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welcomeWelcome! We’ve gathered together the following information in order to help make your stay here the most loving, nurturing and comfortable experience possible. Have a wonderful time!


Choosing Happiness

choosing_happinessThrough a simple Option Process Dialogue, the author lets go of depression.


Health Quarterly Article Changing your attitude can conquer physical problems

ellen“For someone who has chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes, clinical depression, HIV or asthma, there is nothing more critical to talk to them about …then their self-perception and the physical challenge they are facing. If they’re making the physical challenge an enemy …they are further inhibiting their body’s ability to take care of what is going on inside of them.” ~Barry Neil Kaufman


Overcoming Adversity

beverlyThis booklet contains the stories of a few of those amazing people. We offer it in the hope that their journeys will serve as a source of hope and encouragement to others challenged by adverse circumstances. We invite you to hold hands with us at The Option Institute during any critical times in your life and to let us assist you in creating whatever personal “miracle” you are seeking.


Parenting by Intention By Barry Neil Kaufman

motheringExcerpted from Mothering – The Magazine of Natural Family Living.

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