultant, England

“Never before in my life have I felt comfortable to say what I really feel. This week I’ve challenged myself to move towards being authentic and have deepened relationships. I’m experiencing for the first time really accepting love and acceptance for myself and receiving it from others. Authenticity is the path to my core. I will continue to move towards this, knowing that it’s the best gift to me and others.”

Shayu Talbot, Community Service Worker, Canada

“Radical Authenticity gave me the freedom and safety to explore areas of myself that I had tightly packaged away. Once I opened the packages, I was able to create and discover my authentic, loving self I had been stifling. I created my permanent playground for myself to truly get to know me authentically with pure love and acceptance. I realized when I love myself first, there is no fear. Therefore, being authentically me is fearless. Thank you all for an unbelievable week!!!”

Christine Mullinax, Corp. Director Sales And Marketing Operations, South Carolina

“Radical Authenticity has shown me a new path to travel in my relationship with myself and those that I love. Seeing that being authentic is the easiest way to love and create relationships is a huge blessing and gift. Rather than having people turn away, I now know that being authentic opens doors and welcomes people into my life.”

Bridget Hurley, Clinical Oncology Pharmacist,, Colorado

“I arrived an anxiety ridden, nervous, insecure individual who valued other’s opinions of myself and my actions more than I valued my own. I am leaving a more confident, stronger, valued individual who realizes that as I continue to get to know and accept myself I will be able to love myself and others unconditionally and this feels wonderfully feeling.”

Maria Delasi, Social Worker, New Jersey

“Radical Authenticity was fabulous and life changing. I arrived on Monday terrified of others judgments and afraid to express what I truly think and feel. By facing others judgments of me throughout the week and through the various exercises, class sessions and dialogues I explored the implications of beliefs that hold me back. Today, I feel significantly more comfortable expressing myself – including the positive and loving feelings and gratitude I have for others that I never before shared. I am ready to face the world in a new way – open, true to my previously unexpressed thoughts and feelings and unafraid of negative judgments.”

M. S., Attorney, Maryland

“I got what I came for. The fear of not being liked and the power I “gave away” wanting to be approved – as beliefs – created my behaving in a way that caused me not to connect – I learned what those were so that I could create congruency with how I actually feel but somehow was not conveying well. I now can be and am freely “daring” with what I say and have dropped those behaviors that got in the way. That’s pretty great after sixty-five years! Absolutely wonderful feeling!”

Keith Garrick, Retired, California

“Radical Authenticity was the most rewarding 5 days of my life. I came in a semi-frozen state, frightened and confused by the hole I had dug for myself. The Option Institute not only showed me the steps out of the hole, but also let down a rope-ladder so I could come out smiling into the bright lights of the rest of my life. Thank you.”

Jane Buckle, Director, New York

“Radical Authenticity was one of the most loving and powerful weeks of my life. We were challenged at every moment, by the teacher, to look honestly at the ways in which we habitually deceive ourselves and those around us, out of fear and judgment. We learned how to practice true presence, nonjudgment toward ourselves and each member of our class. We learned that love is a choice at all times and that we can choose to love boldly, deeply, authentically and powerfully, not only those people and parts of ourselves we’re comfortable with but each person and each part of ourselves with which we are uncomfortable.”

Erika Cohen, Educational Consultant, New Jersey

“Radical Authenticity has been a life-changing experience for me — encouraging me to look at myself and life honestly, to stop judging and be truly present in a way I did not know was possible. With these tools, I feel I can listen and love myself and others more fully than ever before. I’ve learned to assess my wants and take a chance sharing them with others — finding I am more loving when I do so.”

Jenny Anderson, Social Worker, Washington

“Radical Authenticity was a 10, so much more than I expected. The work with The Option Process® Dialogue was invaluable to inner healing and growth. The playful and embodied approach to uncovering how we mask our magnificence, how we choose to see our world, either through the lens of abundance and joy, or through a web of stories that no longer serve us, was transformational.”

Sarah Hyde, Teacher, Maine

“Radical Authenticity was a time to unleash all of my innermost secrets without judging myself or being judged by others. I learned how to ask for what I want and that it’s O.K. to do that. Addressing my fears and learning to be authentic has made me truly happy. Learning to dialogue with others as well as myself is a key that I will carry with me forever.”

