Whether you’re just getting acquainted with the Option Institute and our teachings or are simply looking to expand your knowledgebase, we have a wealth of resources available to offer you. Our books, CDs and DVDs contain topics covered in our programs including our ground-breaking work with autism. If you’ve already attended a program at the Option Institute, you’ll find these materials provide an ideal way to keep yourself “in the attitude” throughout your daily life.

prcdostpOptimal Self-Trust – Make Choices with Absolute Confidence

Having trouble making decisions? Does each option seem to have only negative outcomes? Do you constantly ask yourself “am I making a mistake?” Your inner voice can be a source of incredible strength, wisdom and guidance – but only if you hear it! Too often, our inner voice is drowned out by anxiety, self-doubt and fear. In this CD, through the experiences of participants, you’ll find out how to increase the volume of your inner voice, drown out the fear and confusion, and make decisions and charge ahead in life with a sense of rock-solid self-trust and excitement!


prcdpodiPower Dialogues – The Unlimited Power of A Question

This CD is the perfect introduction to the concepts behind and the concrete tools of PowerDialogues, the ultimate system for personal change. Through the examples of actual class participants, you’ll discover why we react the way we do to the world around us, learn how to get to the underlying beliefs causing that reaction, and find out that we are in charge of those beliefs and can change them anytime we want. PowerDialogues is the tool that gives us that potent pathway to change.


prcdfearFearless – Become A Hero In Everyday Life

Fear is the greatest single obstacle to living a happy, loving life full of freedom and fun. It saps our ability to make decisions, move forward, or reach for the things that we want from our life. It sabotages relationships and careers. Contrary to what we are told, fear is not an instinct. It’s something we produce and we control, and therefore something we can do away with. This 2 CD set, pulled from the dynamic interactions of actual class members, will teach you the anatomy of fear, why we use it, and the tools to let it go. Free from fear, you’ll be able to go after the things you want in life with comfort and joy!


prcdexwoExceptional Woman – You … Without Apology

Being exceptional has never been easier–or more exciting! The four lectures on this CD, delivered by Exceptional Woman teachers, provide core perspective on how to live an extraordinary life as a woman, full of passion, strength and brilliance every single day.



prcdnevsNeverSettle Singles – A Radical Solution for Singles

You want to find the relationship of your dreams, but sometimes the world of a single person feels more like a nightmare, fraught with game-playing, inauthenticity, and wasted time. Get ready to change all that! This fast-paced seminar will give you the tools to find out quickly if someone fits what you’re looking for, to let them go with love if they’re not, and to negotiate the dating and relationship world with ease and comfort, so that you’ll never settle until you get that relationship of your dreams.


prcdcacaCalm Amid Chaos – An Unshakable Foundation for a Turbulent World

From losing your job, to a friend diagnosed with cancer, to the collapse of the housing market, to earthquakes in Asia, to a bombing in Barcelona – the world can seem chaotic, overwhelming, unfair. This 2 CD set will show you that it need not be. In it, you are introduced to the Intellegrid, a system of interlocking beliefs that enable you to quickly and easily make sense of seemingly senseless events, so that you can stand comfortably and move forward effortlessly in the face of adversity and challenge.


prcdemyoEmpower Yourself – Going For (and Getting) What You Want

Author, mentor and group facilitator Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman leads participants through a moving, interactive adventure on the road to personal empowerment. From the concept of living unrealistically, to detaching from other’ expectations, to the six key principles of an empowered person, Bears outlines beliefs to adopt and steps to take to live a truly empowered life.


prcdradaRadical Authenticity – Never Hide Again

Living a life of constantly creating an image of yourself in order to fulfill others’ expectations of you not only takes a tremendous amount of energy, it also creates stress and fear within you. Wouldn’t it be great to simply be yourself without worrying what someone else thinks? Think of all the relief and strength that would bring! Well now you can have exactly that. This 3 CD set, using dynamic, in-class interactions, gives you simple, concrete tools to remove your shackles, drop the image, and live as the person you truly are, all without fear or regret.


prcdcocoCouples Course – Rev Up Your Relationship

Whether your relationship is facing challenges and you want to get it back to where it once was or it’s already good and you want to make it great, this 3 CD set has all the tools to revitalize and enrich your relationship. Through teachings and through the examples of the workshop participants themselves, you’ll find how eliminate the blame-game, increase the depth and effectiveness of your communication, and bring your relationship to a whole new level of joy, love, passion, and fun!


prcdpaprParenting Protocol – Love, Guide, Let Go

Does it seem at times that the challenges of parenting bring frustration and unhappiness where you would like to feel love? Are your relationships with your children good, but you want to make them great? Then this comprehensive 5 CD set is what you’ve been looking for. In it you’ll find tool after tool for creating deep, loving, fun relationships with your children, through instruction by The Option Institute teaching staff and the real-life examples of the workshop participants. A must-have for any parent.


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