Melanie Jackson, Unemployed, Missouri

“I came to Radical Authenticity to learn to be the best version of myself, but I never truly anticipated the inward journey. That now allows me to not only be the best version of myself on a continual and growing basis, but to fill myself and my life with a love, acceptance and happiness that I never knew was possible.”

Julia K. McCaughey, Retail Manager, Connecticut

“To me Radical Authenticity was an experience of the coincidence between the humor and the divine. It is the presence of God in action. ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears.’ The Option Institute is God’s gift of a teacher for me, the teacher I have prayed for for many, many years”

Rae Foster, Religious Science Practitioner, New York

“There are many paths leading toward a truly fulfilling and inspiring life. Radical Authenticity has been the one that calls me forward, most willingly, into living a life that I love. The teachings have gone deep inside me.”

Melanie Kilmarx, Physical Therapist, Thailand

“Radical Authenticity has been an amazing week for me. My body has changed as I have felt my inner armoring disintegrate and a new relaxation has taken place. It’s been a change to where I now am able to inhabit my entire body and bring myself out to fill the surface of my skin where I can really meet my world. I feel grateful for this opportunity, which has enabled me to bring forward a more loving presence in myself.”

Margot Jones, Senior Engineering Manager, Massachusetts

“Radical Authenticity has been a much-needed time for me to reconnect with what is important to me and what has been missing in my life: being open and honest with myself, my loved ones and my community, with love and without judgment.”

Peter Kilmarx, Medical Epidemiologist, Thailand

“I came to Radical Authenticity shy and quiet. I have come to learn that by being so withdrawn and silent — by hiding out — I was, in effect, lying to the world. I realize now that I have something special inside. I want to share it and be honest about it with the people in my life and all those who are not yet in my life”

Jerry Mielke, Electronic Technician, Minnesota

“In this week, I have received incredible tools to reverse a lifetime of feeling that I couldn’t be myself. Now I know I have the ability to choose my own experience. I’m excited to jump back into my life at home and play with what I have learned at Radical Authenticity”

Helen Slomvits, Musician, Michigan

“Radical Authenticity was one of the most positively impactful and useful programs I have taken. It has helped me to reaffirm the power I have within to be focused, present and happy.”

Michael Rubell, Training Consultant, New Jersey

“A mind-changing experience — new truth for an old dog. Radical Authenticity will definitely help me get more of what I want.”

Bill North, Business Consultant, Pennsylvania

“Profound! Empowering! I have personally shed some old skin and instantly adopted new beliefs that serve me in glorious ways. I have expanded my capacity to love myself and transcended all my love for others.”

Jane Cargill, Waitress/Secretary, Massachusetts

“To be radically authentic is the most alive feeling I have experienced! It is me! Just me! In all my glory! It’s what I’ve always wanted; I just never knew how to do it, or that I could do it. One of my favorite aspects of Radical Authenticity is that it gets easier and more fun with each passing moment.”

Mark Tyrell, Artist, Canada

“Radical Authenticity helped me examine and understand my belief systems and resulting behaviors. I now know how to be 100% authentic in even the most difficult situations. I am stronger in knowing what I want and how to achieve my goals. I look forward to every experience as a ’10.'”

Carol Stoddard, Hand Therapist, Massachusetts

“Radical Authenticity helped me recognize that I have been going through life robbing myself of the joy and passion that resides within me. With 50 years past me, I greatly look forward to the next 50 years of sharing myself more fully and authentically! Thank you!”

David Precechtil, Vice President of Operations, Oregon

“Amazing ideas that simply never occurred to me before. I am changed.”

Bronwyn Huffard, Homemaker, Connecticut

“Radical Authenticity offered me the opportunity to further examine my beliefs, change the ones not useful to me, and practice expressing my thoughts and feelings in a loving, nonjudgmental environment. I am so grateful!”

Robin McCarthy, Social Worker, Maine

“Radical Authenticity was a wonderful experience of being able to confront my fears in a safe environment, see myself more objectively, and learn how to change my beliefs about myself to become what I want to be”

Jim Patton, Management Consultant, Delaware

“I was blown away by the opportunities afforded me at Radical Authenticity to open my mind and my heart, and to discover the beauty and wonder that remains when inauthenticity falls away.”

Valerie Gilbert, Actress, New York

“Radical Authenticity enabled me to bring the person who I really am much more alive. It’s so wonderful to experiment with being who you really are and seeing others love you more and more for that”

Bert Voerman, Scientist/Psychologist, Netherlands

“The Option Institute is a place of blessings – the location (nature and architecture), the people, the program, the energy, the atmosphere – all chosen and designed to promote my well-being and dreams. I am extremely grateful for the gifts I received during Radical Authenticity and I understand it didn’t happen by accident: good people have given their talents and lives to make it possible”

Donna Wilshire, Writer/Actress, New Jersey

“In learning to be more honest and authentic, I have discovered a new freedom in how to relate to others. I can be present without the need to take care of them, which has liberated a lot of energy for me.”

Nell Wagoner, Physician, Alaska

“An absolutely amazing, simple, fantastic week of setting one intention to become fully visible in my life, going full-force for that intention and reaping huge rewards. I saw how playing me small, or presenting myself as limited was so, so false, a lie and something I am done with forever. I grew up . . . I am a fully complete individual with energy and passion that I have never felt in 40 years of living. My deepest gratitude and appreciation for Radical Authenticity. This fantastic opportunity to grow BIG! A most incredible week, a watershed where it is absolutely impossible to turn back . . . I absolutely committed to myself, to showing me, all of me, to stand on my own ground and connect from there! The group was most supportive, as were the teachers. You were all outstanding! I was most proud (a very non-mennonite quality) to say I was on staff at The Option Institute . . . what we” teach and what “we” support and the opportunities for human growth and development here are just amazing!”

Mim Burkholder, Development Coordinator/Registered Nurse, Connecticut

“I am continuously amazed at my growth and evolution as each day of this class has gone by. ‘Ahas’ and self-knowledge have spontaneously germinated. I’ve gained tools to be happier, more peaceful, more loving, and completely myself. I notice myself thinking and being my most powerful loving self. I believe in myself now and am eternally grateful for the love I have received here.”

Christine McLaughlin, Massage Therapist, Colorado

“The Option Process® is so simple, so beautiful. I have been among the walking dead most of my life, and my Parkinson’s disease mirrors that profoundly. I came to get my life back, and I’m leaving with an open, grateful heart for all that I’ve learned, a joy I’ve never felt, and the knowledge that I did it myself. I chose minute by minute to be here, in my body, in the world, and to live, live, live.”

Katie Stokley, Arizona

“I have had a lot of fun this week. I have integrated my soft and loving side with my authenticity. I have really enjoyed watching myself and others grow. I have been amazed to watch a roomful of strangers completely open up and share themselves to everyone’s benefit.”

Mary Church, Business Owner/Mother, Indiana

“This Radical Authenticity program really enabled me to take a good look at ways that I am inauthentic and people pleasing. The class material was such an amazing demonstration of the value of authenticity that I then chose to reinvent myself as a whole new authentic person!!!”

Maria Wolf, Editorial Assistant, Pennsylvania

“Only at the Option Institute would you find a program entitled Radical Authenticity and only here would I get everything I hoped for and more by the morning of the 2nd day, and then get to grow it bigger and bigger and bigger for the rest of the week! This was the missing piece in my life, to give myself a “voice” in relationships, to speak my heart, from my heart, and in a way that can be heard by me, and others. I had already learned the language of love at the Option Institute, now I can speak it in the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for helping me discover and use my hearts voice!”

Jan-Marie Gundacker, Coach/Councilor/Writer, New Jersey

“I was taught while growing up to not speak unless I had something nice to say about another person. As a consequence I have quite often filtered or stayed silent when I might have shared more about myself and my thoughts and feelings about another person. After taking this course I feel I can be authentic through love and have much more intimate honest relationships.”

Audrey White, Financial Consultant, Texas

“My experience in the Radical Authenticity program was an awareness of a complete range of emotions. All emotions helped me to create a meaningful and wondrous experience for myself. I saw insights into myself that have changed my life forever.”

Barbara Murphy, Domestic Engineer, Massachusetts

“The Radical Authenticity program helped me to be honest and loving to myself and others. To be able to state “what I want” or “what I don’t want” with love. To use a “positive” attitude instead of the “negative” in order to attempt and/or attain my wants.”

Portia Allen, Computer Programmer, New Jersey

“What a beautiful experience! To see the beauty in others as they begin to reveal their true selves. I see a possibility of loving people no matter who they are being. I don’t have to shut down my love.”

Liz Fisher, Montessori School Teacher, Mississippi

“I felt love and compassion and learned that it is wonderful to step out of the shell of fear and into the light of happiness and joy. I laughed and enjoyed the growth I experienced here. I can not think of any place on earth where I could experience the love and growth as I did here.”

Robin Kelly, Marketing Manager, Maryland

“Before I came, I liked the concept of Radical Authenticity. However I wondered if I could really “buy into it”. I never expected to find what a tremendous difference, more energy, more vitality, more ease with myself and others it would make in my life. I found it is a tremendous gift I can give myself.”

Sue Davis, Physician, Massachusetts

“The learning I leave with after this magnificent week is that in speaking my truth I become free. Free to share myself with others and invite them to do the same. The benefit in so doing is that I am able to be known for all that I am. Fears and regrets are no longer necessities. I choose to be happy by sharing my heart (uncensored!) with those around me.”

Melissa Simmons, Registered Nurse, Georgia

“This week I have woken up from a bad dream, a dream of a world with bad people in it, a world of fear and sabotage. I learned my reactions to people are due to me only, and even though I had those for the best of reasons, researching those, I can change them! I learned that speaking my truth is not dangerous, in fact that it is the very best way to take care of myself. Suddenly I feel able to start trusting other people and myself to live my own life without waiting for validation or permission from others. It’s not that my fear is gone, but I know now that I can find its cause in me, and change it from moment to moment.”

Karen Gerritsen, Teacher, Netherlands

“This Radically Authenticity program changed my life; I came as a liar, someone afraid to tell the truth because I felt smaller than another or because I thought if I told the truth another would feel smaller and not love me. I have punched holes in all of that and have learned that only by speaking my heart and wants at all times, I will actually create love for myself, love for others, and a community of friends and family who love me for whom I am.”

Judith Ugelow, Correspondence Coordinator, Massachusetts

“Radically me is beautiful and wonderful. Expertly asked questions drew this honesty and self love out of me. I feel great!”

Laurie Harrison, Registrar, Massachusetts

“The Radical Authenticity program is far and away the most powerful program I have attended at the Option Institute. The style of the teachers and the content of the class has me examining parts of myself I never knew existed. My week here has been filled with the most amazing conversations and glimpses of my classmate’s private realities. It provides a recipe for living life while holding nothing back, and is a must for any one who wants to really live authentically.”

David Gaudry, Musician, California

“It is wonderful to attend a workshop where my ‘feelings’ or perceptions of the teachers/leaders was that they really believe in what they are teaching. I love it that this is a way of life that is being lived and not just a skill that is being presented.”

Zuli Soltesz, New Jersey

“The Radical Authenticity program was very life changing for me. Through being radically authentic I have moved through beliefs that have had controlled reactions in me since childhood. I really do feel I have found a beautiful person within myself.”

Roger Greidanus, Railroad, California

“Knowing yourself in one thing, but creating opportunities to express yourself spontaneously is another, that’s what the Radical Authenticity program helped me with!”

Kevin Parent, Singer, Canada

“My goal is to be a fully empowered, authentic, loving person realizing my dreams in my work and in my personal life. What I connected to in Radical Authenticity was the myriad ways I prevent myself in realizing this goal. My life is safer, yet smaller. I want a big life. I want to live fully in who I am. This program has opened my exploration on how this is possible. I now know more specifically where my fears are, my judgments and how to lovingly open myself to myself and others and life itself.”

Lucille Marchand, Physician, Wisconsin

“Radical Authenticity was most challenging in bringing me face to face with all the ways in which I am not authentic in my life. My greatest realization is that authenticity starts with self-love. When I love and accept myself as I am, I can show up in the world and authentically express myself in action. When I love myself, I can love and accept others as they are and delight in the mutual contribution we make to one another from our diversity. I get that self-love and authenticity are the foundation for a peaceful world.”

Nico Panigutti, Production Manager, California

“SO MUCH FUN! It absolutely deepened and solidified my sense that being authentic in the world is the way to go. I also haven’t laughed so much in a long time.”

Jeannie Reid, Son-Rise Program Mom, Ohio

“Excellent design of the course. I got to truly experience myself and examine what I found in a much clearer, deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. Definitely an excellent “next-step” up my own personal mountain. Thanks !!!”

Larry Freed, Business Coach, Maryland

“Like pieces of puzzle that I worked with my whole life came together and presently revealed itself. Got to know me-what a pleasant surprise and amazing opportunity. Found my real location on the map of life and was given tools to deal with the tasks that I might choose.”

Katya Kaufman, Full Time Mom, New York

“WOW!!! I thought I had it all together before I came here (taken other programs 4-5 years ago). In Radical Authenticity I opened myself up to areas in my life I was still being inauthentic. A fascinating learning experience!! I now realize that 100% authenticity is the path for my emotional and physical well-being. I will continue to return to the Option Institute for fun and self-learning. With the concepts I have learned here over the years I have created an absolutely incredible life for myself. I have immense gratitude for the people who work here and for the Option Process.”

Julie Ann Panneton, Accountant, Canada

“Radical Authenticity was for me like a synthesis of all the other courses I’ve taken here-I surfaced many fears and confronted them (especially fear of judgment by others and rejection). I worked on self-trust and self-acceptance. I worked on trusting others and the process (Calm Amid Chaos) and confronted important issues. At the end, I feel calm and more comfortable than ever!”

Phil Lomas, Psychiatrist, Wisconsin

“Wow! Really almost don’t have the words to express how amazing and how useful this week has been. This is my third time taking Radical Authenticity and I can genuinely say it gets better every time! The teaching style was such that I moved through and completely let go of issues that had been plaguing me deeply for a long time-and that was by the time Tuesday was over! My deepest gratitude and deepest love to you.”

Brian Ellis, Special Projects Coordinator, Connecticut

“Radical Authenticity was the single finest reminder in my life of how valuable every experience, every moment, every person is. A world without war, hatred and unacceptance is utterly available by experiencing and living the Option Process and principles and being Radically AUTHENTIC!”

Chrys Bailey, Organic Natural Foods Chef and Consultant, Colorado

“I am so grateful that The Option Institute chooses to invite us to be the most honest version of ourselves. Never has it been so much fun to openly play with what before I labeled as “faults,” and to discuss subjects which, in any other arena might be considered taboo. By discarding the masks, crossing the lines, and openly accepting who I am, I feel that my world is an open field to play in as I choose, rather than a maze or fun house where I try to maneuver my way through the misperceptions, simply trying to escape. Thank you to all of the teachers for all their love and support, and especially to Bears for loving me enough to call my masks a lie, and trusting me enough to grow in love and strength. I love and am so thankful for you!”

Lisa Lucht, Student/Waitress, California

“Radical Authenticity has altered for the better my view of myself and interactions with others, I’ve come to see that other people’s judgments of me are often a reflection of the judgments they have of themselves. I now take personal responsibility for going after my wants, instead of being afraid they’re not appropriate, then complaining. This has been transformative!”

Nicole Seidel, Son-Rise Program Mom, New York

“This program was by far the most helpful of all that I’ve taken. It truly changed my understanding of what being authentic is, and learning the core characteristics, and practicing authenticity throughout the week. It changed me – or rather, I changed myself! I know now that authenticity is the key to happiness, and that being in a loving attitude is the key to seeing love in the world. Awesome!”

Cindy Thompson, Professor, Illinois

“Having taken Radical Authenticity has changed my interaction with people around me. I am now much more capable/willing to show the real me. My biggest learning is definitely that I am not scared of other people’s judgments as I thought. I have been scared of my own! I have finally taken ownership and changed many things. There is still work to be done, and I now know how to do that. Thank you!!!”

Asger Leth, Head of Logistics/Faculty of Health Services, Denmark

“Being radically authentic is the only way to have real and sincere relationships with the people I love – because then I am really me! But even more, I find being radically authentic with myself is the greatest gift I can give myself. When I see myself judging or doing other things that I don’t like, I own it! That is the only way I can change! So being radically authentic with myself and everybody else is not only the safest way to travel, it will also be the only way to get me where I want!”

Sanne Schroll, Economist and Ph.D Student, Denmark

“My experience at The Option Institute has been so exciting. It has helped me recognize and take a hard look at the areas in my life I’d always been ‘meaning’ to change, but never had, and understand why I’ve made the choices I’ve made. It helped me become comfortable, at peace and confident about decisions I’ve made, that prior to The Option Institute, filled me with worry and doubt. I feel refreshed, alive, and excited to face the day and everything and everyone in it! From all of my heart, thank you.”

Pessy Goldman, Teacher, California

“This was a life-changing experience. I let go of the need to be perfect and the belief that I was damaged. Now I believe I am complete and prefect is not attainable.”

Nicole Tanzi, Son-Rise Program Mom, New York

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